The Sexy Brutale

The Sexy Brutale Trophies
There are 19 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Totale Brutale
You have unlocked every trick, secret and note that the mansion has to offer. 
Secret Trophies
A Full Deck
You collected every card available within the mansion. Someone will be very pleased … 
The Gang's All Here
You possess every invite sent to every guest. It is a full — if macabre — collection. 
The End of the Beginning
You saw everything the Bloody Girl has to show you. Time to get to work. 
Sixpence None the Wiser
You saved Reginald Sixpence. The mansion clocks are yours to command. 
To Defeat the Spider's Curse…
You saved Trinity and Clay. The quietest of sounds are clear to you. 
The Devil and the Blue
You saved Willow Blue. You can see things that should remain unseen. 
Tequila, Down the Hatch
You saved Tequila Belle. Glass shatters at your word. 
An Electric Performance!
You saved Greyson and Redd. The locks of the mansion open for you. 
A (Stylish) Sense of Dread
You have encountered a chilling figure in the heart of the mansion. 
The Light Fantastic
You smashed a priceless chandelier with your voice. Vandalism! 
Out of the Frying Pan…
You saved Aurum and Thanos. The secrets of the mansion are yours to learn. 
The King in Red
You encountered the deep Lord of the mansion. A prison in his own bloodied tears. 
…Into the Fire
You have survived the burning mansion. For some reason, it feels hotter than ever. 
Finding Forever
You spilled the deepest secrets at the heart of the Sexy Brutale. 
The Tale of the Sexy Brutale
The pieces are in place. But the picture is still not complete… 
How Scenical! How Scenical!
You discovered the mansion grounds. A beautiful, terrible sight. 
Stories and Studies of Strange Things
You discovered the library. What secrets does it hide? 
The Door of Old Habits…
You have unlocked the door to a deep, dark place. Some things never die. 

Game Info
Tequila Works


US April 11, 2017
Europe April 11, 2017

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