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Sonic Adventure Trophies
Sub Game Master
Get all Emblems of the Sub Games.

[10 emblems]

You’ll get 5 of these emblems by playing through all characters’ stories and completing the sub games listed below for the first time. The other 5 you get by replaying them in Trial mode:

- Sky Chase Act I – Get 8000 Points (easy)
- Sky Chase Act II – Get 20000 Points (medium)
- Sand Hill – Get 10000 Points (hard)
- Twinkle Circuit – Beat 10:00:00 or your previous score (very easy)
- Hedgehog Hammer – Beat your previous high score (easy)

Sub Game Tips:

Sky Chase
Make sure you use lock-on to destroy the enemies, don’t even bother with normal shooting. Hold and move the cross-hair around the screen to lock on to as many enemies as possible at the same time, then release to fire upon them. Do this for every group of enemies you see. For Act II, it’s important to get as many of the fireballs / fixed guns on the Egg Carrier as you can, for they give you the most points. It may take a few tries to clear Act II.

Hedgehog Hammer
Don’t get carried away the first time you play this game during Amy’s storyline. You only have to beat 2000 to complete it in Story mode, so don’t go much higher than that the first time, because you will have to beat your score again to get the second emblem. I went nuts the first time and got 4000, which took me a few tries to beat later.

Sand Hill
You can use either Sonic or Tails, but I didn’t find one easier than the other, so pick whomever you like. The more rings you pass through in a row, the higher the multiplier for each subsequent ring. If you don’t pass through a ring within a few seconds, you lose your multiplier. You will need to get around a 30x multiplier in order to get 10000 points. This one comes down to memorization, so don’t get discouraged if you have to replay it 15-20 times. Once you know your route, it’s just a matter of getting through it without making a mistake.

If you get a 25x or so multiplier and lose it, don’t quit – you could still make 10000 points if you don’t make any further mistakes. If you lose your multiplier at least twice, you might as well quit and try it again from the beginning.

Here is a video with a good route to use if you are having trouble finding your own, courtesy of Cackman:

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US September 21, 2010
Europe September 22, 2010
Japan September 29, 2010

Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone
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