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The Top 5 Companions of 2019
Written Wednesday, December 11, 2019 By Matt Lorrigan

It’s the last month of 2019, and we’re nearing the festive season. So, in the run up to the XBA/PST Game of the Year Awards, we’ll be looking at some of our favourite stuff in games from the last year.

Kicking it off today, we’re looking at our favourite companions of 2019. These are the allies that really left an impact on us, the ones we loved spending time with, and whose games would simply be poorer without them. 

There were more we could have picked, such was 2019 a bumper year for companion characters, but for our money, these are the best group of mates you could ask for in any situation. Just maybe don’t get them all together for Christmas drinks - one or two of them can get pretty violent.

BD-1 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Listen, we’ve already written a whole thing about BD-1, but he’s worth talking about. What a revelation the little droid was in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. There was never any question that he’d be likable - the trailers showed off enough of his little ear wiggles and head tilts to make sure of that - but we never expected to grow quite so attached to the WALL-E wannabe. So many of the game’s mechanics are bolted onto BD-1 that he becomes essential to your progress. He’s your map, your skeleton key, your health top-up - but most importantly, he’s your friend. While you’ll leave all your other crew members behind each time you set out to explore a new planet, BD-1 will always be by your side, highlighting interesting stuff for you to look at and doing his best to make your life easier. He’s a tiny metal buddy, and an excellent addition to Star Wars’ cast of droids.

Parvati - The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds’ selection of companion characters is much like a festive cheese board - most are great, a couple won’t be to your taste and will be left behind, and each person will have a favourite that they spend the most time with (personally, always the Camembert). But far and away our favourite companion in The Outer Worlds is Parvati, the socially awkward mechanic with a heart of gold, and our personal BFF. She’s the first companion you meet in Edgewater, proving to be effortlessly charming from the off - Ashley Burch delivers a terrific voice performance - and it’s a no-brainer when she asks if she can join you on your journey full-time. Scratch the surface a little more - talking to her and completing her companion missions - and she’ll open up about previous relationship problems she’s had, and the romantic feelings she has for Groundbreaker captain Junlei. This is all culminates with you helping her to set up the perfect first date with the girl she’s been crushing on, in a brilliant, heartwarming finale. She’s well-written, brilliantly voice acted, and one of our favourite video game characters of 2019. 

Donald & Goofy - Kingdom Hearts 3

The boys are back in town! Kingdom Hearts 3 saw the return of Donald, Goofy and Sora, with the trio travelling to multiple Disney worlds in a finale that was 17 years in the making. Donald and Goofy have been your firm friends since the very first game, and you’ve all been through a lot together. The Disney duo aren’t just along for the ride though - they’re a huge part of the combat in Kingdom Hearts 3, allowing you to pull together combo moves, with Goofy acting as a tank and Donald as a mage. Sure, they can be a little annoying at times, but if you’ve been with Kingdom Hearts since the beginning, you’ll treasure every moment you spend with the two of them, as the trio’s adventure comes to its thrilling conclusion. In the end, it’s Sora’s friendship with Donald and Goofy that allows them to push back against the darkness and the final boss.  It’s one of the cheesiest things in the world, but who cares - it's incredible.

Bullet - Blair Witch

Man’s best friend, and a witch’s worst nightmare, Bullet is your trusted companion throughout Blair Witch. The Belgian Malinois accompanies ex-cop Ellis on his manhunt through the woods for a missing boy, and if we’re honest, he’s the only reason we made it through the game at all. At the beginning, Bullet will go and search for clues on your command, and you can pet him, offer him treats, or tell him to stay (bizarrely, there’s also an option to reprimand him for doing a bad job, but we can only assume that not a single player out there has pushed that button on purpose). As things start to get really Blair Witch-y, and reality begins to warp around Ellis, Bullet is your sole guiding light when the path has disappeared. He’ll point and growl at the monsters that are stalking you, giving you a chance to whip your flashlight round and see the beasties off, and he’ll try to guide you back when you go down the wrong path. If it wasn’t for Bullet, we’d have died within the first five minutes of getting lost in those godforsaken woods. The fact that he’s such a good boy as well? That’s just the icing on the cake.

Mia - Code Vein

Every Soulsborne game is easier when you’ve got a friend along for the ride, whether it’s a fellow hunter in Bloodborne, or the sunshine soliloquy-er Solair in Dark Souls. Code Vein takes that idea and runs with it, introducing you to multiple companion characters who will help you tackle the dangerous world that developer Bandai Namco created. Our pick of the bunch is Mia, a super sassy Revenant who can be a very literal life-saver in combat. You don’t originally meet Mia in the best of circumstances - she basically tries to mug you on your first encounter - but it turns out she’s just trying to feed her younger brother, Nicola. The two of you eventually team up, and Mia turns out to be incredibly useful out in the field. She comes armed with a rifle and a bayonet, and she’s absolutely deadly with it. Playing through the game with her by your side makes everything a lot easier, especially when she can revive you, allowing you to claw back victory from the jaws of defeat. She’s a great character as well, proving to be a loving sibling to her brother, and has one of the most interesting stories in the game. Given the choice of seven companions in the game, we’d choose Mia more often than not - she’s just that good.


User Comments
Forum Posts: 68
Comment #1 by MAXTHUNDER99
Thursday, December 12, 2019 @ 02:03:52 AM
My favorite was your motorbike from Days Gone.

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Comment #2 by mookapotamus
Thursday, December 12, 2019 @ 06:08:17 AM
I actually thought that Mia from Code Vein was one of the worst companions that you can bring with you. Her character's story is well written and she has a likable personality but in battle, she was utter shit. She was easily mobbed, has low HP, and aside from the rarer instances where ranged attacks were more necessary, she was completely obsolete to Yakumo, Louis, or even Io.

Forum Posts: 116
Comment #3 by Evguh
Wednesday, December 18, 2019 @ 09:58:32 AM
Yeah Mia was really quite bland IMO, didn't pay any attention to her the whole game. Yakumo does so much more DPS than anyone else I never took him off

I'm going to throw Hugo (Plague Tale), Boozer (Days Gone) and Older AJ (Walking Dead S4) into the hat

I'm also not sure if Trover counts, but I would consider him a companion

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