My Fitness Coach Club - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 12 Trophies.
 Trainer Certification (Gold)
Achieve all goals in the base game once
 Extreme Athlete (Silver)
Earn 1,000 Fitness Points
 Fit for Olympia (Silver)
Complete 300 workouts
 Goalscorer (Silver)
Achieve 6 goals
 Fitness Junkie (Bronze)
Earn 500 Fitness Points
 Hunting for Highscore (Bronze)
Earn 100 Fitness Points
 In Shape (Bronze)
Complete 30 workouts
 Jack of all Trades (Bronze)
Complete one Workout from each Class (except DLC Classes)
 Move your Body (Bronze)
Complete 10 Workouts with PlayStation Move motion controller
 Music Lover (Bronze)
Import your own playlist
 Newcomer (Bronze)
Complete your first challenge
 Your own Way (Bronze)
Achieve your first goal

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