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The Devil and the Blue
You saved Willow Blue. You can see things that should remain unseen.

Story-related and unmissable. You’ll earn this trophy after preventing the third murder, that of Willow Blue.

To prevent this murder, you’ll need to take the following steps (please be aware, these provide an explicit solution to the scenario):

  • Observe Willow as she enters the painting room directly east of her guest room, which will be at around 2.20pm. You’ll see her entering a hidden door in this room, allowing you to use this door yourself.
  • Once Willow has committed suicide, collect the bone key that she leaves behind.
  • Go to Willow’s room and use the key to open her desk, collecting the hungry charm recipe. You’ll now see two “meal” locations marked on your map.
  • Reset time.
  • Go one room west from the clock in this area, collecting the hungry charm that’s been left on the floor of this room.
  • Take the charm to the two marked “meal” locations, interacting with the fish tank to “feed” the charm.
  • Enter the hidden door in the painting room, then use the now-sated charm on the skull to unlock the entrance here.
  • Go up the stairs and interact with the valve, holding on to it in its new position until Willow enters the room and attempts a ritual. The redirected water flow will extinguish the candle, stopping the ritual.

If you prefer a video guide, please refer to the video in Sixpence None the Wiser.

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US April 11, 2017
Europe April 11, 2017

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