YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bounds of this World - Trophies
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There are 41 Trophies.
 Listener of the Chant (Platinum)
Obtain all trophies.
Secret Trophies
Beginner of Time (Silver)
Clear the Prologue.
Returner of Time (Silver)
Clear the Real World Chapter.
Promised One (Silver)
Clear the Other World Chapter.
Journey with Ayumi (Gold)
Clear the Ayumi Ending.
Journey with Mio (Gold)
Clear the Mio Ending.
Journey with Kanna (Gold)
Clear the Kanna Ending.
Journey with Yu-No (Gold)
Clear the Yu-No Ending.
Controller of Time (Gold)
Clear 100% of the Branching Map.
Listener of the Sound (Silver)
Find the Music Room.
Revealer of the Name (Silver)
Answer the King's Name.
Listener of the Voice (Bronze)
Find Celes.
Stopper of Time (Bronze)
Conduct a Jewel Save.
Leaper of Time (Bronze)
Conduct a Jewel Load.
Traveler of Time (Bronze)
Select “Keep Map and Items.”
Obtainer of the Reflector Device (Bronze)
Obtain the Reflector Device.
Obtainer of Jewel 3 (Bronze)
Obtain Jewel 3.
Obtainer of Jewel 4 (Bronze)
Obtain Jewel 4.
Obtainer of Jewel 5 (Bronze)
Obtain Jewel 5.
Obtainer of Jewel 6 (Bronze)
Obtain Jewel 6.
Obtainer of Jewel 7 (Bronze)
Obtain Jewel 7.
Obtainer of Jewel 10 (Bronze)
Obtain Jewel 10.
Obtainer of Father's Letter (Bronze)
Obtain Father's Letter.
Obtainer of the Magnetic Card (Bronze)
Obtain the Magnetic Card.
Obtainer of the Silver Medal (Bronze)
Obtain the Silver Medal.
Obtainer of the Student Notebook (Bronze)
Obtain the Student Notebook.
Obtainer of the Golden Key (Bronze)
Obtain the Golden Key.
Obtainer of Mio's Notebook (Bronze)
Obtain Mio's Notebook.
Obtainer of the Disc (Bronze)
Obtain the Disc.
Obtainer of the Iron Sword (Bronze)
Obtain the Iron Sword.
Obtainer of the Wooden Sword (Bronze)
Obtain the Wooden Sword.
Obtainer of the Rope (Bronze)
Obtain the Rope.
Obtainer of the 20th Document Page (Bronze)
Obtain the 20th Document Page.
Obtainer of the Secret Documents (Bronze)
Obtain the Secret Documents.
Obtainer of the Secret Meeting Photo (Bronze)
Obtain the Secret Meeting Photo.
Obtainer of the White Medal (Bronze)
Obtain the White Medal.
Obtainer of the Black Medal (Bronze)
Obtain the Black Medal.
Obtainer of the PDA (Bronze)
Obtain the PDA.
Obtainer of the Blue Card (Bronze)
Obtain the Blue Card.
Obtainer of the Hypersense Stone (Bronze)
Obtain the Hypersense Stone.
Obtainer of the Key to the Study (Bronze)
Obtain the Key to the Study.

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