Unearthing Mars (NA)

Unearthing Mars (NA) Trophy Guide
Guide By: bigdrama
There are 13 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (personal estimate) (poll)
  • Total Trophies: 10 2 1
  • Offline Trophies: 13
  • Online Trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 2 hours (poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 1 (Survivors)
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Do trophies stack: NA/EU/JP/HK/China have separate lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies: No cheats available.
  • Extra equipment needed: PlayStation VR and 2 Move controllers
  • Does difficulty affect trophies: No difficulty option

Unearthing Mars is a short VR game that is mostly an interactive story. You will play as the co-pilot and will be working to uncover the mystery of Mars’ moon Phobos, which has been thought of as artificial but has now disappeared. The game consists of 10 self-contained chapters which can each be completed quite quickly, or you can take your time and explore your surroundings more than is required. The story isn’t exactly great but it is fairly interesting, although not well acted. I wouldn’t say it is a pretty game but it also isn’t awful looking and there is enough variety to the gameplay that the short campaign doesn’t really drag. There are control issues (mostly the reason for the difficulty) but they can be overcome with some practice.


The controls change throughout the game as new modes and activities are introduced. You’ll start by only being able to grab things and press buttons, but by the end you’ll be shooting a gun and lifting weights, speaking to the variety I mentioned.

While not driving the land vehicle or holding a gun you’ll be able to move your hands and interact with the environment. The will close each hand allowing you to pick up things, press buttons, move levers, use the blowtorch (one level), fire a gun (one level), and otherwise interact with the environment.

While driving the land vehicle, you’ll use the right to move forward and the left to brake and reverse. You’ll control the direction by turning the move controller with the held . To catch up to your vehicle (as the game does not automatically track with it for some reason) you’ll need to keep pressing .

In any chapter where you are controlling locomotion, either via teleporting (hold and point at one of the purple "hotspots" until the targeting line turns green then let go) or the land vehicle you can turn your character around 45 degrees left or right by tapping the button on the associated controller.

In the two chapters that have an inventory, open and close it by pressing .

In any chapter, you can restart the chapter or return to the main menu by holding to bring up the menu.

Step 1: Complete the game, trying to ensure Katherine (Commander) stays alive.

The game is quite straightforward; however, I ran into issues with tracking of my right hand, and therefore suggest sitting on a stool or at the front of your chair to avoid the issues I had. While the game only moves forward based on your actions, it will often take a while before it allows you to do anything to move the story forward so you’ll have to sit through the dialogue and will often times need to wait for the Commander to get to her target spot before you can move forward. Once the control issues I ran into were sorted out, this game effectively became a simple matter of just following along and occasionally doing something. Getting 100% should be very simple, with only Survivors and Ace Pliot potentially proving problematic. Since there is chapter select, just play the game and enjoy.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
  • Martian Astronaut
  • Survivors

Step 2: Cleanup

If you were successful in Step 1 but did not get Ace Pilot, you can go back to chapter select and replay chapter 3. The guide provides the appropriate answers and what is needed to be performed for Ace Pilot. If for some reason Katherine did not survive your first playthrough, I suggest replaying the game starting on chapter 2.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:

  • Ace Pilot

[PST would like to thank bigdrama for this Roadmap]

Chapter 1
Completed Chapter 1 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This chapter is mostly dialogue. Answer any questions asked of you, and then once given the cue look for and find Charlie 3 on the map of Mars. To do this you will need to swipe your hands to spin the globe and open the identified markers until you find an image of a robot. Tap this and close your fist with .

Chapter 2
Completed Chapter 2 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This chapter will involve leaving the space station and beginning the trip down to Mars from orbit.

You’ll have to answer four questions with specific answers as part of ensuring you have the Commander around at the end of the game (Survivors . These answers are pretty obvious, but just in case: answer “All Green Commander” twice, then 25 degrees, then minus 2 degrees.

Chapter 3
Completed Chapter 3 

Story related, cannot be missed!

For this trophy, you’ll need to work through a rough landing of your spaceship. This will include answering several questions from the Commander, tapping two screens/buttons and moving two levers. All interactions which require you to move something are to your left. I had some difficulty with my “hands” here, so be aware that sitting in an oversize chair may not allow you access to the levers.

You will also get Ace Pilot here if you are able to get everything done correctly.

Chapter 4
Completed Chapter 4 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This chapter will see you having crashed on Mars. You’ll learn how to turn on your headlamp, teleport travel, and look around. You will need to save the Commander by removing and replacing her air tank. The spare air tank is in the ship against the wall that is marked with “health” symbols. You’ll need to go all the way to the left to find the spare tank. Then head back to the Commander and place it on her back. The quicker you can do this the better.

You will also need to review the ship for damage and turn on the power. The power is turned on by pressing the button in the ship that did not open the cargo door and then turning the larger valve at the very back of the ship.

Chapter 5
Completed Chapter 5 

Story related, cannot be missed!

In this chapter, you’ll learn how to maneuver the land vehicle and will be tasked with finding pieces of Phobos. The pieces you are looking for will not be found until the final stop and will be identified by a cave and some pottery. After some discussion and looking at the pottery, you will eventually enter the cave to complete the chapter.

Chapter 6
Completed Chapter 6 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This chapter takes place in the cave you just entered and will show you how to your inventory and also have you utilizing a blowtorch to collect three crystals. This is another chapter where you will likely need to wait for the game to catch up to you if you find where you are supposed to go right away. If that happens, just teleport away and then wait for the new location marker to pop up, then teleport back to it. This mission will be kind of trippy, as there will be hallucinations occurring as you pick up the crystals.

Chapter 7
Completed Chapter 7 

Story related, cannot be missed!

You’ll once again be using the land vehicle to traverse Mars, but this time it will be past Mars and will look notably different. Make your way to a tree in the distance; it will be near a pond/lake. You’ll know you are at the correct tree if the Commander mentions picking some fruit. Climb the tree by teleporting and pick five fruit, there are two sections of the tree where you can find fruit the highest and second higher sections you can get to. To pick the fruit you’ll be looking for something similar to an artichoke. I was not able to find five fruit all at once, but they do respawn.

Once you have five fruit, leave the tree and you’ll be back in the land vehicle. Now traverse towards to beam of light. Once you get there you’ll see little alien teddy bears. You’ll need to feed all three a fruit. Once fed they will start dancing around a circle which you will have to go to and then spin the section that appears to complete the chapter.

Chapter 8
Completed Chapter 8 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This level will be fairly weird but is puzzle based. You’ll need to travel up winding stairs to four separate puzzles. Once each puzzle is completed the chapter will end.

Puzzle 1: This requires you to move around some pieces on a circular board to lock things in place. You’ll have to shift four locking section to accept 8 of the bronze bars. Once the locking sections are in place pull the circular lever to complete the puzzle.

Puzzle 2: Requires you to make geometric shapes by spinning the four levels of the pyramid like structure in front of you. Once you have four squares in front of you, one in each corner you can pull the circular lever to finish the puzzle.

Puzzle 3: This puzzle involves putting blocks into a structure that you can spin to complete it. The easiest way to do this one is to grab a puzzle piece (they float) and try putting it into the spaces in front of you. If it fits it will lock in on its own. Once you have the current side completed spin it and repeat.

Puzzle 4: This puzzle involves completing gears. You will need to pull out the turbine so you can see the gears and then as you grab the floating gears they will lock in place similar to the last puzzle when you try to place them. You will likely need to spin the unfinished gears to find the empty spots for the pieces that you are inserting. Once complete push the turbine back in.

Chapter 9
Completed Chapter 9 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This is the action stage of the game. You’ll be fighting an invading force with a gun and shield. The gun is fired by pressing and can be charged by holding to do a more damaging shot. The shield can block the fire from the small enemies. To take out the three large enemies (two walkers and a flyer), you’ll need to utilize the charge feature and shoot for the middle of their bodies at the red circle that fires back at you.

You are likely to lose your shield to the first of the three big enemies and will need to be quick in killing both walkers as they can wipe you out quickly. The flyer is not terribly dangerous as long as you shoot down its projectiles, so when it and the second walker are on screen the walker and the projectiles should be your focus.

Chapter 10
Completed Chapter 10 

Story related, cannot be missed!

In Chapter 10, you’ll be in a bunker and if you followed the above, the Commander will be in a coma on a bed. You will have the opportunity to heal yourself, as you’ll be at only 25% health, by going to the fridge drinking the fruit drinks and then going to the free weights and exercising until your health is at 100%. This will end the chapter and the game, bringing you to a couple of cut-scenes and then the credits. Feel free to ignore the Commander completely and just worry about yourself.

Martian Astronaut
Completed Chapter 1 to 10 

Story related, cannot be missed!

This will pop once you beat the game; there is nothing special that needs to occur.

Ace Pilot
Complete forced landing without any misoperation on chapter 3 

You can always come back using chapter select, but not getting this trophy may potentially impact Survivors, so try your best the first time around.

You will be tasked with completing several actions while your ship is crashing. The timing of each task will be very clear as the Commander will ask you to do things and then the topic of your desire will be highlighted in yellow. I don’t think it matters, as I touched other buttons, but some people have indicated having difficulties if they touch stuff so don’t touch anything you don’t need to.

The first task will be to activate the terrain radar which will be on your lower left.

The second task will be to read the fuel flow rates, look directly in front of you then pick 65 once the response option comes up.

The third task is to turn off the fuel feed to the left engine. This will require you to tap the screen in the center of the middle console once it is highlighted yellow.

The fourth task requires you to read how far off your trajectory is. You’ll need to look above the screen you just tapped and then respond with -17 degrees once the response option comes up.

The fifth task requires you to adjust the power output. This one is really tough if you don’t have full motion as the lever is on your left and underneath the first place you tapped.

When Charlie 3 tries to reach you, pick the top option to agree with the Commander.

The sixth task requires you to determine your airspeed which is on the screen directly in front of you but only if you tap it to change to secondary mode. Once the response option comes up pick 760 knots.

The final task requires you to engage reverse thrust. On the Commander’s countdown engage reverse thrust by pulling on the lever to your left directly to the right of the first screen you tapped to engage the terrain radar. As there are two levers here, this is the one further from you.

Secret Trophies
Katherine has survived 

This one is missable, but shouldn’t prove difficult to get on your first run.

The exact requirements for this trophy are scant and unclear; however, here is what I did. Whenever I was asked a question I agreed with the Commander (top choice) unless it was tied to an action where I needed to provide data that was onscreen. I made sure to get Ace Pilot on the same run, replaced the Commander’s air tank in Chapter 4, and ignored the Commander in Chapter 10. Note: The Commander should be in a coma, during Chapter 10.

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