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…Into the Fire
You have survived the burning mansion. For some reason, it feels hotter than ever.

Story-related and unmissable. As you progress through the game, you’ll find yourself in the mansion as it burns - you’ll earn this trophy after escaping.

To complete this sequence, you’ll need to take the following steps (please be aware, these provide an explicit solution to the scenario):

  • After encountering the Lord of the mansion, follow the rooms around to the north until you locate a hidden passage and find yourself back at the bar.
  • Travel to the ballroom. Here, use Tequila’s mask’s power to shatter the window, opening an exit out to the mansion’s grounds. As you exit, you’ll earn the How Scenical! How Scenical! trophy.
  • Travel up to far end of the garden. Here, use the Sapphire Tear Ring on the door and enter.
  • You’ll find yourself back at the mansion entrance, but with the building set alight. There’s only one passage that you can take through here and you need to be quick – the only possible path will quickly become blocked with flames. If you find yourself with no way out, reset time. Be sure to synchronise your pocketwatch with the clocks that you come across.
  • Your goal here is to get to the ballroom and exit out to the mansion grounds again. Once here, walk back to the door that you used the Sapphire Tear Ring on and enter again.

If you prefer a video guide, please refer to the video in Sixpence None the Wiser.

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Tequila Works


US April 11, 2017
Europe April 11, 2017

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