Transistor Trophies
Use 10 different OVC Terminals.

The OVC Terminals are located throughout the game that flesh out the story of Transistor. The trophy unlocks after exiting the 10th Terminal that you view. Once you view 10 of them you don’t need to view anymore, though you will miss out on large parts of the story of the game if you ignore them during your playthrough. During the game you will walk directly by at least 10 of them, so you should get this trophy no problem as long as you don’t completely ignore the Terminals. In case you want to make sure to get the trophy done and out of the way, the locations of the first 14 Terminals are as follows:

1) After using the telescope you go down a set of stairs to an encounter. After finishing the encounter and receiving the Spark skill, proceed up.

2) From where you received the Spark skill, head straight down.

3) Goldwalk District: After reaching the second area from the motorcycle, travel up and right from the area’s first encounter.

4) Goldwalk Channel: Northeast of the last terminal you will be able to enter a side area known as the Goldwalk Channel. The terminal is northeast of the encounter in this area.

5) Amphitheatre Parkway: Head northwest from Precht, Q.’s body and enter the Box Office.

6) Amphitheatre Parkway: Head northeast from Precht, Q.’s body and enter The Empty Set to go down the stairs to this terminal.

7) After the cutscene at the club, you will start right beside the terminal.

8) Post 37 Archway: After the boat ride you will come across your first Backdoor. After leaving the Backdoor, head north to find this terminal.

9) Canals District: After the second encounter with the Cluckers and the Weeds, head to the northwest end to find the terminal.

10) Canals District: After going through the Ferry Building, the terminal will be immediately Northeast of where you end up.

11) Apartments: After riding up the elevator you will reach the Terrace Apartments area. Head northwest from here, up some stairs, to find the terminal.

12) Apartments: After riding an elevator up to a new area, head west to find the terminal beside the maintenance access. Do not enter the Gazebo to the northeast or you’ll have gone too far.

13) Bracket Towers: After first encounter with the tail you will run inside Bracket Towers. At the junction just after the Access Point, head northwest.

14) Bracket Towers: Shortly after the last terminal you will head up some stairs to an encounter. The terminal is just west of the encounter.

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Supergiant Games


US May 20, 2014
Europe May 21, 2014

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