Transistor Trophies
Complete each Agency Test.

The 3 Agency Tests will only become available on Playthrough Two. Agency Tests have you facing off against a copy of yourself, complete with the ability to use Turn(). You’ll need to use liberal use of your own Turn() ability in order to stop the copy from moving.

The easiest way to finish the Agency tests is similar to the strategy used to defeat Royce. If you just want to use basic functions, then Cull(), Mask(), and Void() are all you will need. Equip each as their own active ability, then feel free to equip whichever passives you see fit as well. Jaunt() as a passive can be a great help as it speeds up Turn() recovery, allowing you to attack twice before the enemy can once on most occasions. Easiest way to use this setup is by using Turn() as close to the enemy as possible. Cast three Void() on it, then activate Mask() and position yourself to do a backstab with Cull(). This will easily take down the enemy, and works for all three levels of the Agency test.

An even easier way to do this if you are later in NG+ and have multiple of the same Function is if you have more than one of Mask() and Void(). Stacking Mask() causes it you to have a bonus 250% damage while it’s active, and so casting Void() and having one in a passive slot will allow you to do massive amounts of Damage with a backstab of Cull().

The video below shows how the first strategy works, for all three tests. The enemy seems to use different Functions each time you face it, but it will normally behave the same way and shouldn't give you too much difficulty.

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