The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale Trophies
Out of the Frying Pan…
You saved Aurum and Thanos. The secrets of the mansion are yours to learn.

Story-related and unmissable. You’ll earn this trophy after preventing the sixth murder, that of Aurum Runes and Thanos Gorecki.

To prevent this murder, you’ll need to take the following steps (please be aware, these provide an explicit solution to the scenario):

  • First, you’ll need to get yourself back to the main area of the mansion. Enter the theatre area and, within the cage, use Greyson’s mask’s power to unlock the trapdoor. Travel through the basement and you’ll find yourself back at the bar, via a secret entrance.
  • Now, some setup – you need to get into the Library area. In the rooms to the west of the ballroom, you’ll find a locked door to the north, which you can now unlock to reach the library. Entering here, you’ll earn the Stories and Studies of Strange Things trophy.
  • Go through the library’s rooms until you find a set of stairs to climb. Now, progress through the following hallway and re-enter the library, now on its balcony.
  • Here, you can use Tequlia’s masks power to shatter the chandelier, dropping a candle into the room below. This will also earn you the The Light Fantastic trophy.
  • Retrace your steps to the library’s ground floor, light the candle here and interact with the ghost who now appears. You’ll learn about a secret exit to the library.
  • At the back of the library, interact with the bookshelves to open the secret exit and leave the room.
  • Go south two rooms. In this room, exit through the door to the east – you’ll find that this takes you through a previously-unrevealed hidden passage, which will now be usable going forward.
  • Return through the secret passage and continue through these new rooms until you reach the grandfather clock. Wind it, synchronise your pocketwatch here and reset time.
  • Now, go one room north, two east and then again east through the northern door. Open the curtain and leave the room.
  • Next, go through the southern door (there’ll be a butler to avoid at some point around here) and interact with the mask to look through it into the room that you were just in. Watch as the butler hides a statue arm in the dumbwaiter, at about 2.15pm.
  • Return to the mansion’s main entrance, synchronise your pocketwatch here and reset time.
  • Now you’re ready to prevent the murders. The following steps will benefit from a brief introductory explanation – what you’re aiming to do here is to set the card suit displayed on each of four statues to show hearts. The first of these is in the mansion entrance, and should already be showing hearts.
  • Quickly travel to the bar. Here, remove the record, light the candle and leave the room.
  • Look back into the bar and watch as Aurum enters. Listening to the ghosts, you’ll learn the password that allows you to pass through the previously-locked door here.
  • Once Aurum leaves, talk with the ghost to gain entry to the following room and watch as Aurum passes through, pulling the statue’s lever. Once he leaves, enter the room and pull the lever yourself, until it shows as hearts.
  • You now need to go back to the south-western area of the mansion, where you saw the butler hiding the statue arm. Retrieve the arm from the dumbwaiter.
  • Travel to the room two south from here, replace the statue arm and interact with it again until it displays hearts.
  • Finally, travel back to that new secret passage that you discovered, pass through here and one room further east. You’ll find the final statue here.
  • Aurum will pull this statue’s lever once himself, so after he’s passed through this room (around 8.45pm), pull the lever yourself. Once it displays hearts, you’ll have solved this scenario.

If you prefer a video guide, please refer to the video in Sixpence None the Wiser.

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