The Spectrum Retreat (NA) - Trophies - Every Trophy Counts

There are 15 Trophies.
 Devil's Tuning Fork (Bronze)
Find the phone.
 Colitas (Bronze)
Enter the first 4-digit code.
 Waterfall (Bronze)
Complete floor 1 puzzles.
 Tiffany (Bronze)
Enter the second 4-digit code.
 Relativity (Bronze)
Complete floor 2 puzzles.
 Mercedes (Bronze)
Enter the third 4-digit code.
 Ascending and Descending (Bronze)
Complete floor 3 puzzles.
 Steely Knives (Bronze)
Enter the fourth 4-digit code.
 Gravitation (Bronze)
Complete floor 4 puzzles.
 Voices Down the Corridor (Bronze)
Enter the fifth 4-digit code.
 Belvedere (Bronze)
Complete floor 5 puzzles.
 Heaven or Hell (Bronze)
Read the manager's notebook in the observation room.
 Castrovalva (Bronze)
Teleport for the first time.
Secret Trophies
Prisoners of Our Own Device (Silver)
Complete the game.
Check Out Any Time You Like (Gold)
Complete both endings.

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