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The Order: 1886 Trophy Guide
Guide By: PowerPyx
There are 22 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 22 (1, 14, 6, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 6-8 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

The Order: 1886 has one of the easiest and quickest platinums you can get on PS4. There are no difficulty-related trophies, meaning you can do everything on the easiest setting if you wish. The trophies are fairly straightforward. Most of them are kill-related and will unlock naturally along the way. There are also five collectible trophies for finding everything in the game. There are only 22 trophies in total, which makes it rather easy to keep track of things.

If you are willing to pick up all collectibles on the first run, then you can get the platinum in one single playthrough. Should you still be missing a couple of kills for a certain trophy you may farm them via chapter select. One playthrough takes roughly 6-8 hours if you go for all of the collectibles.

Step 1 - Complete the campaign (any difficulty), watch out for kill-related trophies, do a kill with every weapon and find all Collectibles

You can get all trophies in the very first playthrough. The main things to look out for are the collectibles and weapons. There are six types of collectibles: Inspect Items, Phonograph Cylinders, Newspapers, Photographs, Documents and Inspect Objects. You can find a guide for the collectibles here: The Order: 1886 Collectible Guide.

For an overview of all the weapons, please refer to the Well Rounded description. Because there is no collectible tracker (except for the Phonograph Cylinders) it's almost impossible to figure out what you are missing, so be very careful that you don't miss anything.

There are also a bunch of kill-related trophies, most of which should unlock naturally without even trying.

Get the 75 pistol kills for Gunslinger and 100 headshots for Between the Eyes out of the way as quickly as possible and detonate 10 powder kegs over the course of this playthrough. There is no need to pay much attention on the other kill-related trophies, as they can be farmed very quickly via checkpoint restart after beating the game (see trophy descriptions for good farming spots).

Step 2 - Mop Up (via Chapter Select)

Should you still be missing kills for a certain trophy you can easily farm them via chapter select after beating the game. All kills (as well as detonating 10 powder kegs) can be farmed by restarting the checkpoint. You can also pick up missing collectibles via chapter select.

[PST Would Like To Thank PowerPyx for this Roadmap]

The Grail
Collect all trophies (52) 

Obtain all other trophies to unlock platinum (no DLC required). Congratulations!

The Marksman
Kill 5 enemies with a headshot during Blacksight (6) 

You will learn the Blacksight ability during Chapter 2. Activating it will slow down time and aim at enemies automatically, but it is random at which body part you will aim. Activate Blacksight with and shoot at enemies several times until you get a headshot. You don't have to get 5 headshots at once, only 5 in total (over the course of your entire playthrough). Blacksight regenerates automatically over time. If you use Blacksight every once in a while this will unlock naturally. You may also farm this by restarting the checkpoint.

Well Rounded
Kill an enemy with every weapon (11) 

There are 16 weapons and one explosive grenade and you have to kill at least one enemy with all of them to unlock this trophy. A lot of them are unmissable due to story progress and others will be placed in your inventory automatically. The weapons are not hidden in any way. Instead, they are dropped by enemies. Just make sure that you search all dead bodies and if you find a weapon that you haven't used before, then pick it up and kill an enemy with it. Unfortunately, there is no tracker to see which weapons you have done kills with. Keep an eye on the list below as you make your way through the game and you should unlock this trophy in chapter 11 when you do your first kill with the Crossbow. If you are missing a weapon kill you can farm it via chapter select. Your progress also carries over when starting a new game.

C-78 Autoloading Pistol:
Chapter 01 - The game forces you to kill the very first enemy in the game with this weapon. Cannot be missed.
MK 1 Service Revolver:
Chapter 01 - Can be picked up from dead enemies, mostly during the first big gunfight. It's one of the most common weapons in the game and appears very frequently throughout the story. Only dropped by enemies.
M2 "Falchion" Auto-Rifle:
Chapter 01 - It will be placed in your inventory automatically after killing the first group of enemies. When freeing a hostage halfway through the chapter you are supposed to kill the hostage-taker with it, making this weapon kill almost unmissable.
"Duelist" Revolver:
Chapter 03 - Automatically in your inventory when you encounter the first group of enemies in a building.
M82 Selfloader Carbine:
Chapter 03 - Dropped by the first two enemies you have to kill in this chapter. Also found very frequently throughout the entire game.
M85 Automatisch:
Chapter 03 - After killing the first two enemies in this chapter you will come to a room with two weapons and several grenades. The M85 Automatisch is one of the weapons in this room. Can also be picked up from dead enemies throughout the chapter.
M84 Marksman Carbine (Sniper Rifle with Scope):
Chapter 03 - When you fight the first big group of enemies in a courtyard there is a sniper shooting at you. Go into the building where the sniper is shooting from, kill him, and take his weapon. Later in Chapter 09 the game will force you to kill enemies with this weapon while defending an ally, making it unmissable.
RA-5 Repeating Shotgun:
Chapter 03 - You will be attacked by lots of shotgun enemies during the big fight in the courtyard where lots of enemy waves keep coming in. Pick up the shotgun from one of the dead enemies.
M86 Thermite Rifle:
Chapter 03 - At the end of this chapter you will automatically obtain this weapon during a cutscene and it will be placed in your inventory automtically.
C-81 Maschinenpistole:
Chapter 05 - This can be found on the balcony where you have to use the sniper rifle to eliminate the rebels. It is also dropped by many enemies later in this chapter.
'Three Crown' Coach Gun (Sawed-Off Shotgun):
Chapter 05 - Can be picked up from dead enemies in the kitchen section. Alternatively, there are lots of enemies with this weapon in chapter 11. It's one of the rarest (but also strongest) weapons in the game and can only be picked up from dead enemies. It uses 3 ammo per shot. Do not confuse it with the normal shotgun.
T-23 Arc Induction Lance:
Chapter 08 - Will be in your inventory automatically when the chapter starts.
M4 'Dragoon' Revolver:
Chapter 08 - Will be in your inventory automatically when the chapter starts.
MK IV Grenade (Frag Grenade):
Chapter 08 - You will have three of these grenades in your inventory when the chapter starts. Also found throughout the entire game.
TS-29 Cannon (Rocket Launcher):
Chapter 08 - You automatically have to kill enemies with this during Chapter 08 to progress in the game, unmissable.
TS-17 'Detonator' (Grenade Launcher):
Chapter 09 - One guy on the deck of the ship has it, pick it up after killing him. Pay attention that he doesn't fall off the ship when you kill him. You can find another one inside the ship on a table (after leaving the deck). Later found again in chapter 11 on a balcony that you have to defend. You will get there through story progression, though the grenade launcher does not necessarily have to be picked up and is easy to miss.
Repeating Arbalest (Crossbow):
Chapter 11 - You pick it up as part of the story in the very beginning of the chapter. Use it on one of the enemies in the gardens.

Modern Marvels
Kill 40 enemies with science weapons (2) 

Story-related and unmissable. This trophy will unlock automatically in Chapter 8, in the section where you have to kill enemies with the TS-29 Cannon (Rocket Launcher). There are 42 enemies spawning and you have to kill all of them with the rocket launcher to trigger the next cutscene.

Collateral Damage
Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion (3) 

An extremely easy spot for this trophy is in Chapter 8: Under Siege, subchapter "A One Man Army". Here you have to use a rocket launcher to kill waves of approaching enemies. Immediately after you take control of the rocket launcher, aim to the bottom right and there will be a group of 3 enemies behind a broken fence. Shoot them and the trophy will pop.

If you don't get it on your first try you can either restart the checkpoint or wait for other groups of enemies. Just wait until 3 or more enemies are close together and then take your shot. There are plenty of opportunities for this when you have the rocket launcher and chances are it will unlock without even trying.

Between the Eyes
Kill 100 enemies with a headshot 

You must kill 100 enemies with headshots over the course of your playthrough to unlock this trophy. It can also be farmed by restarting checkpoints or via chapter select. Try to get this trophy out of the way as quickly as possible and combine it with the 75 Pistol kills. Pistols have very good accuracy, especially when shooting from cover.

A great farming spot is in Chapter 3, subchapter "The Puppet Queen". Here you have to fight many waves of enemies in a courtyard and there is a sniper rifle in one of the buildings, perfect for getting some quick headshots.

Undivided Attention
Kill 25 enemies during Blacksight (1) 

Blacksight is an ability that you learn automatically during Chapter 2. It slows down time, targets enemies automatically and makes you reload your weapon at incredible speed. Press to activate Blacksight when the meter in the bottom right is filled up. The ability regenerates over time and upon killing enemies. When you have killed an enemy during Blacksight you will see that the reticle becomes red. You can switch between targets with the right stick. If you activate it every once in a while you will get this trophy in no time. You can also farm it by restarting checkpoints. There are lots of enemies in Chapter 3, subchapter "The Puppet Queen".

From the Hip
Kill 25 enemies without aiming (4) 

To kill enemies without aiming you must press . Do not press to aim your weapon! If you have trouble with this, switch to easy difficulty and run up to the enemies for an easy kill. Or stay in cover and shoot everything at them you've got.

This can easily be farmed by restarting checkpoints. There are many enemies in Chapter 3, subchapter "The Puppet Queen". Another great farming spot for this is at the start of Chapter 8 with the T-23 Arc Induction Lance as it aims at enemies automatically.

Box Your Ears
Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks (4) 

Run up to an enemy and press to perform a melee kill. Stealth kills do not count for this. You can easily farm it at the start of Chapter 8 on easy difficulty. When the chapter starts there are 3 enemies in front of you and more are spawning nearby. Kill as many as you can and then restart the checkpoint. You shouldn't try this on hard difficulty because the enemies will kill you much quicker and you may not be able to get close enough to them.

Snuffed Out
Kill 7 enemies with silent takedowns 

You will learn how to do silent takedowns in Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising. When sneaking up to an enemy from behind you will see a prompt to press with perfect timing. If you press the button too early or too late, the enemy will see and kill you. The sneak kills before Chapter 5 don't count for this. The earliest you can start farming it is in Chapter 5. There are plenty of sneaking sections in this chapter, for example in subchapter "Comanndeered". Just keep restarting the checkpoint when you are in one of these sneaking sections until you have done 7 stealth kills. It can also be farmed very easily in the gardens of Chapter 11.

Kill 75 enemies with pistols (1) 

There are 5 types of pistols in the game: C-78 Autoloading Pistol, MK 1 Service Revolver, "Duelist" Revolver, C-81 Maschinenpistole, M4 'Dragoon' Revolver. You have to get a combined 75 kills with all of them. Try to get these out of the way as quickly as possible. Should you still be missing some kills after completing the game you can load up Chapter 8. When the chapter starts you will automatically have the M4 'Dragoon' Revolver in your inventory. It does one-hit kills and there are many enemies at the start of Chapter 8.

The Hunter
Kill 10 Lycans (2) 

Story-related and unmissable. Over the course of the story you will encounter small werewolf creatures several times. They dash towards you and you have to evade them by pressing and shoot them. Your weapons cannot kill them, only stun them. After they have taken enough damage and are stunned you must walk up to them and press to perform a kill.

If you want to get this trophy really early it can be farmed in Chapter 1, subchapter "The Hidden Enemy" by restarting checkpoints. Here you will encounter Lycans for the first time in an underground section.

Up in Flames
Incinerate 15 enemies (8) 

This can only be done with a weapon called "M86 Thermite Rifle". You will get it automatically in Chapter 3, subchapter "Rebel Contraband". This weapon shows up very rarely during the rest of the game, so you may want to farm it here (simply restart the checkpoint after doing a few kills with it). To set enemies on fire you must first shoot thermite at them with and then shoot a flare with .

Inspector First Class
Find all inspect items (8) 

To unlock this trophy you must find all other collectibles, except for the phonograph cylinders.

See Power of Observation for more information.

A Complete Collectible Guide can be found here:

Collect all phonograph cylinders (6) 

See Power of Observation for more information.

A Complete Collectible Guide can be found here:

Inspect all newspapers (6) 

See Power of Observation for more information.

A Complete Collectible Guide can be found here:

Detail Oriented
Inspect all photographs and documents (12) 

See Power of Observation for more information.

A Complete Collectible Guide can be found here:

Power of Observation
Inspect all objects (7) 

A Complete Collectible Guide can be found here:

There are a total of 77 Collectibles in The Order: 1886 - 16 Phonograph Cylinders, 10 Newspapers, 11 Photographs, 16 Documents, 10 Inspect Objects, 14 Inspect Items.

None of the collectibles are missable! You can search for missing items via chapter select at any time during the story or after beating the story. Your progress also carries over when starting a new game.

Unfortunately, there is no tracker for the collectibles except for the Phonograph Cylinders (these can be viewed in the "Archive" of the pause menu but you don't have to listen to them to unlock the trophy). Since there is no tracker it's almost impossible to figure out what you are missing so be very careful that you don't miss anything. Just to be safe, you should always view both pages of every photograph and document and inspect all objects with the left stick.

It doesn't matter on which difficulty you are playing. The collectibles can all be found on easy difficulty or any other difficulty! Almost all of the collectibles are in areas where no enemies are spawning. After finding a collectible you may quit to the main menu immediately and your progress will be saved (no need to reach the next checkpoint). You do not have to pick them up again if you die or restart the checkpoint.

The game also contains lots of story-related objects that cannot be missed (doors, ladders, rubble blocking the way, weapons and other gear you are forced to pick up to progress in the game). The unmissable story objects are not included in this video guide series to minimize spoilers and because they are obtained automatically as part of the story.

There are 16 chapters in total but the following chapters do not have any collectibles: Prologue, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 16, Epilogue.

Chapter 1: Always a Knight

Chapter 2: Amongst Equals

Chapter 3: Inequalities

Chapter 4: An Endless Battle

Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising

Chapter 9: An Uneasy Alliance

Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms

Chapter 15: To Save a Life

Shoot an airborne grenade during Blacksight (6) 

To get this trophy you must press to activate Blacksight and shoot a grenade in the air. You can throw one of your own grenades (doesn't have to be a grenade thrown by enemies). There is a great spot for this in Chapter 3: Inequalities, subchapter "The Puppet Queen". Load up this scene via chapter select and you should automatically have a grenade in your inventory. Throw it, then immediately press to activate Blacksight, then press to shoot it.

It should automatically aim at the grenade but if it doesn't. you can use the to switch between targets. There's also a grenade on a wooden box where this sub-chapter starts. It works with all grenade types in the game (smoke grenades and frag grenades).

Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 ‘Falchion' (10) 

The M2 'Falchion' is one of the most common rifles in the game and one of the official weapons of The Knight's Order. What makes it unique is that it can stun nearby enemies upon pressing . It will emit a blast of air that knocks back enemies for a short period of time. You will get this weapon automatically in Chapter 1. It will be placed in your inventory after killing the first group of enemies and you will have to use the special stun ability to free a hostage from an enemy.

Once you have done this you can easily farm stuns by pressing and aiming and nearby enemies. You don't have to stun the same enemy 30 times, it can be done over the course of the entire game on 30 different enemies if you wish. Should the enemies die you can also restart the checkpoint and farm more stuns.

Highly Volatile
Detonate 10 powder kegs (2) 

Powder kegs are red, explosive barrels found in certain parts of the game. This is probably one of the trophies you will want to farm, as there are relatively few of these kegs. A fantastic farming spot to get this very early is in Chapter 3, Subchapter "The Puppet Queen". Here you will fight lots of enemy waves in a courtyard and there are 3 powder kegs. Shoot the kegs, restart the checkpoint and repeat. This is the only place in the game where there are multiple kegs in the same spot. See Screenshot below:

Secret Trophies
A Knight No More
Complete the game (any difficulty) (4) 

Story-related and unmissable. Complete the game on any difficulty (easy, normal or hard) to unlock this trophy. You can switch the difficulty anytime in the options of the pause menu.

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