LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 41 Trophies.
 All hands on deck! (Platinum)
Collect all Trophies.
 The Curse of the Black Pearl (Bronze)
Complete the Film 1 story
 Dead Man's Chest (Bronze)
Complete the Film 2 story
 At World's End (Bronze)
Complete the Film 3 story
 On Stranger Tides (Bronze)
Complete the Film 4 story
 Take what you can (Gold)
Collect all Gold bricks (Single Player Only)
 Now bring me that horizon (Gold)
Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)
 Here there be monsters (Bronze)
Get eaten by a creature in deadly water
 Believing in ghost stories (Silver)
Unlock all the cursed Black Pearl crew characters (Single Player Only)
 Do you fear death? (Silver)
Unlock all the Flying Dutchman crew characters (Single Player Only)
 The pirate all pirates fear (Silver)
Unlock all the Queen Anne's Revenge crew characters (Single Player Only)
 You may throw my hat (Silver)
Collect all the red hats (Single Player Only)
 A weather eye on the horizon (Bronze)
Use a spyglass
 The Green Flash (Bronze)
Watch a sunset
 Welcome to the Caribbean! (Bronze)
Complete Port Royal
 Hello, poppet! (Bronze)
Unlock all Elizabeth characters (Single Player Only)
 The Brethren Court (Silver)
Unlock all the Pirate Lord characters (Single Player Only)
 The best pirate I've ever seen (Bronze)
Complete Port Royal in Story without dying
 The worst pirate I've ever seen (Bronze)
Complete Port Royal in Story with zero studs
 More what you'd call guidelines (Bronze)
Complete the Brethren Court
 A pirate's life for me (Bronze)
Test any custom character
 You filthy, slimy, mangy cur! (Bronze)
Complete all the Guard Dog levels
 Try wearing a corset (Bronze)
Do 5 lady backflips in a row
 What do you want most? (Silver)
In any level use only the compass to find all it's secrets in one go, alone.
 Hoist the colours! (Gold)
Sail all the minikits in the hub
 Parley! (Silver)
Unlock all characters (Single Player Only)
 And really bad eggs (Silver)
Play as all the Extra Toggle characters
 Savvy? (Bronze)
Unlock all the Jack Sparrow characters (Single Player Only)
 Wind in your sails! (Bronze)
Hit a flying parrot on Smuggler's Den
 Pieces of Eight (Silver)
Reach 888,888,888 studs
 Did everybody see that? (Bronze)
High dive into the Maelstrom
 There's the Jack I know (Silver)
Get True Pirate in all levels (Single Player Only)
 Aye-aye, captain! (Bronze)
Play a level in co-op
 Sea turtles, mate (Silver)
Ride on all types of animal in the game
 Gents, take a walk (Bronze)
Walk on the sea bed with all possible characters
 I am a bad man (Bronze)
Play a level with all Extras turned on (Single Player Only)
 Fight to the bitter end! (Bronze)
Defeat 100 enemies
 Five lashes be owed (Bronze)
As Jimmy Legs, whip Will Turner 5 times
 Fire! (Bronze)
Fire 100 cannonballs
 You're off the edge of the map (Bronze)
Highlight the secret 6th point on all 4 level select maps (Single Player Only)
 Hello, beastie (Silver)
Get eaten by the Kraken 10 times

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