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Muffin Massacre
Finished 'Muffin to Fear'

Complete level 8. Story related and cannot be missed. If you are having trouble with this final boss here is a relatively painless method to take it out:

Run to the bakery where the muffins are coming from. Just run straight up the hill and take up a position on either side. Turn 180 and start blasting the muffins as they come towards you up the slope. After this first wave some more small muffins and a large one get shot out past you into the street. The reason for running up the hill should now be apparent since the only attack the big muffin has is a shockwave that can't travel up the slope, so just stand there and pick them off again.

Repeat as needed until a large wedding cake replaces the bakery. On the next phase, 5 little witches come out so just head over to the new cannon that just beamed up, hop in and blast away. One life bar down.

Now a big witch comes out so either step on the warp pad to cross over to the cow launcher or just run over to collect power-ups for ammo or health if you need to. Jump onto the new gun that just showed up and let the cows fly. Second life bar gone.

The third life bar is just a repeat of the first and the fourth life bar is just a repeat of the second. On the final life bar, you get both small and large witches at the same time and you need to bounce back and forth between the two guns. Start with laser cannon to thin out the small witches until there are only 2 or 3 so you won't have to deal with all the green bubbles. Then hop on the warp pad to be launched over to the cow cannon and blast away at the large witch. Repeat this pattern until the witch's lifebar is emptied. Also, be sure to run out to grab ammo and health if you need to. The trophy unlocks shortly afterwards. Congrats and end of Story Mode.

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US June 15, 2010
Europe July 16, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Players: 1-2
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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