Forager (NA) - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 20 Trophies.
 Gemologist (Bronze)
Have one of each gem in your inventory
 Royal (Bronze)
Gather royal steel or royal clothing
 Tycoon (Bronze)
Own 10 lands and 5000 coins
 Miner (Bronze)
Mine the giant crystal
 Tomb Raider (Bronze)
Complete the Ancient Tomb
 Pathfinder (Bronze)
Complete the Skull Maze
 Ice Breaker (Bronze)
Complete the Crystal Cave
 Demon Hunter (Bronze)
Complete the Fire Temple
 Jester (Bronze)
Fail miserably at a trivia minigame
 Robotic (Bronze)
Activate a droid
 Constructor (Bronze)
Build 200 structures
 Curator (Bronze)
Complete every museum bundle
 Skillful (Bronze)
Learn every skill
 Imperialist (Bronze)
Buy every land
 Treasure Master (Bronze)
Open all big treasure chests
 Tool Collector (Bronze)
Collect every tool and weapon
 Accessory Collector (Bronze)
Collect every accessory
 Seal Collector (Bronze)
Collect every seal
 Artifact Collector (Bronze)
Collect every artifact
 Completionist (Bronze)
Achieve every other feat

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