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Prison Break Trophy Guide
Guide By: yewjhin
There are 46 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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Prison Break: The Conspiracy Roadmap

Estimated difficulty: 4/10
Offline: 46
Online: 0
Approximate time: 10-20 hours
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (Recommended 2)
Missable trophies: 0
Glitched trophies: 0
Cheats disable trophies: No cheats as far as I know
Difficulty affects trophies: Yes

Trophy Breakdown: 35 7 3 1

"Welcome fish!!, to your new home in Fox River Penitentiary!! Your Warden here is going to give you a very... personal tour of the prison and hopes you'll enjoy your stay for a long long time. He's gonna guide you on how to crack some skulls, sneak around like Solid Snake and finally, steal that blinking Platinum trophy from right under your trophy rival's noses."
- Warden YewJhin86


Prison Break: The Conspiracy is an action-adventure game based on the first season of the popular TV series. You play as new character, Tom Paxton, an agent for The Company (Heroes alike?) and experience the events of the first season through his eyes. The game involves a mixture of sneaking around the prison compound and fist fights, roughly a 70:30 ratio. You'll find yourself climbing walls, running across rooftops, sneaking into restricted areas to retrieve items, trudging through the sewer system, and bumping into the odd convict along the way and beating the crap out of him.


Step 1: Play on Shark Difficulty

Shark is the hardest difficulty and is available right from the start. Being like most Film/TV-to-Console games, the difficulty isn't challenging though some stealth parts may frustrate you. Have patience, carefully observe the guards and trial-and-error.

You should attempt to get all the fighting trophies in this playthrough, particularly Untouchable and Doesn't Play Too Well with Others, which can only be achieved on this difficulty. You'll unlock the rest of the fighting trophies on the way to achieving these two as well as the Story Trophies once you've completed the game.

Ultimately, this playthrough serves to familiarize yourself with each chapter and give an idea of what to do in each mission given.

You can choose to complete the chapters without being spotted if you like, but this will be immensely frustrating and time consuming, plus this difficulty doesn't show guards' positions on your mini-map and are very aggressive/likely to spot you, resulting in a lot of reloading and wasted time.

Step 2: Play on Guppy Difficulty

The purpose of this playthrough is to obtain the Stealth trophies Ninja and Invisible. Somewhat ridiculous, I know, but Guppy difficulty being the easiest difficulty, displays guards positions on your mini-map and they are less aggressive/almost blind to your movement. You should be familiar with the area and know what to do for each mission, therefore presenting to you the path of least resistance and breeze right
through the game.
[PS3T Would Like To Thank YewJhin For This Roadmap]

Unlock all trophies. 

Your reward for unlocking all other trophies. Enjoy!

Complete the stealth tutorial. 

I'm not sure just exactly when, but you cover the mandatory tutorial in either the Intro or Chapter 1.

Complete the lock picking tutorial. 

You get introduced to the lock picking tutorial in Chapter 2.

First time climbing completed! 

You will climb some walls as part of the stealth tutorial in Stalker above and this will unlock during that tutorial.

Complete the fighting tutorial. 

Once you are allowed to move freely in Chapter 1, approach anybody that shows up as a fist icon on your minimap and complete the fighting tutorial.

Complete chapter one without getting spotted. 

See "Invisible" trophy.

Successfully lock pick or unscrew five doors or grates without being spotted. 

To unscrew a grate without being spotted, rotate the stick slowly to avoid making noise. To pick a locked door, you need to slowly move the springs up/downwards until it clicks into place and avoid making noise.

Don't get knocked out in five consecutive fights. 

This should be easy to obtain just pound away at your opponent and use when his health gets low for Finisher. If you lose, keep tapping to get back up.

First Blood
Beat your first opponent in underground fights. 

See "Mogul" and "Doesn't Play Well with Others" trophies.

Win a match flawlessly in underground fights. 

See "Untouchable" trophy.

Defeat 50 enemies in underground fights. (2) 

See "Mogul" and "Doesn't Play Well with Others" trophies.

All Inked Up
Get tattoos for all six locations on your body. 

Best to do this in Chapter 7 when going for Mogul and Ringer. The 6 locations are: Both arms, both shoulders, chest, and back. Talk to King for tattoos, which should cost you a maximum of $1500.

Lift the weights for at least 10 minutes (accumulated). 

Lifting weights increases your fighting skill. Have a go at it for 10 minutes total. Best done in Chapter 7 because you can max out your skill in 1 go.

Bloody Knuckles
Punch the heavy bag for at least 10 minutes (accumulated). 


Bag punching increases your fighting skill. Have a go at it for 10 minutes total. Best done in Chapter 7 because you can max out your skill in 1 go.

Doesn't Play Well with Others
Beat up more than 100 people on Shark. (3) 

Starting from Chapter 1, you can participate in Underground Fights. Best done in Chapter 7 which is the time you can max-out your fighting skill through training, then grind it out in the Underground Fights for this and other relevant trophies.

After you've completed 50 Underground Fights, go around the yard punching whoever's face you want and beat them until the trophy unlocks.

Win a match flawlessly in underground fights on Shark. 

There are a couple of ways you can do this. Either pound your opponent into the ground with continuous attacks, or if you're good at reversing you can include that in your arsenal. The first opponent in the Underground Fights is an easy opponent to try this.

Earn $5000. 

Each time you win an underground fight you earn cash depending on opponent ($50 to $200 per fight). Earn $5000 (total) and this will unlock. Chapter 7 is a good time to do this.

Here's a useful glitch which can speed up the process of getting Ringer, Doesn't Play Well with Others, and this trophy.


Indefinite Furlough
Finish the game at any difficulty. 

See "The Great White".

The Great White
Finish the game on Shark. 

Shark is hardly challenging at all, the only drawback is that you can't see guards positions during stealth sections. Trial and error to familiarize yourself for your second playthrough on Guppy later. You unlock Indefinite Furlough as well if you do this on your first playthrough.

Complete every chapter without being seen. (2) 

It would take 2 whole pages to describe the entire sneaking portion of the game, so I'm just going to post tips here.

1. Replay the game on Guppy difficulty. Not only do you get to see guards' positions on the mini-map, they are also less inclined to spot/investigate you.

2. Move quietly, but quickly. Sometimes you may think that slowly pushing the stick is the way to go, but its not. Certain events require that you pass behind a person only inches from you. If you were to push slowly and crawl like a snail, he will eventually get suspicious.

3. When there are no guards around or there is a fair bit of distance between you and a guard, make a run for it. This is especially true on roofs when the guard isn't using his binoculars or sneaking around prison during the night.

4. Most importantly, don't worry if the red arrows appear. You are only caught if the screen turns grey and the "press X to continue" message appears, indicating you've failed. Quit the game back to XMB and reload the game.

Lightning Reflexes
Successfully perform 50 reversal moves in fights. 

To perform a reversal, press before an opponent's punch lands, then press the follow-up face button (, ,or ) for a counter attack. Do this a total of 50 times.

The Best Defense...
Win a fight without blocking. 

You must not use at any time during a fight to block. Reversal are okay if you manage to pull it off without blocking. Better to just pound away with attacks.

Insult to Injury
Win a fight using only reveral moves and finishing moves. 

See "Lighting Reflexes". Use only reversal moves and at the end, press to finish your opponent.

Secret Trophies
Guacamole with Lard
Escape Avocado's stranglehold. 

Intro: Complete the QTE sequence to escape someone's grip upon your arrival in prison.

Blood Red Tiles
Defeat the snitch in the shower room. 

Chapter 1: After completing Abruzzi's request, defeat the traitor who confronts you in the bathroom.

The Rat Hunt is On
Secure the letter of testimony. 

Chapter 1: I don't remember exactly when, but you unlock this is as part of Abruzzi's request to find evidence someone is betraying him.

Metal Twister
Make it out of the elevator shaft unscathed. 

Chapter 1: Again part of Abruzzi's request, while sneaking around you have to dodge an elevator while in the shaft. Just complete the QTE.

Massive Overdose
Escape from the asylum after being injected with drugs. 

Chapter 2: In the infirmary, while on a mission to steal some medicine, you encounter a crazy guy who injects you with drugs during your escape. Complete the QTE to escape from the asylum thereafter.

Shock and Awe
Jump away from the water before getting electrocuted. 

Chapter 4: During the riot, some joker cuts an electric wire trying to prevent you from chasing after Scholefield. Complete the QTE to save yourself and get rid of him.

Brutally Chained
Hang Teets with his own chain. 

Chapter 4: Just befre the end of the chapter, Teets tries to hang you just before you catch up with Scholefield. Complete the very quick QTE to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Hard Boiled
Escape from the boiler room ambush. 

Chapter 6: You get into a scene with QTE soon after the chapter starts. Complete it.

Guardian Angel
Stop Mannix from killing Linc. 

Chapter 8: You encounter Mannix trying to blow up the prison (i think) and have a little fight with him. Beat him for the trophy.

Tunnel Rat
Knock out Bellick in the sewers. 

Chapter 8: After stopping Mannix, you find Bellick in the sewers while trying to escape detection. Complete the QTEs.

Everything and the Sink
Dispatch Trumpets with the sink. 

Chapter 9: Just after the chapter starts you find some dude invading your cell. Complete the fight QTEs and trophy will unlock.

Unfinished Business
Relentlessly pursue Mannix over the rooftops. 

Chapter 9: You will encounter Mannix further into the chapter and all you need to do is just chase after him and complete the QTEs as necessary.

Early Retirement
Terminate Mannix.  

Chapter 9: Just shortly after the scene above occurs, you reach the climax of the game, and another fight with Mannix. Complete this one and the trophy will unlock.

Arrive in Fox River. 

Intro: This unlocks when you arrive at the prison.

Quid Pro Quo
Complete the first quest to retrieve C-Note's drugs. 

Chapter 1: C-Note requests that you retrieve his drugs from the boiler room and you are introduced to sneaking for the first time. Complete the request and the trophy unlocks.

Birds of a Feather
Realize the brothers are breaking out. 

Chapter 1: Go into the yard, focus on Scholefield and you get this trophy afterwards.

Get the PUGNAc. 

Chapter 2: You're sent on a mission to retrieve PUGNac medicine from the infirmary. This unlocks once you've found it.

In the Crazed Mind's Eye
Steal Haywire's sketches. 

Chapter 3: In the middle of the chapter, you sneak around the prison to get into Haywire's room to steal his plans.

Built for the Rough and Tumble
Survive the riot. 

Chapter 4: This trophy unlocks together with the one above "Brutally Chained".

Inside Job
Find out that Turk works for the Company. 

Chapter 6: This unlocks after you get a visitor midway through the chapter.
Man with the Plans
Get the prison blueprints. 

Chapter 6: You get a visitor in the night, and then you embark on a mission to steal the blueprints. Unlocks right after you locate the plans.

Beat Bellick in the underground fight.  

Chapter 7: Approach Geary, then King to arrange an underground fight with Bellick then beat him.

Company Policy
Mannix arrives at Fox River. 


Chapter 8: A scene occurs at the start of chapter 8 and you get this trophy thereafter.

Game Info
Deep Silver


US March 30, 2010
Europe March 26, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby Digital
Players: 1-2
ESRB: Teen
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