The Mage's Tale

The Mage's Tale Trophies
There are 41 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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A True Mage
Collect all other trophies for The Mage's Tale 
Successfully craft a spell using four mystic ingredients 
Student becomes the Teacher
Attain level fifteen 
Trick Shot
Hit an enemy after bouncing a spell three times 
Hit an enemy with three projectiles at once 
Three Birds with One Stone
Freeze three enemies at once 
Kill It With Fire!
Throw your first fireball 
This Is Sparta!
Kill an enemy by knocking them off a ledge 
Work Around
Hit a shield wielding enemy in the back with a fireball 
Block your first enemy attack 
Fire Fighter
Block ten fireballs in a row fired by a corrupted wizard 
Collect all of the caged mini-creatures 
Express Yourself
Collect all of the colored mystic ingredients 
Control Freak
Collect all of the projectile-altering mystic ingredients 
Phenomenal Cosmic Power…
Collect all of the stat-boosting mystic ingrediants 
Curse of the Mummy
Collect all of the ensorceling mystic ingrediants 
Once Upon a Time…
Collect all of the missing lore tablets 
Shoddy Construction
Find and destroy a breakable wall using a pickaxe 
You Move Like They Do
Get past a dart trap by dodging all of the darts 
Lock Picker
Access the final secret room in the Road to Roscoe's without opening its hidden entrance 
Demolitions Expert
Destroy a breakable wall using a grenade 
Rustic Delights
Free the trapped trow and watch his entire performance 
The Plot Thickens
Activate the Magic Mirror in Roscoe's Emporium 
Double Find
Solve the two secret rooms hidden inside another secret room within The Crone's Lair 
Key of the Crone
Find the first piece of the Key of the Oubliette of Charn 
Trap Runner
Survive all of Wringneck's Traps without being damaged by any of them 
Key of the Trow
Find the second piece of the Key of the Oubliette of Charn 
Discover the Green Lady's secret island paradise 
Complete the bridge combat in The Green Lady's Labyrinth without moving away from the treasure chest 
A Great Disturbance
Destroy an entire planet 
Stone-Hearted Killer
Defeat the 99 Berserkers 
Key of the Green Lady
Find the third piece of the Key of the Oubliette of Charn 
Dance with Death
Cross Back and Forth through the Flame Gauntlet in The Oubliette of Charn without Taking Damage 
Doing it the Hard Way
Solve the Element Puzzle in The Oubliette of Charn without using spells 
Eye on the Ball
Solve the ball maze puzzle in The Maze of Many Eyes on the first try, without resetting 
I'll Flip Ya
Kill an enemy while upside down 
Calling Our Bluff
Get killed by the demon gate 
Secret Trophies
Drinking Problem
Be terrible at drinking health potions 
Far Out Man
Eat some questionable mushrooms 
Secrets Within Secrets
Find a secret room hidden inside another secret room 
You Made Me Do This!
Defeat Alguin 

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US February 05, 2019
Europe February 05, 2019
Japan February 05, 2019

Players: 1
Online Players : 0
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