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You have abseiled to the treasure chamber! 

Story related and can not be missed.

In Chapter 3 you will have to break into the treasure chamber on the orders of Mr. Inch. Once you have worked out how to open the skylight window without tripping the alarm, you can use the rope to abseil down into the treasure chamber. The steps below are taken from the Master Detective - Complete Walkthrough.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Foiled! And what was that he said in Venice about Inch being right where he wanted him? Well, it's time to heist the Eye of the Sphinx not for personal gain but now to save your own skins but something tells me there are more twists in this tale before all is said and done:

Examine the secret door
Search the bag
Examine the climbing equipment
Put on the climbing equipment
Examine the rope
Examine the window
And again
Examine the crank
Chew gum*
Equip Swiss army knife
Use the knife with the window
Equip chewing gum wrapper*
Override the electrical contacts with the chewing gum wrapper
Examine the window (then come down to the roof by the ladder)
Examine the tarp
Examine the window washers tools (Now head up to the water tower)
Examine the water tap
Open the water tap
Equip the rag*
Wet the rag
Use the wet rag with...
Use the rag with the window
Use the crank with...
Open the window with the crank
Abseil down into the treasure chamber

You're in. You lower yourself down and swing to an alcove and take cover as you eavesdrop on the Director and Zellner discussing the security measures.

Examine the camera
And again
Equip cloth bag*
Cover the lens
Climb down into the treasure chamber

**Trophy Alert - Climber**

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King Art Games
Nordic Games


US January 14, 2014
Europe January 08, 2014

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1
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