WILL: A Wonderful World (NA)

WILL: A Wonderful World (NA) Trophies
There are 52 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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A Wonderful World
Complete your exploration in a truly Wonderful World 
First Step
Take the first step 
Urban Wanderer
Try all the different ways of transferring between subway lines 
Bunk Bros
Say goodbye to high school days with one last BBQ 
Master of Gamblers
Win the card game 
One for All
Sacrifice for the safety of the people 
For Justice
Remember the reason of wanting to become a policeman 
The Man in the Shadow
Find out the true identity of the tenth person 
Back to the Past
Discover the truth in A Wonderful World 
Gone with the Dreams
Fall into eternal hibernation in A Wonderful World 
First Memory
Complete 25% of the Album 
Private Eyes
Complete 50% of the Album 
No Filters
Complete 75% of the Album 
Picture Perfect
Complete 100% of the Album 
First Day of School
Complete 25% of the Dictionary 
Spelling Bee
Complete 50% of the Dictionary 
Master Reader
Complete 75% of the Dictionary 
Word Collector
Complete 100% of the Dictionary 
Read everything in the Dictionary 
Secret Trophies
Bitter Memories
Remember the death of Li Wen's father 
King of Fights
Try all different combinations of game inputs 
Hong Kong Drift
Get rid of the police 
Doctor in the House
Solve the puzzle of syringes 
The Dark Truth
Learn about the condition of Park Sang-Gun 
The Keen Tracker
Escape from the guards 
Assassin Training
Send the correct address in Morse code 
The Tale of a Soap
Unveil the hidden plot in the locker room 
It's Another Life
Become a bartender 
Separated by Death
Ending Unlocked: Mr. Wen died of illness 
Ending Unlocked: Li Wen and Mr. Wen reunited 
Separated in Life
Ending Unlocked: Mr. Wen disappeared 
The End of High School
Progress Unlocked: Jimmy deleted his photos of Li Wen 
Superpowered Me
Ending Unlocked: Jimmy accidentally obtained his superpower 
Beast out of the Cage
Ending Unlocked: Pi escaped from prison 
Phoenix from the Ashes
Progress Unlocked: Park Sang-Gun escaped from the asylum 
So Close
Ending Unlocked: Alicia and Carlos reunited for a brief moment 
Yet So Far
Ending Unlocked: Alicia and Carlos missed their reunion 
Into the Wild
Ending Unlocked: Spottie continued his homeless life 
Home Sweet Home
Ending Unlocked: Spottie found his loving home 
My Own Justice
Ending Unlocked: Chang resigned from the police 
Agent Chang
Ending Unlocked: Chang became a member of the intelligence agency 
Ending Unlocked: Chang was not involved in the Unit 4 incident 
The Girl Next Door
Complete the profile of Li Wen 
The Artist
Complete the profile of Wen Zhaoren 
Geek in the Shell
Complete the profile of Jimmy 
The Phantom Terror
Complete the profile of Pi 
Boy, Interrupted
Complete the profile of Park Sang-Gun 
Complete the profile of Carlos 
The Professional
Complete the profile of Alicia 
Smelly Cat
Complete the profile of Spottie 
Kung Fu Scramble
Complete the profile of Chang Gyeong-Min 
Complete the profile of Kang Baek-Ya 

Game Info
WMY Studio
PM Studios


US July 02, 2019
Europe November 08, 2019
Japan November 15, 2019

Players: 1
Online Players : 0
ESRB: Mature
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