Truck Driver (EU) - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 22 Trophies.
 Truck Driver (Platinum)
It's not just my job... It's MY LIFE!!!
 Teach a man to fish (Bronze)
Completed the first mission for Charlie Dover
 Step by step (Bronze)
Completed the first mission for Andrei Funar
 Brick by brick (Bronze)
Completed the first mission for Ioana Funar
 Here fishy fishy! (Gold)
Completed the Charlie Dover quest
 Can we build it? (Gold)
Completed the Andrei Funar quest
 Yes we can! (Gold)
Completed the Ioana Funar quest
 Driving 101 (Bronze)
Achieved Omotion driving skill level 1
 Driving 201 (Silver)
Achieved Quest driving skill level 1
 Hands at 10 and 2 (Silver)
Achieved safe driver skill level 1
 Extra effort (Silver)
Achieved soft requirement skill level 1
 Cargo "Regular" (Bronze)
Completed 10 regular cargo missions
 Cargo "Container" (Silver)
Completed 10 container cargo missions
 Cargo "Refrigerated" (Silver)
Completed 10 refrigerated cargo missions
 Enjoying the view (Bronze)
Found your first Hidden Place
 Curious Driver! (Silver)
Found all Hidden Places
Secret Trophies
Keep on truckin' (Gold)
Achieved the maximum Omotion driving skill
Backbone of the nation (Gold)
Achieved the maximum Quest driving skill
Safest driver ever (Gold)
Achieved the maximum safe driver skill
Over achiever (Gold)
Achieved the maximum soft requirement skill
Cargo "ADR" (Gold)
Completed 10 ADR cargo missions
Cargo "Special" (Gold)
Completed 10 special cargo missions

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