Dreams is a Game in Which You Can Make an Incredible-Looking Breakfast
Written Monday, January 06, 2020 By Richard Walker
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Dreams is Media Molecule's upcoming title in which you can create practically anything you like. Using the game's Early Access version, creators have had a crack at making Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid, and a whole host of other wonderful creations, be it puzzlers, platformers, or shooters. And now, someone has made a stunningly realistic breakfast. Why? We don't know.

Developer John Beech, Senior Principal Designer at Media Molecule, has demonstrated Dreams' rendering power with a meticulously replicated full English breakfast, dubbed the 'Full Beech Breakfast'. It's got all of the key components you'd want from a Full English, including sausages, bacon, fried eggs, baked beans, grilled tomato, mushrooms, black pudding, and hash browns.

While we're not entirely sure what you can do with the breakfast in Dreams, it's very nice to look at, and looks much like the real thing. What it does show is the level of visual fidelity that Dreams is capable of, so if you're a particularly talented (and presumably very patient) creator, you too could recreate your favourite breakfast. Personally (not that anyone asked or cares), I'd be having the veggie or vegan version, cheers.

The full version of Dreams will be launching for PlayStation 4 on 14th February 2020.


User Comments
Forum Posts: 268
Comment #1 by Dark Shadows
Monday, January 06, 2020 @ 06:42:10 PM
In my country they serve this for lunch or dinner.

Forum Posts: 192
Comment #2 by pskid247
Monday, January 06, 2020 @ 09:10:21 PM
Dreams is not a game, it's a creative tool.

Forum Posts: 3543
Comment #3 by vikebone
Monday, January 06, 2020 @ 09:33:50 PM
@1 That is very much a full English breakfast, at least on the island.

Forum Posts: 67
Comment #4 by MAXTHUNDER99
Monday, January 06, 2020 @ 09:42:53 PM
@Comment #2 by pskid247

Why is it not a game? Is LittleBigPlanet 1,2 and 3 not games then?

Forum Posts: 90
Comment #5 by Bastard1
Monday, January 06, 2020 @ 11:23:39 PM

And you're an uncreative tool.

Forum Posts: 67
Comment #6 by MAXTHUNDER99
Tuesday, January 07, 2020 @ 12:13:10 AM
Keep in mind everyone that Dreams will also have a story campaign that's what I meant by my previous comment. We don't know how long it will be but my guess is likely around 5 hours or so. Also keep in mind that this game will get a VR update eventually and my guess is early next year to take full advantage of the powerful PS5 hardware which SONY pointed out that they built the PS5 with VR in mind.

Forum Posts: 17
Comment #7 by MacCrossPlus
Tuesday, January 07, 2020 @ 06:39:44 AM
I put this in another tab in my browser then forgot it and then i clicked on it after 5 of so minutes and i thought that this was REAL.. hahha.. REAL food.. HAHAHA... what kind of engine is this? PS5?

Awful that in-game foods cant be eaten in reality hahaha...

Forum Posts: 25
Comment #8 by BUDRACIN
Tuesday, January 07, 2020 @ 08:40:42 AM
. With Crohn's Disease I can't eat beans at all but if could eat beans i don't think I could eat them for breakfast.

Forum Posts: 136
Comment #9 by DemonicDraco
Tuesday, January 07, 2020 @ 04:06:15 PM
@1 in mine you dont get served eggs and beans for any meal.

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Media Molecule


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Japan February 14, 2020

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ESRB: Teen
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