The Order: 1886
The Order: 1886 Studio is Working on a New AAA Third-Person Action Game
Written Thursday, January 10, 2019 By Dean Abdou
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Ready at Dawn, the studio behind the PlayStation 4 exclusive The Order: 1886, is currently on the hunt for new devs to join its team for an upcoming unannounced AAA project.

The available positions were posted on the Ready at Dawn Twitter account revealing all sorts of jobs ranging from Gameplay Programmer to Environment Model and Layout Artist. Along with the new AAA project that the studio is working on, the job positions will also be linked to other projects that are currently in various stages of development.

As for what this new AAA project might be, not a lot has been revealed so far but Ready at Dawn has stated that it'll be a "third-person action console title based on a brand new original IP". Other then that not much else has been shared so this is something that we're gonna have to wait a little longer to find out what it just might be.

You can check out all the positions that are currently open at Ready at Dawn below.


User Comments
Forum Posts: 6486
Comment #1 by jvaferreira
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 01:40:21 PM
I must be one of the few people who liked The Order. Looking forward to whatever it is.

Forum Posts: 1793
Comment #2 by TuckNorris85
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 01:46:59 PM
@1 I also liked it.

Forum Posts: 235
Comment #3 by EmptyFibers
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 01:49:18 PM
@1 - You are not alone, I quite enjoyed it!

Forum Posts: 155
Comment #4 by dreadnaught_
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 02:07:10 PM
Clearly a talented developer.

That said, once they confirm that it is an actual game vs. a $60 tech demo (fun as The Order: 1886 may have been for its supporters), I will get excited about this.

Forum Posts: 68480
Comment #5 by Terminator
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 02:16:53 PM

Agreed. Ready at Dawn have released 2 PS4 games so far and both of them flopped hard, because they were over-hyped, boring as hell and received mostly lukewarm reviews.

Forum Posts: 257
Comment #6 by Adzer2
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 02:47:40 PM
@1 It was very well received from what I remember, the main issue with it was it was very short.

Forum Posts: 6
Comment #7 by xSinai16x
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 03:08:51 PM
@1 I don't care what people say I thought the Order was great! Still One of the best looking games out there.

Forum Posts: 126
Comment #8 by XVinny84X
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 03:26:36 PM
Order was awesome!! For $20 and with stupidly broken stealth section taken out of equation. I would very much like to see a sequel or another game in similar vein. Just make it closer to 15hrs, not 5 or don’t charge full price..

Forum Posts: 17
Comment #9 by WickedSeraph
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 05:13:44 PM
@1 I enjoyed it as well. Would love a sequel but I fear it isn't happening.

Forum Posts: 26
Comment #10 by RuiG87
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 05:51:09 PM
@1 i also enjoyed it to a degree, but i did only pay £10 for it. If i had payed full price for it then i might of been pissed off by the end of it. Then there was also all pf the crap the director was saying in order to justify some of the had design choices.

Forum Posts: 32
Comment #11 by Nightwing
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 06:26:25 PM
I really hope it’s a sequel to The Order. Here’s hoping they can build upon the first game & correct all the negatives like toning down the QTE’s, more open world, longer story, more guns, more action & single player DLC

Forum Posts: 1377
Comment #12 by Nakatomi_Uk
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 08:21:41 PM
I am surprised that The Order hasn't been a ps + free game

Forum Posts: 126
Comment #13 by XVinny84X
Thursday, January 10, 2019 @ 10:14:39 PM
#11 If you read the article you’d know that’s not the case...

Forum Posts: 692
Comment #14 by Darthjoker
Friday, January 11, 2019 @ 05:05:28 AM
I liked the game.

Forum Posts: 325
Comment #15 by Pally01
Friday, January 11, 2019 @ 06:11:38 PM
#1 I liked it too. Well worth the $4 or $5 I got it for.

Forum Posts: 0
Comment #16 by typothegamer
Monday, January 14, 2019 @ 07:05:58 PM
@1 I got it at Launch and loved the game the only issue I had was that it was short I was surprised they never came out with DLC for the game.

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