Transistor - Trophy Guide - Every Trophy Counts

There are 34 trophies with a total of 0 points.
 Plat() (Platinum)
Earn all other Trophies.

Self-explanatory. You get the platinum when you earn every other trophy.

 Drive() (Bronze)
Reach the Goldwalk District.

Story related, cannot be missed.

You earn this trophy after you reach the bike and head to the Goldwalk District.

 Sandbox() (Bronze)
Clear one of each Test.

As you play you will find “Backdoors” which lead to a new area where you can start the tests. Simply complete one of every test to obtain this trophy. You won’t be able to get this trophy until your second playthrough, as the Agency tests aren’t available during your first playthrough.

 Speed() (Bronze)
Complete each Speed Test.

Speed Tests task you with eliminating all the enemies within a specific timeframe. One thing to keep in mind is that while you are using Turn() to stop time, the clock also stops. Make good use of this to eliminate enemies and pick up cells dropped by enemies, as most of the time if they aren’t picked up they will spawn the same enemy back again.

 Stability() (Bronze)
Complete each Stability Test.

In order to complete each Stability Test, you need to stay alive for a specified amount of time. These generally aren’t too difficult. Just run around the perimeter of the levels. If the game gives you access to Jaunt(), use it to dash around the level when enemies get too close. Only use Turn() to stop time in order to get away from enemies and you should have no problem with any of the stability tests.

 Planning() (Bronze)
Complete each Planning Test.

Planning Tasks are those where you have to eliminate all onscreen enemies in a single Turn(). The majority are very straightforward, and should be fairly obvious what to do assuming you know how each of the functions work.

 Performance() (Silver)
Complete each Performance Test.

Performance Tests have you facing spawning waves of enemies through 7 different tests. Each level an increasing number of waves, with the final level being 16 waves long. The catch here is that the game randomly gives you a selection of Functions to used, with more being added each wave. This makes this possibly the hardest part of the game, depending on the functions you get in each Test. Because of the random Functions each attempt at these tests will be different, meaning there is no one exact strategy for them. Crash() can become your best friend depending on what you are given, as in most of the Tests you can stun-lock groups of enemies if you also have Bounce(), as using crash with this will chain the attack to other close enemies.

You won’t be able to finish all the performance tests until your second playthrough.

 Agency() (Silver)
Complete each Agency Test.

The 3 Agency Tests will only become available on Playthrough Two. Agency Tests have you facing off against a copy of yourself, complete with the ability to use Turn(). You’ll need to use liberal use of your own Turn() ability in order to stop the copy from moving.

The easiest way to finish the Agency tests is similar to the strategy used to defeat Royce. If you just want to use basic functions, then Cull(), Mask(), and Void() are all you will need. Equip each as their own active ability, then feel free to equip whichever passives you see fit as well. Jaunt() as a passive can be a great help as it speeds up Turn() recovery, allowing you to attack twice before the enemy can once on most occasions. Easiest way to use this setup is by using Turn() as close to the enemy as possible. Cast three Void() on it, then activate Mask() and position yourself to do a backstab with Cull(). This will easily take down the enemy, and works for all three levels of the Agency test.

An even easier way to do this if you are later in NG+ and have multiple of the same Function is if you have more than one of Mask() and Void(). Stacking Mask() causes it you to have a bonus 250% damage while it’s active, and so casting Void() and having one in a passive slot will allow you to do massive amounts of Damage with a backstab of Cull().

The video below shows how the first strategy works, for all three tests. The enemy seems to use different Functions each time you face it, but it will normally behave the same way and shouldn't give you too much difficulty.

 Anything() (Bronze)
Deal at least 1024 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

See Everything().

 Everything() (Bronze)
Deal at least 2048 damage in one Turn() in the Practice Test.

Once you gain the ability to enter backdoors, you will be able to enter an area with a number of doors that you can go through to get to the various tests. The Practice Test is the door that is basically in the middle of the area, but is not unlocked until you get to the second backdoor. Once you go through you are able to try out whatever combination of functions you have unlocked against 5 Creeps that spawn.

Everything() is earned for dealing over 2048 damage in one turn in the Practice Test. This can easily be done once you get the Functions Get() and Help(). Place Get() in an equipable slot, then place Help() in a passive slot. Once all five creeps spawn use Get() to pull them all into a central location. Then, activate Turn() (without attacking the Creeps) until you get a turn as a super user (you will know this happens because your player model will change and the only thing you will be able to do is the Function Kill(), which takes up the entire Turn()). Once you are a superuser in Turn(), use the Kill() function on the center of the area to damage all the Creeps. This should deal exactly 2500 damage (500 for each Creep), giving you both the Anything() and Everything() trophies.

 Contest() (Gold)
Clear every Test.

Unlocks after you have completed every Test. You won’t be able to get this until New Game +, and most likely will have an Agency or Performance test as your last one. The trophy will pop after the one for completing all of the last test that you had.

 Bye() (Silver)
Complete the story.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

This trophy is earned for completing the story once.

This pops at the start of the credits after you complete the short sequence after defeating Royce.

 Goodbye() (Gold)
Recurse through the story.

Recursion is Transistor’s New Game+ mode. In this mode you will be able to retain all your past Functions and experience. Enemies in this mode spawn in random combinations and will be more difficult to defeat. Bosses also have more health, but have the same attack patterns as the first time around.

 Bet() (Bronze)
Complete five encounters with one or more Limiters in use.

See Risk().

 Dare() (Silver)
Complete five encounters with five or more Limiters in use.

See Risk().

 Risk() (Gold)
Complete five encounters with all 10 Limiters in use.

Limiters are Functions you unlock that give you bonus XP, at the cost of certain negative battle effects. You unlock them by leveling up, so you won’t be able to earn Risk() until New Game +. Enemy combinations are random in playthrough 2, so if you die in an encounter, just restart and you will probably a different assortment of enemies. Depending on where you get your tenth limiter a good place to do all 10 would be right after the battle with Sybil. There are a number of areas in a row that shouldn’t be too hard to manage with all the Limiters active. Just make sure you know your setup and have a Function equipped that can easily destroy the shields around Cells, because if you don’t grab them when they spawn you can really screw yourself over due to the fact that most of them spawn the same enemy again that the cell came from. Having Crash() or a Function that stuns with crash active on it is a fairly good idea, as you can stun-lock most enemies, especially if you also have Bounce() stacked to allow the attacks to chain to different enemies. Once you earn Risk() feel free to take the Limiters off, or leave on any you feel comfortable with to speed up your leveling to get to 24 for One().

 Search() (Bronze)
Inspect five completed Function Files.

See Reveal().

 Find() (Silver)
Inspect 10 completed Function Files.

See Reveal().

 Reveal() (Silver)
Inspect all completed Function Files.

Functions are the abilities you use in the game. You can either attach them to an active slot, an upgrade slot, or a passive slot. In order to complete a Function File, you must use the Limiter once in battle in each of the three slots. Once you have done so, press on the Function to read all the Subject Details. You must do this for each of the 16 Functions.

You can see which slots you have used by pressing on the Function, and then pressing to go to the Details tab. There will be a green checkmark on each of the slots you have used the Limiter in down in the right corner of the screen. The first time where you will be able to start completing Function files is at level 5 when you unlock the first passive slot.

 Process() (Silver)
Inspect all completed Limiter Files.

Limiters are equipable items that give the player an XP boost in exchange for a negative effect. In order to reveal all the information about a Limiter, you must use them once in battle by equipping them at an Access Point. Once you have used the limiter once in battle, press on the limiter in an access point to inspect the information. You must do this for all 10 limiters.

You will use each limiter while going for Risk().

 News() (Bronze)
Use 10 different OVC Terminals.

The OVC Terminals are located throughout the game that flesh out the story of Transistor. The trophy unlocks after exiting the 10th Terminal that you view. Once you view 10 of them you don’t need to view anymore, though you will miss out on large parts of the story of the game if you ignore them during your playthrough. During the game you will walk directly by at least 10 of them, so you should get this trophy no problem as long as you don’t completely ignore the Terminals. In case you want to make sure to get the trophy done and out of the way, the locations of the first 14 Terminals are as follows:

1) After using the telescope you go down a set of stairs to an encounter. After finishing the encounter and receiving the Spark skill, proceed up.

2) From where you received the Spark skill, head straight down.

3) Goldwalk District: After reaching the second area from the motorcycle, travel up and right from the area’s first encounter.

4) Goldwalk Channel: Northeast of the last terminal you will be able to enter a side area known as the Goldwalk Channel. The terminal is northeast of the encounter in this area.

5) Amphitheatre Parkway: Head northwest from Precht, Q.’s body and enter the Box Office.

6) Amphitheatre Parkway: Head northeast from Precht, Q.’s body and enter The Empty Set to go down the stairs to this terminal.

7) After the cutscene at the club, you will start right beside the terminal.

8) Post 37 Archway: After the boat ride you will come across your first Backdoor. After leaving the Backdoor, head north to find this terminal.

9) Canals District: After the second encounter with the Cluckers and the Weeds, head to the northwest end to find the terminal.

10) Canals District: After going through the Ferry Building, the terminal will be immediately Northeast of where you end up.

11) Apartments: After riding up the elevator you will reach the Terrace Apartments area. Head northwest from here, up some stairs, to find the terminal.

12) Apartments: After riding an elevator up to a new area, head west to find the terminal beside the maintenance access. Do not enter the Gazebo to the northeast or you’ll have gone too far.

13) Bracket Towers: After first encounter with the tail you will run inside Bracket Towers. At the junction just after the Access Point, head northwest.

14) Bracket Towers: Shortly after the last terminal you will head up some stairs to an encounter. The terminal is just west of the encounter.

 Function() (Bronze)
Unlock every Transistor Function.

You unlock new Functions as you level up. There are 20 Functions in total, and your last Function is unlocked once you have reached User Level 13, and the trophy will pop right after.

 Limiter() (Bronze)
Unlock every Process Limiter.

There are 10 Process Limiters you will unlock. You unlock the last one at User Level 15, and the trophy will pop right after.

 User() (Bronze)
Unlock every Upgrade Slot and Passive Slot.

Upgrade Slots and Passive slots are spaces to put Functions in order to enhance Active Functions or give Red passive combat abilities. You unlock the last slot at User Level 20, so you aren’t going to be able to earn this trophy until New Game +.

 Stack() (Bronze)
Create a Function combination requiring 12 MEM.

Once you have unlocked three of either Void(), Cull(), Tap(), and Help(), simply combine 3 of them into a single Function. The trophy pops as soon as you stack all 3 Functions, so you do not need to use it in battle.

 Memory() (Bronze)
Unlock 32 MEM.

You unlock the choice to choose memory upgrades when you gain levels. You should get the last memory upgrade to boost you to 32 once you reach user level 16. The trophy should pop right after.

 Align() (Bronze)
Achieve User Level 8.

Earned by reaching level 8. See One().

 Focus() (Silver)
Achieve User Level 16.

Earned by reaching Level 16. See One().

 One() (Gold)
Achieve User Level 24

Earned for reaching level 24. Depending on your limiter use you might reach this before the end of your second playthrough, but if you don’t then you will have to continue to New Game ++ to continue leveling until you reach level 24. It is recommended to use limiters through your playthroughs to boost your XP gain so that you won’t need to grind out levels afterword. Leave whichever ones you feel most comfortable using on, as any bit of XP boost should help you out. You should also make sure that you complete every test during your New Game + playthrough, as the last few levels of Performance and Agency give quite a bit of xp for completing them.

Secret Trophies
Reisz() (Silver)
Confront Sybil at the Empty Set.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Sybil is the first boss you face in the game, who is the first member of the Camerata. After you deplete Sybil’s HP once she respawns with full HP again, and will also add another lunge onto her attack. You must deplete her health four times before she is defeated, at which time her human body will be lying on the ground for you to kill. Make sure to take advantage of Turn() whenever possible to get away from her attacks, as she will lunge towards you no matter where you are so the best option is normally to be farther away when she is attacking.

Spine() (Silver)
Confront the Spine at the Bracket Towers facade.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

The Spine is the second boss you face. It is a large monster that stays on the top left side of the area and shoots large volleys of beams at you. Lines of Process blocks will spawn up from the floor around it that you can hide behind when necessary, but The Spine will easily destroy them when it tries to attack you. Every so often after a certain amount of damage The Spine will shoot out a large number of cells that will turn into Bad Cells if you don’t grab them, so make sure to be picking up as many as possible when it happens so you don’t end up dealing with Bad Cells and The Spine. Once you deplete The Spine's HP all the way its head will disappear, revealing a hole for you to walk into. Go all the way to the right where its “heart” is and destroy it to kill the boss.

Kendrell() (Silver)
Confront Grant and Asher at Bracket Towers.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

You earn this trophy once you reach the top of the Bracket Towers area, after you open the firewall. Unlike the other story trophies you don’t need to fight a boss for this trophy, as both Grant and Asher are already dead once you find them. The trophy will pop after you examine both their bodies.

Bracket() (Silver)
Confront Royce beyond Cloudbank.

Story-related and cannot be missed.

Royce is the final boss of the game. He can use Turn() to stop time and queue up attacks just like you, and recovers his health three times after you deplete it all the way. Make sure to always use Turn() to queue up attacks or else you won’t be able to hit him. Using Mask() and Cull() is a very good combination, since when mask is enabled it increases the attack power of backstab attacks, which is what you should be aiming for with Cull(). If you have Jaunt() placed in a passive slot you will recharge Turn() quicker after you use it, which should allow you to get more than one Turn() on Royce before he can attack you again. If you want you can also place Void() in a passive slot or stacked on Cull() so that you can deal even more damage. In NG+ if you have more than one Mask() unlocked you can stack it on the first Mask() to increase the damage while it’s activated by 250%, which deals over 5000 damage on a backstab, which is much more than necessary.

Self() (Bronze)
Upgrade a Function with a copy of itself.

This trophy is earned for stacking the same Function on top of itself as an upgrade. You will first unlock the option to choose a second copy of a Function at level 14, where you will be given the choice of four Functions again. Simply change your Functions at an access point and place the second copy in the upgrade slot to earn the trophy. You don’t need to actually use the setup in an encounter as the trophy pops as soon as you stack the Functions. See image below for an example:


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