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There are 25 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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An Explosive Performance
Cut the correct bomb wire 3 times with less than 5 seconds remaining on the timer. 
Not A Scratch
Drive TwinCar to its destination without hitting any other cars. 
Deadly Diet
Kill 10 enemies in the grocery store with fruits and vegetables. 
We’re Commandeering These Fruits
Leave the grocery store armed with fruits or veggies. 
Gas Prices Are Too High For That
Fill the TwinCar with gas without spilling any. 
'R' Stands For "Really Fast"
Drive TwinCar to its destination while only driving in reverse. 
Find all of the friendship bracelets. 
Hurts, Donut?
Attract 250 enemies with May's Donut Trap ability. 
Like Putting Fish In A Barrel
Send 75 enemies away with Brody's Holy Mackerel ability. 
Shock And Awe
Tase 250 enemies with Will's Super Taser ability. 
Line 'Em Up
Snipe 150 enemies with Angela's Laser Snipe ability. 
That Burning Sensation
Set 250 enemies ablaze with Josie's Flare Gun ability. 
Return To Sender
Block 500 projectiles with John's Baton Block ability. 
Hook, Shot, and Sinker
Grapple 75 enemies with Killa Kill's Hookshot ability. 
The Doctor Is In
Punch 250 enemies with Dr. Fist's Spectral Fist ability. 
That's Twinsane!
Use Twinsanity 100 times! 
We're Just So Thirsty
Destroy all of the PopTop vending machines. 
Secret Trophies
Only The Beginning
Complete the training. 
The Twin Cities
Complete chapter one. 
The Factory
Complete chapter two. 
The Highrise
Complete chapter three. 
That Was No Accident
Defeat Mecha Pontoon. 
At Least It's Recyclable
Defeat PopTank. 
Secret of the Falls
There's always a secret behind the waterfall. 

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US October 11, 2019
Europe October 11, 2019
Japan October 11, 2019

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