Toy Story 3 - Trophy Guide - Every Trophy Counts

There are 39 trophies with a total of 0 points.
 Toy Story 3 Champion (Platinum)
Congratulations-you've earned all the trophies for Toy Story 3!

This unlocks after collecting all the other trophies referenced in this guide.

 Train Catcher (Bronze)
Finished 'Loco Motives'

Complete level 1. Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this shortly after defeating Ham the second time. It only takes a single ball tossed at the target beneath his ship.

 Off the Hook (Bronze)
Finished 'Hold the Phone'

Complete level 2. Story related and cannot be missed.

You will unlock this shortly after landing all four army guys by the phone in the basement.

Just to be clear level 2 is not the Toy Box level. To get back to the story mode from the Toy Box, just hit start and “Exit to Game Board”. Then pick Andy’s house for level 2.

 Defeat Zurg (Bronze)
Finished 'To Infinity and Beyond'

Complete level 3. Story related and cannot be missed.
You will unlock this shortly after defeating Zurg. If you are having trouble check my walkthrough here for strategy.

 Carnival Conqueror (Bronze)
Finished 'Fair Play'

Complete level 4. Story related and cannot be missed.

At a minimum, you need to complete the 3 mini games in this area with at least a bronze. Once you have that done, you need to speak to Lotso (the pink bear that you spoke with at the beginning of this level) to complete the level. The trophy unlocks shortly thereafter.

 Rocket Launcher (Bronze)
Finished 'Witch Way Out'

Complete level 5. Story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy unlocks shortly after placing the last large battery in the machine and crossing the bridge to the big red switch.

 Making a break for it (Bronze)
Finished 'Hide-N-Sneak'

Complete level 6. Story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy unlocks shortly after rescuing the third prisoner. They are Rex, Ham and Slinky.

 Mashing the Masher (Bronze)
Finished 'Trash Thrash'

Complete level 7. Story related and cannot be missed.

This trophy unlocks shortly after opening the top of the engine with Jesse and Woody and then tossing a block inside with Buzz.

 Muffin Massacre (Bronze)
Finished 'Muffin to Fear'

Complete level 8. Story related and cannot be missed. If you are having trouble with this final boss here is a relatively painless method to take it out:

Run to the bakery where the muffins are coming from. Just run straight up the hill and take up a position on either side. Turn 180 and start blasting the muffins as they come towards you up the slope. After this first wave some more small muffins and a large one get shot out past you into the street. The reason for running up the hill should now be apparent since the only attack the big muffin has is a shockwave that can't travel up the slope, so just stand there and pick them off again.

Repeat as needed until a large wedding cake replaces the bakery. On the next phase, 5 little witches come out so just head over to the new cannon that just beamed up, hop in and blast away. One life bar down.

Now a big witch comes out so either step on the warp pad to cross over to the cow launcher or just run over to collect power-ups for ammo or health if you need to. Jump onto the new gun that just showed up and let the cows fly. Second life bar gone.

The third life bar is just a repeat of the first and the fourth life bar is just a repeat of the second. On the final life bar, you get both small and large witches at the same time and you need to bounce back and forth between the two guns. Start with laser cannon to thin out the small witches until there are only 2 or 3 so you won't have to deal with all the green bubbles. Then hop on the warp pad to be launched over to the cow cannon and blast away at the large witch. Repeat this pattern until the witch's lifebar is emptied. Also, be sure to run out to grab ammo and health if you need to. The trophy unlocks shortly afterwards. Congrats and end of Story Mode.

 The Collector (Gold)
Gather every collectible in the game

See the collectible guide here. Unlocks after collecting all the collectibles in Story Mode. This trophy is for story mode only and does not have anything to do with the Toy Box level.

 Mapnipulator (Bronze)
Explored all the objects on the map

On the "board game" screen you need to move your crayon over all the objects on the map and press . Starting from the left:

  • The dice
  • The yellow boat
  • The checkers pieces
  • The fish
  • The cannon
  • The treasure chest
  • The chess piece
 Sneaky Sneaky (Silver)
Finished the Prison Break without ever tripping an alarm

This is unlocked for completing the stealth mission (level 6) without being spotted by any lights.

I used this method: Start as Woody and go around and hit the switch to release Jesse. Switch to Jesse, and then push the red basket straight out of the hole to the wall. Hop up and hang to find out where Buzz is. Once it's clear, move to the top of the nearest table and then through the gate spotlights. Move up the darts and wall jump to the top avoiding the red light. Head right and tap the switch. Now head left and jump to the wall. Shimmy to the end and prepare to jump. Even though it looks like the light will see you it won't. Now quickly while the light moves along the bottom toward you leap over it, and move to the end. By now the other has dropped from the top so leap it quickly and drop down to free Rex.

Switch to Woody and head back to the first table. If you need to you can still switch to Buzz to see where he is at, you just can't control him. When the coast is clear, dash to Slinky’s gate spotlights and zip up to the hook. Now double jump past the next hook and latch on to the middle or third one instead to land on the shelf. Move up the wall and over the door to the 4 lights. Watch the pattern, then move to the third light (from left), then second, then to the switch. Now back over the door and down the wall. Jump down to Slinky. Check on Buzz and then dash to Ham's gate spotlights. If you need a breather, head to the top of a table. Go through the gate, up the ramp and then zigzag across the platforms to the switch on the top. Hit it and jump to Ham for the finale and trophy.

 Space Ranger Elite (Silver)
Reach Zurg's base without losing all your health

This is done on the first part of story mode level 3. Thanks to Hustlinonradio for his input to this trophy which I’ve tweaked below.

I suggest not getting any of the collectibles when you are making this run. The flight section is fairly easy if you just rapidly shoot and remember to press to dodge left and right plus move up and down to go through the holes. The section after this with the meteor shower is the easiest part of this level since you can just walk in a straight line and you will not be hit. The platforming section after this is the toughest part of the mission and you need to be careful and definitely be on the fragments or else you may fall off.

At the first geyser location avoid the fight completely by just jumping into the geyser and skipping to the next section. At the second geyser location, kill the spiders first and be aware that when they die, they send out a shock wave ring that can hurt Buzz, but can be easily dodged by jumping.

After killing the spiders, destroy the main crystal and then pound the 2 pieces back into the ground quickly. You can then leap into the geyser again to avoid the fight. The next platforming section is the toughest one yet as the rock fragments are moving. Make sure that you are really careful when jumping to the platforms because even if you are on the edge and get the climbing animation you could still fall because of the constant movement of the platforms. Just take your time and use hover if needed and you should succeed.

Finally, on the last area with the third geyser try and rush to accomplish the goal right away before you are overwhelmed. Before destoying the vibrating crystal, walk around and destroy the 4 spiders in the area. Once that is done, destroy the main crystal and there are 5 rock pieces to push back into place. The first 2 can be reached by jumping. So do that to the 2 farthest from the geyser. The other three require you to use the geyser and float to them. While pounding them into place destroy only what you have too and when you put the last one in place quickly rush to the geyser to float away to safety. However, if you are engaging with the enemies, I suggest doing it fast and take advantage of the crystals and the spider robots because these can clear multiple enemies and with the spiders the whole field. Either way, after you jump the last geyser and use your laser on the Zurg turret, fall in the hole and the trophy unlocks.

 True Carny (Silver)
Achieve gold on all carnival games

Complete the mini games in the “Fair Play” area (story mode level 4). There are a total of 3 and each one is initiated by talking to a different toy.

  • Green bug guy (Twitch) = Bullseye’s balloon race
  • Robot (Sparks) = Teeny racer challenge
  • Brown rocky dude (Chunk) = Alley throw.

You need to get the best score on each event to get the 3 collectible cards and this trophy.

 No Toy Left Behind (Silver)
Rescue all the orphans on the Train

Story related and found in level 1. There are 6 orphans on the train and you will run into them as you progress through the level. They are all in the open along the way and not too hard to find so when you see one just press and Buzz will swoop in to carry them off to safety.

 We can rebuild him (Silver)
Collect all of Zurg's Parts

See the collectible guide here and look under the “Fair Play” area (story mode level 4) for the locations. There are 4 pieces head, body, cape and gun and they are noted as “ZP” in the guide.

 Memories (Silver)
Collect all of Andy's Memorabilia

See the collectible guide here and look through the list of story mode levels for the various locations. They are noted as “AM” in the guide.

 Townspeople Hunter (Silver)
Find all the hidden townspeople

See the collectible guide here and look through the list of story mode levels for the various locations. They are noted as “TP” in the guide and you need:


  • Woody from level 1
  • Jesse from level 2
  • Buzz from level 3
  • Daycare from level 4
  • Blue Dog from level 5
 No Claw Required (Silver)
Find all the hidden aliens

See the collectible guide here and look through the list of levels 6, 7 and 8 for the various locations. They are noted as “AL” in the guide and you need:


  • Alien Prisoner from level 6
  • Alien Zurg from level 7
  • Alien Witch from level 8
 Really holding all the cards (Silver)
Find all the Special Cards

See the collectible guide here and look through the list of story mode levels for the various locations. They are noted as “SC” in the guide.

 Holding all the cards (Silver)
Find all the Regular Cards

See the collectible guide here and look through the list of story mode levels for the various locations. They are noted as “CC” in the guide.

 Welcome to Town (Bronze)
Finished the Woody's Roundup tutorials

You need to follow Ham around and complete his first couple of missions. They are “Destroy the old shack”, “Clean up the town” (break 3 more sheds), “Give an alien a hat”, “Paint a building” and finally “Talk to Stinky Pete”. After talking to Pete, you will be able to use a pick. Find the nearest piece of gold and press which will unlock Bullseye at the store and your trophy.

 Gold Super Star (Gold)
Collect all the Gold Stars


See Pict-O-Collector for details of a glitch that can stop you earning this trophy.

There are 103 Gold Stars to collect. There is an in-game list in the pause menu that shows you all of them and checks off the ones you have already completed. Most are self explanatory i.e.: "kill 'X' number of this type of enemy" but some are vague and confusing. This is probably where you will be spending the majority of your time. My suggestion is to play through the game missions and collect all the prize capsules you see because some of the stars will unlock during the course of regular play. Once you are done with the missions, you can just go through and finish the ones you still need to complete. I've got a guide here.

 First Sale (Bronze)
Buy a toy from the Toy Store

Just buy something from the store in toy box mode. The stores are the Al’s Toy Barn Chicken Suit Machines.

 Toy Collector (Silver)
Purchase all the items in the Toy Store

Just buy every item from the Al's Toy Barn Chicken Suit Machine. You will need just under $50000 to buy everything and be aware that the Cow Cannon and UFO gun are unlocked during the course of playing through Story Mode. The items in the store unlock for purchase during the course of completing the Toy Box missions and you will get an on-screen notification when something new is available. Money can be obtained from mining the gold that is lying around, completing missions and destroying enemies. Also of note is that the gold veins re-spawn after awhile so you will never be short on cash.

Here is a list of all the items that you will need to buy and their prices:

  • Bullseye - $1000
  • Paratrooper - $1500
  • Barbershop - $500
  • Barn - $750
  • Tailor Shop - $500
  • TNT Shack - $1000
  • Sports Car - $3000
  • Teeny Racer - $3000
  • Stunt Park - $5000
  • Camera - $1000
  • Bank - $1500
  • Candy Shop - $750
  • Flower Shop - $750
  • Garden - $1000
  • Hotel - $1000
  • Jail - $1000
  • Muffin Shop - $500
  • Newspaper - $750
  • Post Office - $500
  • Sawmill - $500
  • School - $1000
  • Lotso’s Enchanted Glen - $5000
  • Sid’s Haunted House - $5000
  • Zurg’s Spaceport - $5000
  • Goo - $2500
  • Football Player - $100
  • Lumberjack - $100
  • Super Alien - $100
  • Archaeologist - $100
  • Artist - $100
  • Piano Player - $100
  • Pioneer - $100
  • Scuba Diver - $100
  • Zurg - $2500
  • Cow Cannon - $2500 (unlocked by completing the applicable card set in Story Mode)
  • UFO Gun - $2000 (unlocked by completing the applicable card set in Story Mode)

This is everything. Some items will open up after completing certain missions or after buying other items. Just play through the game and you should have them all unlocked before the end.

 Pict-O-Amateur (Bronze)
Complete 1 disc of Pict-O-Matic missions

See Pict-O-Matic Master.

 Pict-O-Collector (Bronze)
Find all 6 discs of Pict-O-Matic missions


These are scattered around like the prize capsules but look like the actual Pict-o-Matic device. The locations can be found here.

WARNING: One of the discs can glitch, found on top of the Hotel and never spawns. If this happens, then you will also not be able to complete and earn Pict-O-Master or Gold Super Star. Unfortunately, the only solution is to start a new game.

The disc should appear on top of the Hotel (pictured below), after you have purchased it from the store and it has been built. The Hotel will only be available for purchase from the store, after completing "Blow up the Dam" mission.


 Pict-O-Master (Bronze)
Complete all Pict-O-Matic missions


You get the Pict-O-Matic device for completing the "Lost and Found" mission given by a cowboy townsperson. Once you have it, you can select it in the list by pressing or . It looks like an old blue gameboy. Then click and you can scroll through all the available missions that you have unlocked so far, there are 40 total. All you have to do is create the "scene" shown in the picture by either making the person at the tailor from the prizes you've found all around or customizing the building with your toolbox to match. The thing to note is that sometimes it does not have to be an exact match. For example, it might show the background as a grassy field but you don't need to be in the grassy field, you just need to create the person(s) or object(s) as shown. Or it might show a brown cow but you can use a white one. One last tip, if you see a big curved arrow overhead that means you need to throw the person(s) in that specific building. I have a guide here.

 Spooky Town (Bronze)
Purchase Sid's Haunted House

Just buy the item from the store for $5000 when it becomes available.

 Cuddly Town (Bronze)
Purchase Lotso's Enchanted Glen

Just buy the item from the store for $5000 when it becomes available.

 To Infinity... (Bronze)
Purchase Zurg's Spaceport

Just buy the item from the store for $5000 when it becomes available.

 Airborn Ranger (Bronze)
Hit 15 Paratrooper targets

In order to unlock these missions you need to first purchase the paratroopers from the store for $1500. Now as you are walking around you'll see a couple of green circles with stars and downward facing arrows on various high places. That's where you initiate the mission. Pick up your army guy and throw him into the air, then use back and forward on the left stick to adjust the speed and aim for the highlighted target(s) on the ground. You can either land directly on it or press to drop and try to land that way. Each launch location has multiple targets so keep redoing them and landing at a different target each time. You need 15 landings for the trophy.

 First Bronze (Bronze)
Earn a bronze medal in a vehicle challenge

See "First Gold".

 First Silver (Bronze)
Earn a silver medal in a vehicle challenge

See "First Gold".

 First Gold (Bronze)
Earn a gold medal in a vehicle challenge

An easy way is to purchase Bullseye for $1000 in Woody’s Roundup, then while riding him you’ll find the glowing starting line for Ring Rally Race at the end of the main road in town (if you are at the “T” intersection and facing the clock tower, turn right). The race is a quick run through town and you should be able to get bronze and silver without too much effort (you might actually have to wait at the finish line for bronze). For gold you need to hold down for the entire race. On this race you need 1:30 to 1:01 for bronze, 1:00 to 0:41 for silver and 0:40 or less for gold. This will require a minimum of 3 races. You have to place in the appropriate time frame for each trophy, meaning you can't win gold and unlock the other 2. If you just can't get gold with Bullseye OR if you get the Winner's Circle gold star and still don't have it, put it off until you unlock the Dragon later. The dragon races are ridiculously easy and you will get it on the first race.

 Photo Journalist (Gold)
Complete all the Toy Camera missions

You get the Camera device while playing through the Toy Box missions. Once it is unlocked at the store, you can buy it for $1000 and then can select it in the list by pressing or to highlight it and press to select it. Missions are given by Wheezy (penguin) and a guy with a baseball hat in the new portion of town that is unlocked after destroying the dam during play. You ONLY need to complete the missions from Wheezy for this to unlock. I've got a guide here.

Secret Trophies
No swimming (Bronze)
Blow up the dam and expand your town

The mission is given to you by Ham after you complete the "Mayoral Election" and "Build the Bank" missions. Just go through the gate that opened in town and work your way along the edge to the big pile of dynamite at the end and toss a ball at it.

Rescue Space Ranger (Silver)
Save Mayor Hamm from the bandits

The mission is given to you by a townsperson sometime after you complete the "Blow up the Dam" mission. Follow the compass to the bandit hideout and just throw a TNT barrel to destroy the 5 shacks. If you are having problems finding the entrance, from Slinky Dog's Farm facing the Al's Toy Store Chicken Suit Machine, you'll see the stunt track entrance (checkered flag sign) just left of that is a wooden walkway. Follow it all the way around (don't fall), wall jump in the gap, ride the mine cart rail, climb the wall and the bandit gate is on the right.

Give Me My Gold Back (Silver)
Defeat Mayor Hamm in the Woody's Roundup boss battle

The mission is initiated after you complete the "Marble Sculptor" mission. If you are having trouble here's how to finish it, first go grab a TNT barrel from the corner of town near the bridge that leads to Zurg's Spaceport. Now move in and watch for the pig ship to open its belly. As soon as it does, toss your barrel into the suction tornado. You have to be quick otherwise it does not get sucked all the way inside. Three barrels and it is mission complete.


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