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E3 2015: The Awesome Level Max DLC Coming to Trials Fusion Next Month
Written Monday, June 15, 2015 By Lee Bradley
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Ubisoft has announced The Awesome Level Max DLC for Trials Fusion, as well as a The Awesome Max Edition of the game itself. You can watch an insane trailer below.

“Get ready for our biggest Trials Fusion DLC pack yet with 30 all-new tracks plus 10 Supercross tracks, 30 unexpected and various challenges to complete, unicorn bike & cat rider, 5 new garage items and more than 130 fresh new Editor objects,” says the blurb.

“The Awesome Max Edition includes the base game, all 6 DLC packs from the Season Pass, and the new Awesome Level Max DLC. Over 180 tracks, Online Multiplayer Mode, Tournament mode, customizations, unicorns, explosions and more!”

The Awesome Level Max DLC and The Awesome Max Edition is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC from July 14th.


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Comment #1 by ZedChuva
Monday, June 15, 2015 @ 10:40:03 PM
“The Awesome Max Edition includes the base game, all 6 DLC packs from the Season Pass..."

Soooo... what do seasons pass holders get? To pay the same price for... what exactly? A month for clarity.

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Comment #2 by GR4V1G0R3
Monday, June 15, 2015 @ 11:32:54 PM
they may as well have called this the brofisting crowd follower edition...that name sounds like it was devised by a simpleton...and the extreme lack of anything useful about it is very disappointing [and gives great cause for concern - apparently releasing info 3 days before release on a web stream with 300 viewers is adequate to them these days, and they rage at you if you say otherwise]

still love the main guys of the studio, but since ubisoft took over...fuck me, everything has gone downhill so quickly, they're all stressed out because they're not allowed to release information...all so some twat from ubisoft gets to be the one to break the news...yet they never do...just give it to the main guys to try and convince us it'll be fine...then we see soon after that it too was a rushed, hardly tested, pile of poop

thanks for you work in the past Red Lynx...but just, no!

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Comment #3 by NMErickson
Tuesday, June 16, 2015 @ 12:22:50 AM
Guessing there will be a ton of mad folks here considering the fire sales they have had on TF on PSN. Bet a lot bought game and/or DLC already. I for one haven't picked up anything yet so this is great. May have to give it a try.

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Comment #4 by GR4V1G0R3
Tuesday, June 16, 2015 @ 09:46:03 AM
@3 there are some of us who have the game & season pass on xbox360, which is now abandonware that is somewhat annoying..then I also own it and the season pass on PC & PS4...

by the sounds of this DLC, it has 3x the tracks of the [now] normal $5 DLC so that will be another £10 to spend on the rest of the game, if I can even force myself to play it..hopefully these tracks will be fully tested and will not just swallow your wheels whenever they want [this is why I quit playing, tried the donkey update, first track I tried both front and back wheels glitched through the floor, I quit game and haven't looked at it since

oh @1, we get fuck all mate, we've had what the pass included, this will be another £10 to spend at least, its ubisoft, that's how they roll, charge more money for base game, then more for DLC, give smaller portions but more courses, treat paying fans like they're been given something for free every time they question anything.... then publishers going so far as to tell us what we want, not listening to us, just straight up telling us, this is what we want and how we want it, and to be grateful that we can buy it at all - they can no longer use the excuse of 360 holding things back as it has been abandoned, wonder what reason they will give for things not working now

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