The Raven

The Raven Trophies
Hero of the Hour
You have saved Matt. You're a hero! 

Story related and can not be missed.

After you board the train again, you must locate Matt who is under the table where Lady W and Miss Miller sat. You must then devise a way to open the door to the tender and uncouple the locomotive engine from the train, do so and the trophy will pop. The steps below are taken from the Master Detective - Full Game Walkthrough.

As the action resumes and you regain control of Zellner -

Look under the counter
Look out the window
Examine the handbag
Search the handbag
Look under the table

Credit Score - 10,500

Matt Dialogue Options:
What man?
What's he doing on the train?

You will learn that Matt took refuge whilst trying to recover his wooden pistol and what with all the commotion going on, he felt he needed the protection. leave him under the table to try and find a way to stop the train.

Pull the emergency brake
Examine the emergency brake
Go to next carriage
Enter the archaeologists compartment
Explore the corner cupboard
Examine the towel
Take the towel
Look into the mirror
Turn on the tap
Equip the towel
Hold the towel under the running water
Examine the suitcase
Search the suitcase
Go outside (and head down into the next car)
Take the axe (Head to the rear of the carriage where the doors are)
Equip the wet towel*
Use the door handle with the towel
Equip the axe*
Break the door
Equip the wet towel*
Use the door handle with the towel

You will now be outside in the loosest sense, with the coupling just in front of you.

Examine the coupling
Turn the lever
Use the axe
Release the lever with the help of the axe
Use the axe
Strike the coupling with the axe

Credit Score - 12,500

Indeed, hero of the hour. Head back into the Saloon Car and you will automatically engage Matt in a chat about what a saint you are and spill his guts about the 'Man' he saw when trying to retrieve his wooden pistol.

**Trophy Alert - Hero of the Hour**

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King Art Games
Nordic Games


US January 14, 2014
Europe January 08, 2014

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1
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