VA-11 Hall-A (Vallhalla) (PS4) - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 34 Trophies.
 Jill of all trades (Platinum)
Get all achievements
 Welcome to Valhalla! (Bronze)
What can I get you?
 G'evening (Bronze)
The chapter's name means "First"
 I know what I said (Bronze)
Sometimes a wrong drink can be the right thing
 Flawless Service (Bronze)
Complet any one day without any mistakes made.
 Coming right up (Bronze)
This chapter's name means "Bitter"
 Caci... que? (Bronze)
It's not everyday a client gives you a gift
 Time to mix drinks and save lives (Bronze)
And this one means "Sweet". Ain't that sweet?
 Underappreciated drink (Bronze)
There's a drink nobody asks for...
 Did you miss me? (Bronze)
 Please come again (Bronze)
And thank you for playing
 I like it, okay? (Bronze)
Fill your playlist (ALL of it) with a song you like
 And now, for something completely different… (Silver)
Get to the good ending
 Don't call me Becky! (Bronze)
Chat with Becky behind the bar
 I feel like an adult (Silver)
Make sure Jill pays all of her bills
 Welcome back! (Bronze)
Here for another round?
 Sisterly bonding (Silver)
Get Alma's ending
 (´・ω・`) (Bronze)
You don't need to be in a stream to see the audience react
 Dorothinquisition! (Silver)
Get Dorothy's ending
 Deep breaths (Bronze)
Chat behind the bar with a bandaged girl
 Hey Jules (Silver)
Play a video game
 Focus! (Silver)
Make sure Jill doesn't get distracted even once
 So unnecessary (Silver)
Fill the room with all the clutter
 Cozy Hell (Silver)
Get the "Bad" ending
 Tim's Curry (Silver)
Help a guy open his curry stand
 Employee of the month (Gold)
Get ALL the flawless service bonuses
 Cyberfunk (Bronze)
Decorate Jill's room in the most flamboyant way possible
 Hit the jukebox (Silver)
Unlock all the songs
 Listen to my song! (Silver)
Attend a concert
 Living with style (Silver)
Unlock all the decoration options
 In the name of beauty! (Gold)
Win a video game
Secret Trophies
An old friend (Gold)
A certain drink might bring Dana's old friend to the bar.
A different breed of cat (Gold)
Serving certain drink to one cat might bring another cat to the bar
On a hacking pilgrimage (Gold)
Serving a certain drink to a hacker will bring another hacker to the bar

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