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Master of Disguise
You have disguised as a conductor. 

Story related and can not be missed.

As soon as you take control of Adil in Chapter 2 you will have to board the train to Venice but you can not just embark, you must sneak on without being noticed. There is only one way to do this which involves you adopting the disguise of the Conductor. The steps in below are taken from the Master Detective - Complete Walkthrough.

The first thing you should do is open up your inventory () and Look at the message, then Examine the envelope. Now you are done with your belongings, it's time to find a way to board the train without being noticed.

Examine the crate
Examine the crate again
Look at the newspaper
Look at the kiosk
Examine the waste bin
Examine the doctor's bag
And again
Examine the freight car
And again
Examine the door
And again
Equip the knife*
Remove the bottom of the crate
Use the bottomless crate with...
Hide the doctor's bag under the wooden crate

Looks like you got away with that one. The conductor is left on the platform scratching his head trying to figure out what happened to Dr. Gebhardt's bag.

Look at the conductor
Give the conductor a tip

Shades of Agent 47 as you sneak up on the conductor and knock him out, changing into his conductors uniform. You take up the action in the compartment of Professor Lucien, remember when his door was locked? This is why!

**Trophy Alert - Master of Disguise**

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US January 14, 2014
Europe January 08, 2014

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