FAR: Lone Sails (EU) - Trophies
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There are 14 Trophies.
 The Sound of Silence (Bronze)
Burn the Radio while it plays
 Full Throttle (Bronze)
Ride the Okomotive at full Speed
 A piece of Home (Bronze)
Reach the end with the mailbox
 I got 99 minutes (Silver)
Rush through the game in less than 99 minutes
 Fire in the Hole! (Silver)
Blow up every explosive barrel
 Hoarder (Bronze)
Store 15 object inside the Okomotive
 It's over 9000! (Gold)
Reach 9001 on the distance counter
Secret Trophies
Set Sail (Bronze)
Install the Sail Module
Break it, fix it! (Bronze)
Install the Repair Module
Suck it up! (Bronze)
Install the Item Gatherer
Pimp my Ride (Bronze)
Install a new pair of Wheels
Goodbye old Friend (Bronze)
Complete FAR: Lone Sails
The answer to life, the universe and everything (Bronze)
Burn 42 objects
My Heart will go on (Bronze)
Stand at the Flagpole of the Landcruiser

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