Sea of Solitude (EU) - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 23 Trophies.
 All Done (Platinum)
You have collected all of the other trophies.
 Uncorked (Bronze)
Collected your first Message in a bottle
 Bottled (Gold)
Collected all bottles
 Shoo! (Bronze)
Shooed your first Seagull
 Flock of Seagulls (Gold)
Shooed all Seagulls
 Fire! (Bronze)
Fired the first flare
 Connected (Bronze)
Connect with mirror Kay for the first time
 School‘s out (Bronze)
Made it through school
 Moses (Bronze)
Opened a path through water
 Sunny (Silver)
Finished Level 1
 Lonely at the top (Silver)
Reached top of the Skyscraper
 Mama and Papa (Silver)
Finished Level 2
 Breakdown (Silver)
Finished Level 3
 Resolve (Gold)
Finished the game
Secret Trophies
Comfy (Silver)
Respawned on couch in Skyscraper
Raver (Silver)
Got grabbed by waterhands 10 times
Deep dive (Silver)
Jumped headfirst into the water from a high point
Seeker (Silver)
Fired 30 flares
Human Bait (Silver)
Eaten by Whale 20 times
Mermaid (Gold)
Swam a very long distance
Runaway (Gold)
Travelled very far by foot
Sailor (Gold)
Travelled a long distance by boat
Danger swimmer (Gold)
Swam long distance while whale was around

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