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Sacred Citadel Trophy Guide
Guide By: scharn73
There are 17 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (solo) or 1/10 (co-op)(Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 17 (8, 7, 2)
    ------Core game: 12 (7, 4, 1)
    --Jungle Hunt DLC: 5 (1, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 16-20 hours (solo) or 10-12 hours (lvl 1 co-op) or 2-4 hours (co-op with lvl 40) (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3.5 (solo) or 2+ (lvl 1 co-op) or 1+ (co-op with lvl 40)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty setting
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A


Sacred Citadel takes place in the same universe as the recent Sacred 2 and 3 games. Story-wise this game falls between these two games; the story is extremely short. This game has no difficulty setting but it does allow single player, local co-op, or on-line co-op. The maximum numbers of players is 4.

The game play style is nothing like in Sacred 2/3. If you've ever ventured into a real video game arcade, then you have probably seen this style in games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (way back in the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) days).

You can play as a Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, or Mage. Unlocked levels are specific to which class you play so you would have to play the entire game 4 separate times to unlock every level for every class. Thankfully this is not required for 100%.

You will have noticed the three separate break-downs in the overview concerning difficulty, time to 100%, and number of playthroughs. I listed them separately because the answers to these are very different depending on how you play the game. Here's a summary of the three ways to play:

1. Playing solo
You are not going to play with a friend locally nor are you going to use the on-line feature.

  • Items affecting difficulty:
    • With no help, the game is definitely more difficult in the beginning. Your character is level 1 with lackluster gear, plus you are not familiar with all the combos just yet.
    • There is no difficulty setting so no way to make it easier.
    • Potions/gold is limited and it takes a very long time (initially) to kill enemies.
  • Items affecting the number of playthroughs and the amount of time to 100%:
    • With the increased difficulty, you will die more and probably will need to grind awhile to level up and either get better gear or get gold to buy better gear. It was taking me multiple tries to take out some sub-bosses.
    • It will take 3.5 playthroughs to complete: 1 to complete the story and level up to level 40, 1 to get gold medals on all levels, and then 0.5 (each) to get your other 3 classes to level 22.
    • One of the trophies requires all core game levels to be completed in multiplayer. Yes, it is entirely possible to turn on a second controller for Player 2 and you only play as Player 1. With that said, it is tediously annoying and frankly is not very fun. I even tried using a Hori repeating controller and while better, it still was a chore.

2. Playing co-op all starting at lvl 1
You plan to play with a friend(s) locally or on-line. You will all be starting at level 1.

  • Items affecting difficulty:
    • Even at level 1, having just one more person to help makes all the difference. Even if one of you manages to lose all of your health, the other person can run over and press to revive with about 10% health. This can be done an unlimited number of times, as long as at least one person still has health.
    • All gold and experience is shared equally so no one gets stronger or weaker than the other (no imbalance).
  • Items affecting the number of playthroughs and the amount of time to 100%:
    • We were able to take out all sub-bosses and bosses (one exception) on the first try so this is more efficient than playing solo.
    • There really is no need to spend gold on improved weapons as you get them fast enough while playing. Naturally it takes more time for your overall 100% every time you go to town to buy supplies.
    • Even with multiple people, it is unlikely that you will get very many gold medal levels and so a gold medal playthrough will still be required.
    • It will take over 2 playthroughs to complete: 1 to complete the story and level up to level 40, 1 to get gold medals on all levels, and then playing the Goat Lion level three separate times to get your other 3 classes to level 22.
    • Note: I have read that not all regions get the free Goat Lion DLC level with the game. If this level happens to be missing for you then you will be required to do an additional 0.5 playthroughs (each) to get your other 3 classes to level 22.

3. Playing co-op with a level 40 friend
You plan to play with a friend(s) that has already reached level 40 prior to you starting the game. You will be starting at level 1.

  • Items affecting difficulty:
    • With a level 40 at your side, you will be sprinting through all of the levels. It will be no challenge.
  • Items affecting the number of playthroughs and the amount of time to 100%:
    • If you focus on not losing any health while still helping with damage as much as you can then you should get a gold medal on most of the levels the first time through. The more gold medals you get in your first playthrough means you don't have to repeat on a second playthrough.
    • You will easily take out all sub-bosses and bosses on the first try.
    • There is no need to spend gold on anything.
    • It will take over 1 playthrough to complete: 1 to complete the story and level up to level 40, use level select to get all gold medals (should not be many left), and then playing the Goat Lion level three separate times to get your other 3 classes to level 22.


I very strongly recommend getting the Jungle Hunt DLC when going for 100% in this game. At the time of this writing, the regular price is $1.99 USD. Buy it!

While I am a big fan of single-player games, the evidence is clear that you will achieve 100% way faster if you can find yourself someone for co-op. You can trying using the Co-Op Partners Thread to find someone.

If you are playing by yourself, or you find yourself dying a lot, then visit the Town between every level to either upgrade your equipment but most certainly get your max count of 3 Health Potions. You should also know that the Blacksmith in town will have every single item you have ever found or dropped.

First Playthrough
Play through the entire game in co-op and get your primary character to level 40.

Play through the entire game and do not worry about any other trophies. The core game comes with Acts I-IV; the DLC adds Act V. At the end of Act IV I was level 32; at the end of Act V I was level 36. Each act has 5 levels.

You can play co-op with your second controller just sitting there (not recommended) or play with someone else locally or on-line.

If you have the Jungle Hunt DLC then the final level gives quite significantly the fastest experience in the entire game. It will take you a considerable amount of time to level up to 40 with just Act IV. Also, the last level in Act V is super short and the boss always drops multiple über gear. The first time you fight the last level in Act V may take you a few minutes, but after your success, you will get very strong equipment. After that, subsequent battles should only take 2-4 minutes each. It took me 14 battles to go from level 36 to level 40.

Completing the story-related trophies and reaching level 40 will net you:

The bigger they are...
Vengeance is mine
You and what army?
Legendary Hero
Mutual benefit
The remedy - Jungle Hunt DLC

Second Playthrough
Use your level 40 character in level select to reply any that still need a gold medal.

Focus on speed to get through levels to achieve a gold medal. Make sure to avoid getting hit in the very first level. This is also the time to focus on some miscellaneous trophies. Completing these trophies will net you:

Gold medalist
Clean hands
Pesky carts

Jungle Hunt DLC:
Extreme rafting
Swimming instructor
Bad omen
Pool party

Final Playthroughs
Get all 4 classes to level 22.

The final trophy requires you to perform all possible combos. Some combos are locked until you reach a certain level. For this reason you must reach level 22 with all classes. After this you will get:

Gotta learn them all

Clean Up
Use level select to get whichever trophies you may be missing.

[PST would like to thank scharn73 for this roadmap]

The bigger they are...
Defeat the boss in Act 1.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

The final boss battle is against the Mossback boss. Here are the details of the fight:

  • Initially you can only attack its right and left hands. Each one has 3 separate health chunks (not shown visibly). Whether you are a weak or very strong character at the point that a "health chunk" is removed from a hand Mossback will rear backwards and you have to wait to attack the hand again.
  • It will smash its hand on one side of the screen and sweep it to the other side. Double jump over it.
  • Sometimes it will just smash its hand in the middle; dodge away from it. Once its hand stays on the ground, at this point you can finally attack it.
  • After defeating both hands (six separate "health chunks" removed), you can finally attack its head. However, it also has a new attack where it blows a bright light at you. Avoid this attack by standing behind one of the 3 boulders that appear in front of you.
  • Keep attacking the head and hiding behind the columns until Mossback is defeated.
Vengeance is mine
Defeat the boss in Act 2.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

The final boss battle is against the Grimmoc Mama boss. It really is pretty straight forward and the best advice I can give is: dodge roll. Constantly dodge all over the place to avoid attacks. Avoid the purple lightning that she throws and whittle away her life while also taking out her minions. There really is not shortcut strategy.

If you are really struggling, I suggest grinding a little bit and trying to upgrade your equipment if possible. You can also visit town for bottles so that your strongest attack is available and you can fully heal 3 times.

Defeat the boss in Act 3.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

The final boss battle is against the Queen Digestya boss. Here are the details of the fight:

  • This is a flying boss and the best damage you can do is while the boss is on the ground.
  • While the boss is moving around, taking out the small flying enemies while avoiding the poison puddles to the best of your abilities.
  • Avoid its dive strike that puts a path of poison down the middle of the screen.
  • While the boss is hovering on the left or right side, jump up and attack it to knock it to the ground.
  • I strongly suggest using your Level 3 power attack via while its on the ground to take out a large chunk of health very quickly.
  • Otherwise unleash your best combos while it is on the ground.
  • Don't forget to dodge when necessary!
You and what army?
Defeat the boss in Act 4.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

The final boss battle is against the Gatebreaker boss. This fight can be very difficult. There are 3 stages to the fight. The absolute number one thing to practice on is dodge roll. His attacks really hurt as he's fast and it's a long fight.

Stage 1

  • He will rush towards you, with his sword dragging on the ground, and swing at you twice. Use dodge roll to get away and then rush back for quick jab attacks.
  • He will lift his sword in the air, pause for a bit, and then smash it down. Once his sword goes up, wait about 2 full seconds and then double jump followed by three times and then to perform an aerial dive. This will keep you up in the air long enough to avoid all of the damage on the ground.
  • He is very quick so keep your attacks short and keep on dodge rolling.
  • At about 20% health remaining, he will smash the floor out.

Stage 2

  • His life will be regenerated by 2 floating orbs. The first time they are invulnerable.
  • He will perform a half-screen horizontal sword slash. You must jump over it to be safe.
  • He will smash the floor in an area effect. Dodging to the far right or left of the screen is the best way to avoid.
  • He will throw a shuriken looking thing up in the air that spawns several in your direction. Frankly I don't have good advice as to how to avoid them other than dodge roll in the opposite direction.
  • At about 20% health remaining, he will try to regenerate again. However this time, the orbs are vulnerable to attack. Take them out as fast as you can! They are weak to regular attacks. This would also be a great time to unleash your power attack !
  • If you fail to destroy both of them before he is fully healed, you will have to whittle his life back down to 20% again.
  • Once you are successful, he will run off to the right near a cliff.

Stage 3

  • For the most part he will just lie there but every so often he will unleash one of his previous attacks. You will only have about a 1 second warning. Double jump or dodge roll as necessary to avoid.
  • Put out at much DPS as you can to take him out. Eventually you will knock him off the cliff.
Legendary Hero
Reach the max level.   (1) 

The maximum level is 40. If you start the story as a level 1 then you will probably be around level 32 at the end of Act IV or level 36 at the end of Act V (Jungle Hunt DLC). Those remaining class levels are a pain if you do not have the Jungle Hunt DLC and will require a boring grind.

If you do have the Jungle Hunt DLC then simply play the final level 14-16 times to reach level 40. The final level of Act V only takes around 2-3 minutes after your first couple of attempts.

I'm fairly certain that if you can find a level 40 person to invite you to a game that they host, playing the last level of Act V should take you from level 1 to level 30.

Gotta learn them all
Perform all the different combo finishers.   

This is probably the most annoying trophy in that all 4 of your classes must be at least level 22 in order to perform all the different combo finishers. One trophy requires level 40 so one of your classes will already be done, but the other three could take awhile.

To level up naturally requires playing through all of Acts I and II, so it becomes a 0.5 playthrough for one class. So this route requires 1.5 playthroughs just to level up your classes.

Hopefully you have the Goat Lion level available (a bonus DLC level available in Act I). If so, it won't take very long. Contrary to the game levels, this bonus level is always unlocked so all level 1 classes can access it. Since one of your trophies requires you to play all levels in multiplayer you will have access (whether local or on-line) to a high level character. Use this high level character to complete the Goat Lion level for your level 1 class. You will reach level 22 right before the level's boss, or will end with level 24 if you complete the level. The entire Goat Lion level with Player 2 as a level 40 class only takes about 10 minutes. So this route should only take around 30 minutes.

Once all 4 classes are 22+, perform all of the combo moves systematically. Press then select "Combos" from the menu to see how to perform them. The trophy will pop after the last successful combo is performed.

There are 11 combos total for each class. I personally confirmed that you can achieve this trophy in town; you do not need to be fighting any enemies. It's been surmised that the Hunter's Pin Cushion and Mage's Stasis Blast require enemies but they do not. In fact, Stasis Blast was the last one I performed (in town) when the trophy popped for me.

Gold medalist
Earn gold medals on all levels.   

For efficiency's sake, do not attempt this trophy until you reach level 40 with one of your classes. A level 40 character will make this trophy substantially easier as most enemies in Acts I and II will die in 1-3 hits. Act III enemies can take 3-5 hits and Act IV is not much more difficult. Try to finish the level as fast as you can while keeping your health up. The requirements are very lenient for a level 40 class, so this trophy should not be too difficult.

If you happened to achieve a gold medal in your first playthrough, you do not have to play that level again. Each level is marked with a visible medal of your highest rank so you can easily see which levels still need gold medals.

Only the first 5 levels of Acts I - IV are necessary for this trophy. None of the bonus free DLC levels are necessary nor are any levels from Act V.

Clean hands
Kill 100 enemies using the environment or traps.   

This trophy is very time consuming to get within the core game as most traps do not do near enough damage to actually kill the enemy. The two exceptions are the weights that smash down to the ground or falling deaths; both of these are instant kills.

By far the easiest location to get this trophy is in the 3rd level within Act V named Naruvu River, which is part of the Jungle Hunt DLC. I only had to play this level 3 times to get the trophy. You can only knock the enemies off of the right side of the boat. I recommend using the combo to send them flying to the right.

The trophy will pop immediately on number 100 so you won't even have to finish the level when you get it.

Mutual benefit
Complete all levels in multiplayer.   

This can be done offline in local co-op or on-line. Refer to the Co-Op Partners Thread if you want to try to find someone else on-line.

Only the first 5 levels of Acts I - IV are necessary for this trophy; which is 20 in total. None of the bonus DLC levels are necessary nor are any levels from Act V.

The trophy will pop after the completion of the 20th multiplayer level. The levels do not have to be completed in order but there is also no visual indicator of which levels you have completed so you should do them in order or else write down which levels are completed in multiplayer.

Spend at least 4 seconds on each page of the 'how to play' section.   

Very simple trophy that is self-explanatory. In the main menu is a "How to Play" selection. Enter that sub-menu and spend 4+ seconds on every single page. Trophy will pop on the last page you open for 4+ seconds.

Complete a level without taking any damage from enemies.   (1) 

For the easiest attempt at this trophy, use your level 40 class on Act I level 1. Using range attacks via would make this even simpler so using a Hunter or Mage would be the easiest.

The trophy will pop during the "level complete" screen.

Pesky carts
Avoid the minecarts in the Mine level.   

This takes place within The Mine which is the second level in Act I. There will be mine carts racing back and forth during the middle section of the level. They are proceeded with a visible exclamation point indicator of where they will appear by about 3 seconds, so you will have plenty of time to get out of their way.

This trophy is considerably easier if you attempt with your level 40 character, so that you can swiftly kill your enemies and focus on avoiding the mine carts.

The trophy will pop during the "level complete" screen.

DLC: Jungle Hunt
Cost: 4.99 Trophies: 5
The remedy
Defeat the boss in Act 5.    

Story related and cannot be missed.

The final boss battle is against the Grimmoc Mama boss (yes the same boss as Act II). The 5th level of Act V is only the boss fight so it can be completed very quickly with a level 40 class.

You will probably get to her at around level 35 or 36, and with your initial equipment, the fight can be challenging with the piranhas jumping all over the place. Use dodge roll frequently and focus all of your attacks on Mama; ignore the piranha. Your goal is to finish the fight as quickly as possible.

Once Mama's health is gone, she will run over to the right and hunch over. Doing this causes her life to fully regenerate. However, while she is hunched, you can attack her back so whittle away her real health bar. I strongly recommend using your Power attack while she is hunched over to try and end the battle in one go. If she successfully regenerates the big health bar at the bottom before you deplete her back's health bar, then you will have to deplete the large health bar yet again. This cycle will continue until you fully deplete her back's health bar. The health bar for her back only appears while she is hunched over.

Once she is defeated the trophy will pop.

Extreme rafting
Avoid all obstacles during the raft ride.   

This must completed in the 3rd level of Act V named Naruvu River. Thankfully, during the fights, the raft is not moving and there is nothing to dodge, so the times when the raft is moving, you can focus solely on dodging the vines that go across the raft. The one thing that surprised me the first time is that some vines must be destroyed via as you cannot jump over or under them. Other than that, this trophy is not very difficult.

The trophy will pop during the "level complete" screen.

Swimming instructor
Throw 10 enemies into the Naruvu River.   

This must completed in the 3rd level of Act V named Naruvu River. Use the combo to send them flying to the right and into the water. If you knock them to the left, they will stay on the raft and it won't count.

The trophy will pop immediately on number 10, so you won't even have to finish the level when you get it.

Bad omen
Complete all levels in the Jungle Hunt DLC without destroying any voodoo dolls.   

Even though the trophy description mentions "all levels" I think there is really only one level that counts: Grimmoc Hideout. There is a section where there are enemies training against practice dummies; these are the voodoo dolls being referenced.

Avoid using area attacks, do not knock back any enemies, and do not stand close to the dummies at all to avoid collateral damage.

The trophy will pop during the "level complete" screen of the 5th and final level; all 5 levels must be completed.

Pool party
Jump into the piranha pool next to the boss.   

Virtually unmissable. There is a small pool in the middle of the screen. Simply fall into it and the trophy will pop about 5 seconds later.

Game Info
Deep Silver


US April 16, 2013
Europe April 17, 2013

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1-3
Online Players : 2-3
ESRB: Teen
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