Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub?

Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub? Trophy Guide
Guide By: mjc0961
There are 12 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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- Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 Diffuclty Rating Thread
- Offline: 12 (9, 2, 1)
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 100%: 1-10 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable trophies: 3
- Glitched trophies: none
- Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
- Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Introduction: What's New, Beezlebub? is your standard point-and-click adventure game: you'll explore various locations looking for clues and items, talk to various people, and solve puzzles to advance in the game. And as a Sam & Max title, it's full of all the great humor, interesting characters, and crazy plot twists you would expect from the franchise.

The 4/10 difficulty rating comes from the Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000 trophy, and because some of the events needed for the story completion can be hard to figure out without a guide. For the Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000 trophy, there are 7 decals you need to collect for it in a driving minigame. Three are based on clearing increasingly difficult challenges, and four are based on running over or shooting various items that randomly spawn during the driving segment. Obtaining all seven will require both skill and patience.

As for the story completion aspect of the difficulty, you can knock 1 or 2 points off the rating if you plan to use the guide or walkthrough from start to finish. If not, be prepared to be hung up on some really far out there puzzle solutions. You'll also have to deal with some strange control bugs that can trick you into thinking that an item you tried using from your inventory is not the solution to a puzzle when it actually is the solution, making the game more difficult as you may find yourself looking for an alternate solution that does not exist.

The three missable trophies are Office Snoop, Motivational Work Environment, and Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000. As you progress through the game, events will take place that can change things in the game world and make these trophies no longer possible to get in your current playthrough. Check the guide for information about when you can first get them and when your chance to get them has been lost.

Step 1: Simply play the game. Reaching the end of the game will net you 9/12 trophies just for story completion, and if you manage to get all three missable trophies as well, you can complete the entire game in this playthrough. Refer to the guide if you get stuck, or just use the walkthrough from the start of the game to finish it in the most efficient way possible.

Step 2: If you missed Office Snoop, Motivational Work Environment, and/or Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000 in your first playthrough, start a new game to mop up.


[PS3T Would Like to Thank mjc0961 for this Roadmap]

Hell, LLC.
Take the Soul Train to Hell.   

At the start of the game, you'll be in a subway tunnel. Head to the right side of the screen and use the ladder to return to the street. Turns out the subway tunnel was right under Sam & Max's building, so head over there to see the Maimtron still trashed on the ground. Jimmy Two-Teeth will be there as well. He's turned the broken Maimtron into a casino and is looking for a computer to help create a laser light show. Give him your Portable AI. He'll take it inside and hook it up, but things don't go as Jimmy plans:the Maimtron comes back to life.

Talking to the Maimtron reveals that you can control him with a Boxing Betty Remote, and Max helpfully points out that you have one up in the office. However, you can't get up there because the time traveling elevator from Episode 4 is blocking the door. Use your egg with the open office window, and you'll trade it for the remote with past Sam. Now you can use the remote to control the Maimtron. Have him look in the open window above Bosco's Inconvenience, and he'll retrieve Momma Bosco's Soul Train Token for you. Go back into the subway tunnel and use the token with the gumball machine to get Harry to call the Soul Train for you. The trophy will unlock after the opening credits.

A Play of Infinite Acts
Save Bosco from his own personal hell.   

After unlocking Hell, LLC., you'll find yourself in a lobby/waiting area in hell. Head to the right and go through the office door. The first thing you should do in the office is look at the 6 available motivational posters (see Motivational Work Environment for more details). When you're done with that, go to Brady Culture's cubicle and take his key card. Now head right until you find the door with the giant decoration of Sam & Max above it, and go inside.

Use the key card you took from Brady Culture with the card reader, and then enter the Theater Diorama. Thank goodness for censor bars! Approach the stage and take the nitrous oxide tank that's sitting next to the dentist chair. Press to leave the diorama. Now use your new tank of nitrous oxide with the Street Diorama to upgrade the DeSoto, and then use the key card to enter the Street Diorama. Line up the DeSoto with the ramps on the left side of the road, and then press to use the nitrous oxide. You'll ramp you way into Bosco's diorama, distracting his watchers long enough for him to escape. The trophy unlocks once you're back outside of the diorama.

Be sure to head back to the office area before saving anyone else from their personal hell to avoid missing the Office Snoop trophy!

Toy Production Manager
Save Santa from his personal hell.   

See A Play of Infinite Acts if you need instructions for reaching the dioramas.

Use your key card to enter the Toy Factory Diorama. Talk to the Elf here, and ask what he's doing. He'll tell you that he's having problems with his toys being sent back. Offer to help with his toy. When he asks what outfit the toy should have, say "Commando style!". When he asks what attachment it should have, just pick whatever you like best. When he asks what its flaw should be, say "Acid for blood." This toy will also be rejected, but leave anyway by pressing , and enter the Santa's Workshop Diorama now.

Talking to Santa reveals that his problem is the three babies constantly bothering him. He'll try to shoo one of them away, but the gift dispenser brings it right back into the room. Wait until a present is sitting on the counter, and shoot it with your big gun. Because the toy is "commando style" instead of having armor, you'll "kill" the toy and cause all of its acid blood to leak out, which will put a hole in the counter where the gifts land. The babies get scared and leave, and when the toy dispenser drops them off again, they fall through the hole and get stuck in a loop until the dispenser breaks, getting them out of Santa's hair and saving him from his hell. The trophy unlocks once you're back outside of the diorama.

Be sure to head back to the office area before saving anyone else from their personal hell to avoid missing the Office Snoop trophy!

Broadcast TV Executive
Save Grandpa Stinky from his own personal hell.   

See A Play of Infinite Acts if you need instructions for reaching the dioramas.

Use your key card to enter the Cooking Show Diorama. There's nothing you can to do help Grandpa Stinky at this time, though, so just press to leave. You'll see Harry walk out without closing a drawer he had opened. Look inside the drawer to get Jimmy Two-Teeth's file. Head back to Straight Street by going through the office to the reception area, using the exit door there to get back to the subway tunnel, and the ladder there to get back to the street. Once you get there, enter Sybil's.

You'll find that Sybil is forcing the monster from Episode 3 to help her plan her wedding. Talk to him enough and he'll beg you to kill him. He asks politely, so go ahead and shoot him with your big gun. Harry comes in, confused what to do with the monster. Leave and head over to the Pimp Le Car garage. Quickly swap Timmy's small file with Jimmy's giant file before Harry comes back. If he comes back before you can make the switch, go back to Sybil's and shoot the monster again. After successfully swapping the file, Timmy will die and be sent to hell.

Go back to hell and re-enter the Cooking Show Diorama. Timmy will now be among the rats watching the show. Talk to him, and his Tourette's causes him to swear so much that Hugh Bliss shows up and cancels the show, freeing Grandpa Stinky from his hell. The trophy unlocks once you're back outside of the diorama.

Be sure to head back to the office area before saving anyone else from their personal hell to avoid missing the Office Snoop trophy!

Office Snoop
Spy on Satan berating the staff each time the efficiency drops.   

MISSABLE! This trophy is tied to the A Play of Infinite Acts, Toy Production Manager, and Broadcast TV Executive trophies. Each time you save someone from their personal hell and unlock one of those three trophies, be sure to go back to the office area of hell to see a cutscene of Satan berating one of his employees. You must go watch each scene before you save another person from their personal hell, or you'll miss one and the trophy.

Say My Name
Stop the conception of a new hellspawn.   

After unlocking A Play of Infinite Acts, Toy Production Manager, and Broadcast TV Executive, return to the office area of hell. Satan will agree to release the souls of Sam and Max's friends, but tricks Sam into giving up his soul in the process. Walk towards the red couch in the bottom left corner of the screen until the camera angle changes, allowing you to see Max looking in through a hole in the wall. Use the key card with the hole to have Sam toss the card to Max. If it doesn't work, make Sam stand to the left of the red couch and try again. Once Max has the key, he'll come inside and save Sam from his personal hell. Another cutscene plays, and then you'll be locked into dialog with the Soda Poppers. Exhaust all options to advance the story.

Return to Straight Street, and you should see Satan standing next to Stinky's Diner with a box of his stuff. Look through the box of stuff, and one of the things you'll find is his grocery list written on Hell's company letterhead. After that, head all the way back over to Sam & Max's building to find Timmy Two-Teeth standing on a wheel of cheese. Talk to him and ask if he's glad to be back. He'll let it slip that he's a huge Soda Poppers fan. Ask him what Peppers' real name is. He'll try to tell you, but the name will be censored. Head back to hell and go to Hugh Bliss' cubicle. There's a list of swear words that he has to censor on the wall. Swap that out with Satan's grocery list to change which words will get bleeped. Go back to Straight Street and ask Timmy what Peppers' real name is. Now that you've changed the list of swear words, he'll be able to tell you.

Now that you know Peppers' real name, head into Sybil's. Talk to Peppers. He'll be asking Sybil to say his name, and Sam happily interrupts with his real name. This will cause Peppers to freak out and leave. The trophy will unlock after that cutscene ends.

Chiptune Rockstar
Help Chippy prevent Hell from owning his soul.   

See Say My Name if you haven't yet set the Soda Popper's plans in motion.

Return to Straight Street and look through Satan's box of stuff if you haven't yet. One of the things Sam finds is a paper clip chain. Go to the crack in the ground between Sam & Max's building and Bosco's Inconvenience, and use the paper clip chain with the crack. Be sure to watch your cursor after you select the paper clip chain from your inventory: if it moves over to "Bad News", quickly tap once to move it back to the crack. Sam will fish out one of the Mimesweeper cartridges from the pile in the subway tunnel below. Now head over to the Pimp Le Car garage and use the Mimesweeper cartridge with Chippy. He'll be able to beat Specs in the music competition, causing Specs to flee. The trophy will unlock after the cutscene ends.

Forbidden Brew
Prevent Stinky's from carrying Fruit of Knowledge Cider on tap.   

See Say My Name if you haven't yet set the Soda Popper's plans in motion.

Return to Straight Street and enter Stinky's Diner. Whizzer seems to be doing a decent job of selling Stinky on the cider, but talk to Grandpa Stinky and he'll say that getting Stinky's baby book should help convince her not to take Whizzer's deal. Head all the way back to the room with the dioramas in hell, and use your key card once more to enter the Cooking Show Diorama. There's a display of books here, and lucky for you, it's Stinky's baby book. Take one and leave the diorama by pressing . While you're at the dioramas, also enter the Office diorama and take the bone saw on Max's desk. Once you have the baby book and the bone saw, make the trip all the way back to Stinky's Diner and use the baby book with Grandpa Stinky. A cutscene ensues where you turn Stinky into a cake. Grandpa Stinky immediately regrets this course of action. Talk to him, and he'll beg you to find a rib. Take one of the bottles of fruit cider from the counter and head over to Bosco's Inconvenience.

After yet another disturbing cutscene, head over to the cooler next to the monster and pour your bottle of fruit cider into it. This sobers everyone up. Now that everyone's come to their senses, use the bone saw with the monster. Sam will get a rib, so you know what to do: head back over to Stinky's and use it with the cake. Stinky will reappear and immediately tell Whizzer to get lost. The trophy will unlock after the cutscene ends.

The Three Lords of Hell
Thwart the Lords of Hell's plan for world domination.   

Once you have fulfilled all the requirements for the Say My Name, Chiptune Rockstar, and Forbidden Brew trophies, this will automatically unlock. Strangely though, this tends to unlock before whichever one of those three trophies you got last, so don't be alarmed if it shows up first. You'll get the last of the three required bronze trophies after this one.

What's New, Beelzebub?
Complete Episode 5: What's New, Beelzebub?   

After unlocking The Three Lords of Hell, head back out to Straight Street. After a very long cutscene, you'll be back in the office area of hell, complete with new camera angles which will allow you to view the seventh poster needed for Motivational Work Environment. Once you've done that, shoot the bell on the ice cream truck with your big gun. Shambling Corporate Presence will open the back of the truck for you, allowing you to get some ice cream. Do so, then head to Shambling Corporate Presence's desk and take the coffee cup. Head over to where the Soda Poppers are and take the red candle from the snow. Now that you have the candle, coffee cup, and ice cream, go over to the break room area to the left.

Use the ice cream, coffee cup, and tar cake sample with the water cooler. With Mr. Spatula swimming around in there, you have the ingredients to make a cake of the damned. Put the candle in the cake, and then pick it up. Sam will refuse to put it in his inventory, but that's alright. Take it over to the Soda Poppers. Whizzer will accidentally light the candle, and then a birthday celebration for them will begin. They'll blow out the candle on their cake and be sent to the pit of hell. The trophy will unlock right before the credits start.

Motivational Work Environment
View all the seven motivational posters in the Hell, LLC offices.   

MISSABLE! All seven motivational posters are found in the office area of hell. This trophy is missable, but only if you simply don't view one of the posters. All of them are available to view even at the very last section of the game, so the only way to miss this is to not view them all. There locations in the office are as follows:

  1. Sloth: On the wall above Shambling Corporate Presence's desk.
  2. Pride: On the wall above the sloth poster and to the left of the 4:59 clock.
  3. Greed: On the wall to the right of the 4:59 clock.
  4. Lust: On the wall below the greed poster and to the right of the wall calendar where every day is Monday.
  5. Wrath: On the blue cubicle wall next to the calendar where every day is Monday. It can be hard to select. Hold and move Sam around until you see the blue circle appear above it.
  6. Envy: On the inside blue cubicle wall of Brady Culture's cubicle.
  7. Gluttony: On the outside blue cubicle wall of Hugh Bliss's cubicle. This is the only poster you can't see when you first get to hell. You'll have to wait until you unlock The Three Lords of Hell and get the new camera angles to view this one.
Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000
Receive all DeSoto decals in this episode by completing all levels in 'Pimp Le Car Great Reaping 5000' and gather all bonus decals.   

MISSABLE! Unlike episode 1, 2, and 3, there is no required Pimp Le Car challenge for a story item. This chapter only has optional challenges for decals as you will upgrade the DeSoto yourself as part of the story. You cannot participate in these optional challenges until after you have unlocked the A Play of Infinite Acts, Toy Production Manager, and Broadcast TV Executive trophies, and then made your way back to Straight Street. Once you have, go to the Pimp Le Car garage and talk to the COPS as you did in previous episodes, and ask them if they have any new VR games.

The only controls you need to concern yourself with for this challenge are for aiming your gun, or for shooting, for toggling the VR goggles (they must be on for the Rat decals, but can be taken off to work on the other 4), and for leaving the Pimp Le Car challenge. The horn and nitrous are useless here and can be ignored. The seven decals and the things you need to do to earn them are as follows:

  • Soccer Ball: A soccer ball will spawn at the top right side of the screen, fly across the screen towards the right with a downwards arc, then bounce off the middle of the road and go back into the air before disappearing off screen a second or two later. It happens rather quickly, so you'll likely miss it a few times. The DeSoto constantly moving around and altering the camera angle on its own doesn't help matters either. Try to keep your cursor in the top right section of the screen to be ready to shoot it when it appears.
  • Rubber Duck: A huge rubber duck will spawn in between the buildings on the left side of the screen. Because of it's size, it's almost impossible to miss it appearing, and it should be on screen long enough to aim at and shoot once it first appears.
  • Flying Car: A dark red flying car with a blue booster flame will randomly spawn near the center sky and fly over the middle of the road for a few seconds before disappearing into the background. It should be on screen long enough to aim at and shoot once it appears, provided you already are watching that area of the screen for it.
  • Donut: A brown and beige donut with "KRIS- DONUT" written on it in pink text will randomly roll across the road, going from right to left. It rolls slowly, but may be hard to hit because the DeSoto may be in a position where the camera angle makes it disappear from view quickly. If you're specifically watching the right side of the screen for it and keeping your cursor nearby, it should not be difficult to shoot, though.
  • Bronze Rat: Shoot 25 rats in 60 seconds.
  • Silver Rat: Shoot 35 rats in 60 seconds.
  • Gold Rat: Shoot 45 rats in 60 seconds.
    The easiest way I have found to do these rat shooting challenges is to aim at the road in the background, where the rats will first appear. You'll be able to see the flames on the rats, and you can shoot them as soon as you see the flame. Aiming at them while they're still back there allows you to hit them as they're all grouped together by just moving your cursor left and right in small movements and rapidly tapping , rather than using bigger movements when they are closer to you and thus harder to hit.
    Each time you shoot a rat, you gain an extra second to complete the challenge. The timer doesn't go back up, it just freezes until you run out of extra time. This should make clearing these challenges very easy as you're always gaining more time as you get closer to your goal. Thanks to DeepEyes for confirming how the timer works.

Note that the four random objects you need to find for the first four decals can take quite a long time to appear. Be prepared to do a lot of driving with absolutely nothing happening while you try to get these decals. You must obtain all seven before unlocking the The Three Lords of Hell trophy, as after you do that, you will be unable to access Pimp Le Car or the DeSoto for the rest of the game.

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