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Call of Duty: World War II's War Mode Seems To Be Taking Multiplayer Tips From Overwatch
Written Monday, June 26, 2017 By Dom Peppiatt
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‘Boots on the ground’. Sure, it’s a good soundbite, Sledgehammer Games, but it’s been pretty unclear what that phrase has really meant during the campaign for the game: it’s supposed to mean taking Call of Duty back to the soldier on the frontline, but it’s such a wishy-washy, ear-pleasing phrase that its real meaning has gotten lost in all the hype. 

Getting to see some of the game in action helped highlight exactly what Sledgehammer and Activision are getting at: the maps we saw in play (Point Du Hoc and an encampment in the Ardennes) were both a lot tighter than we’ve come to expect from recent CoD entries. In the real world, Point Du Hoc was where US Army Rangers scaled cliffs to disable artillery installments ahead of the Normandy invasion, and this skirmish has clearly influenced the map here.

We saw the battle begin in the German trenches, up at the top of the map - Thompson machine guns were the weapon of choice for most players, and they packed a mid-range kick, but the M1 Garand was better for taking out ranged targets (though, as would be expected, they seemed harder to handle). The map was packed tight, condensed, and a lot of emphases seemed to be on trench running to outflank clumps of enemy soldiers at a time. Granted, this is what CoD’s been doing for a while, but we’re sure the fact that there weren’t any sensible sniper spots will come as good news to fans of the series.

The map was interesting to look at - scenes of devastation littering the horizon, a single tall structure looking out over the various trenches and encampments, but there was nothing special about it… nothing that made us really sit up and take note. The recoil on the guns adds a nice new dimension in that we weren’t expecting: in the demo we observed, quite a few players took a bit of time to get used to the kickback on the weapons, and that was interesting to see.

We did see one player manage to use the flamethrower to devastating effect, wandering into a closed room from a bunker and frying the unfortunate combatants within. Similarly to last year’s Battlefield 1, the weapons in this game seem designed to be quite situational in a way that kicks Call of Duty’s usual shoot-to-kill gameplay loop right up the arse.

Mix that in with the new objective-based multiplayer mode (War Mode) and you’ve got a shot in the arm that the series needs after the questionable reception of Infinite Warfare last year. War Mode basically takes the escort missions you’ll play in Overwatch and pastes on a CoD skin - you have to escort what is essentially a payload through specifically-designed maps and react live to different objectives that are thrown at you every five minutes or so.

What’s nice about the ‘payload’ here is that it’s a tank, and that tank is dangerous, so it makes a really nice waypoint for you to defend. The only condition to win as an attacker is to drop off the payload at the target, the defenders must draw out the match for as long as possible in order for their victory conditions to be met. It’s a vastly different kind of game from what you’d usually expect in a CoD match, but it seems to be really good fun. 

Thing is, because Call of Duty’s time-to-kill is so quick, it makes the defensive of a moving objective like this… tricky. You go down quick, you come back quick. It mixes that twitchy, hyperactive Call of Duty DNA with something as considered and layered as Overwatch and from what we saw… honestly, it kind of worked.

Seeing players jumping back onto the previous deathmatch modes in the Ardennes and Point Du Hoc afterward actually seemed quite bland and chaotic - maybe it’s been something like War Mode all along that Call of Duty needed to make it feel a bit fresher. Clearly Activision’s partnership with Blizzard has fed something very positive through to Sledgehammer, because from our multiplayer impressions of War Mode, we think it genuinely might be what dominates the conversation about Call of Duty when it launches later this year.

Call of Duty: World War II will be available November 3rd for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, and you can check out the multiplayer debut trailer below.


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Comment #1 by Naps
Monday, June 26, 2017 @ 06:52:29 PM
So what are the zombies part of the game going to be standalone or what... It's always like this year in and year out... COD/Activision is keeping mum on their non-combat game mode. They did that with extinction, only announcing details when it was nearing launch day...

Any info on zombies getting a separate trophy list since it's a standalone game? Why can't these mofos get it... and split them up... it's all about that damn seasons pass...

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Comment #2 by Corneliu5
Wednesday, July 05, 2017 @ 03:22:17 PM
Nice turn :)

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Comment #3 by Shockwave0011
Sunday, July 23, 2017 @ 10:47:26 PM
So they finally got their game outta that stupid future warfare crap.They are on real fight again.but still,can't expect much

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