The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale Trophies
The King in Red
You encountered the deep Lord of the mansion. A prison in his own bloodied tears.

Story-related and unmissable. You’ll earn this after completing the story sequence that follows saving Aurum and Thanos.

You’ll find yourself in the mansion’s basement. To complete this sequence, you’ll need to take the following steps (please be aware, these provide an explicit solution to the scenario):

  • Go two rooms east, then one north. Wait until after 2.15pm, then check the dumbwaiter to collect the statue arm.
  • Go back to the south, then two rooms further to the east and one south. Using the statue arm, interact with the statue here and it will disappear. Enter the door behind it.
  • In this room, you’ll need to rearrange the flowers so that they match with the correct gravestone – the flowers will take root once correctly placed. The purple flower goes to the middle grave, light grey with the leftmost grave, gold with the rightmost grave and finally, red with the new gravestone that then appears.
  • Leave this room, go north twice and enter the north-western room from here.
  • In this room, you need to press the five buttons in the correct order. Start at the top-left, then the button directly below it, the one to the far right, then the bottom-left and finally the middle button, in front of the covered body.
  • Leave the room and enter the south-eastern room from here. Pick up the goblet, collect some water from the trough in this room and water the tree.
  • Reset time, return to the room that you were just in and water the tree again. Repeat this one further time – you’ll notice that the tree grows larger each time.
  • The large central door that you’ll have passed in front of a few times now should open. Enter here and after the story sequence plays out, you should earn this trophy.

If you prefer a video guide, please refer to the video in Sixpence None the Wiser.

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US April 11, 2017
Europe April 11, 2017

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