Paper Dolls: Original (NA) - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 28 Trophies.
 The Over Is Just Begin (Platinum)
Unlock all other trophies
 There Are Ghosts Here (Bronze)
Attacked by Nanny Chen
 Enter Nowhere (Bronze)
Attacked by Mr.Liu
 Nobody Shall Pass (Bronze)
Attacked by YinZhong and WangYong
 Healing (Bronze)
Bandaged injured hand
 Hanging (Bronze)
Finding that DingXiang hanged
 Mr.Liu (Bronze)
Seal Mr.Liu
 NannyChen (Bronze)
Seal Nanny Chen
 Mischief (Bronze)
Solved Ming‘s distress
 Controlled By Ghost (Bronze)
Escape the control of ghost in the wareroom
 Ming (Bronze)
Seal Ming
 Transform (Bronze)
Attacked by DingXiang
 WangYong (Silver)
Seal WangYong
 DingXiang (Silver)
Seal DingXiang
 YinZhong (Silver)
Seal YinZhong
 The Last Step (Gold)
Climb the last stage stairs
 First Puzzle (Bronze)
Solve the first puzzle
 Puzzle Master (Silver)
Solve five puzzles
 Puzzle Expert (Gold)
Solve all puzzles
 Mr.Liu's Diary (Bronze)
Collect the first diary of Mr.Liu
 Daily Collector (Gold)
Collect all Mr.Liu's diary
 All Staff Members (Gold)
Complete staff illustrations
 Roaming First Floor (Silver)
Open all doors
 Hide And Seek (Bronze)
Hide in the closet
 Agile (Silver)
Not injured by vase of teahouse
 Just the Beginning (Silver)
Finished the game on normal mode
 Goodnight, My Friend (Gold)
Finished the game on Nightmare mode
 Highest Rating (Gold)
Get S rating

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