A Winter's Daydream (EU) (Vita) - Trophies
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There are 12 Trophies.
 A Winter's Daydream Platinum (Platinum)
Good job! Completed all tasks!
 Start of a journey (Gold)
Return home
 Present for you (Gold)
Receive a gift from your little sister
 Magical transformation (Gold)
Witness something incredible
 Sweet treat (Gold)
Watch your grandmother sample a cute dessert
 Frozen tears (Gold)
When things don't go according to plan...
 Two hearts beating (Gold)
Preside over a tearful reunion
 Fit for a princess (Gold)
Repair your relationship with your little sister
 Bus ride (Gold)
Take a bus ride
 Antiques shop (Gold)
Visit antiques shop
 Credits (Gold)
Got to the credits
 End of the story (Gold)
Finish reading

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