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Jean's Foreign Language Course
Learn all of Armstrong's fancy foreign words. (T&T, Ep. 3)

This trophy can be a bit confusing due to the fact that it’s a bit unclear which foreign words really count for the trophy and which don’t. You’ll hear most words during story progression of the third case of Trials & Tribulations, but some words are associated with things that aren’t related to the story at all.

Make sure to do the following things during that episode:

First meeting with Jean Armstrong (Investigation 1)

  • Present Attorney’s Badge
  • Present Maya’s profile
  • Present Mia’s profile
  • Present Godot’s profile
  • When talking to him and after presenting Maggey's profile, choose “Maggey’s Motive” AFTER it got psyche-locked. So basically, select it for the first time to create a psyche-lock and immediately select it for a second time afterwards.

After breaking Victor Kudo’s psyche-lock at Vitamin Park (Investigation 1)
Go back to Trés Bien to talk to Armstrong again

  • Present Scooter
  • Present Victor’s Note

When trying to break Armstrong’s psyche-lock (Investigation 1)
You need to choose a wrong item or person on every occasion before showing the right object/person!
For example, do as follows:

  • Person who stole the ticket: Maya
  • Proof that he has stolen from others: Attorney’s Badge
  • Incontestable proof: Attorney’s Badge
  • In desperate need of a large amount of cash: Attorney’s Badge

When talking to Armstrong again (Investigation 2)
You can find him in the kitchen of Trés Bien.

  • Present Maggey’s profile

Note: If you absolutely want to make sure to hear all words from him, you can also try to present every item and profile from your Court Record before proceeding with the story. That shouldn't be necessary, but may be a good backup.

During the second trial part:

  • Cross-examination “At Trés Bien”: Press him on every statement
  • Cross-examination “The Mirror”: Press him on every statement
  • Cross-examination “In the Restaurant”: Press him on every statement, HOWEVER, after pressing on “I remember la old man arrived not long after 'im”, choose "How many minutes after". Continue to press him on every other statement before going back to this statement and choose “What time?” Once he changed the previous statement, press on the new one “I remember la old man arrived not long after ‘im, just after 2 PM.”

Continue with the story afterwards and you should unlock the trophy. In case you missed a word, you don’t need to hear every word again. Replay the case and once you heard the word you’ve missed before, the trophy will unlock.

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