Organ Trail: Complete Edition (PS4 & Vita)

Organ Trail: Complete Edition (PS4 & Vita) Trophy Guide
Guide By: dcollins22
There are 13 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Trophy Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 13 (9, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 10+ hours (Estimated Time to 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 5
  • Number of missable trophies: Numerous (see note in Introduction below)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes, the game needs to be completed on Hard (difficult)
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: N/A

Organ Trail Complete Edition is a retro side scrolling zombie horror survival game. The game is somewhat of a parody of the original The Oregon Trail released on PC in 1971. Organ Trail Complete Edition was originally released on mobile devices in August 2012, before being released on Steam in March 2013. The game sees you traverse a post-apocalyptic America in a station wagon where you will have to stop at cities and camps to scavenge for supplies and of course, kill zombies. You are limited by resources, including ammo, fuel and food, so planning and scavenging for resources are a crucial element to the game.

In order to get 100% completion in this game you will need to complete five playthroughs. This includes at least one on the second hardest difficulty which is aptly named 'difficult' in the game. Each playthrough will take approximately 2 hours to complete. Numerous trophies have a luck based element to them but you shouldn't have to worry too much about them after five playthroughs. For some general information on gameplay and tips for completing the game, please refer to the post HERE.

Note on missable trophies

Most trophies in this game are missable as there is a degree of luck and planning involved in obtaining them. Some will require you to go out of your way to obtain them so unless you follow the Walkthrough and Trophy Guide, you will most certainly miss most of the trophies. However, since you need to play through the game a total of five times anyway, some may come naturally or with a little bit of luck. It is advised that you first focus on playing the game and getting used to the controls and mechanics for your first playthrough before focusing on the missable trophies on your subsequent playthroughs.

Step 1 - Complete the game on Easy

During this step you will play through the game on easy. Your primary objective during this step is to get used to the gameplay and mechanics, especially how supplies are earnt, used and managed. There are a few luck based trophies which you may unlock during this playthrough so in order to limit potentially having to play the game more than five times, you may want to focus on them during this playthrough.

At the end of this step you should unlock the following trophies:

I Can't Do It
I Know A Guy
Pimp Your Ride
Silver Bullet
Don, Bill & Paul's Curse
Fording Master
Fat Cat
Make The Call

Step 2 - Complete the game on Hard (difficult)

After completing the game once on Easy you should be familiar with how the game plays and be ready to play on hard, if you aren’t ready for hard than play through another couple times on Easy as you will need to play the game a total of five times anyway. There is little difference between hard and easy so it shouldn't be very difficult if you don't rush and ensure you stockpile resources. For tips and differences between the difficulty levels please refer to the True Survivor trophy description.

At the end of this step you should unlock the following trophies:

True Survivor

Step 3 - Playthrough and trophy clean up

During this step you will play through the game however many times required to reach five total playthroughs. There are a few random trophies you may need to clean up as well, including Deja Vu which require you to die during a playthrough if you haven't already. There are a number of luck based trophies, which if you didn't unlock them in Step 1 or 2, then you will want to focus on them during this step.

At the end of this step you should unlock the following trophies:

Deja Vu
Life On The Other Side

[PST would like to thank dcollins22 for this Roadmap]

I Can't Do It
Don't pull the trigger. 

This trophy can be obtained at any point in the game. Navigate to the Party menu when you have stopped at a city/camp or by the side of the road. Select the ‘Kill’ option and then choose any member of your party. You then have the option of killing that party member but instead don't press anything and two dialogue options will appear. Select the 'I can't do it' option to not pull the trigger and the trophy will unlock.

I Know A Guy
Make it to Safe Haven with someone named Romero in your party.  

At the beginning of each playthrough you have the option of naming your character, as well as that of each of your four friends that join. In order to unlock this trophy you must complete the game with someone in your party named Romero.

It's best to name your own character Romero as your friends can randomly die and are more susceptible to getting sick or bit by a zombie. Alternatively, you can just name everyone Romero in your party. For tips on how to complete the game please refer to True Survivor trophy description, as well as the General Information section at the end of the guide HERE.

Pimp Your Ride
Fully upgrade your station wagon.  

The station wagon is the first available car for you to choose from when you first start the game. There are a total of five areas of the car which can be upgraded, these include:

  • Front
  • Misc
  • Top
  • Back
  • Bottom

There are multiple upgrades available for each of the above listed areas. You will only need to place one upgrade in each of the slots to fully upgrade the station wagon. Upgrades can be bought from the Auto Shop which are available from cities as you cross the country. These are depicted by squares on the map. Upgrades from these locations will cost money so make sure you have some cash on you. If you don't then just scavenge at the same location to find more money or simply sell spare parts. Upgrades can also be found during random encounters whilst driving, including discovering your own grave site (see Deja Vu).

Once you have placed an upgrade in each of the five areas of the station wagon in a single playthrough you will unlock the trophy.

Silver Bullet
Kill 25 zombies without missing a shot.  

Depending on your aiming skill you this trophy will be quite easy to unlock. You will shoot zombies during jobs as well as when scavenging. You move your character with and then aim your gun with and to shoot. Whilst aiming a small trajectory bar will appear which shows the location in which your bullet will go.

Before scavenging you will be able to choose between a rifle, pistol or shotgun. The easiest gun to use is the rifle so it is advised you choose this gun. When it comes to actually shooting zombies without missing a shot, it's best to wait until the zombies are close before shooting as this will minimise the possibility of you missing. There is a short reloading period after each shot with the rifle (1-2 seconds). Avoid shooting at crawling zombies as these can easily be missed. Once you have successfully killed 25 zombies without missing a shot, then the trophy will unlock.

Don, Bill & Paul's Curse
Someone died of dysentery.  

This trophy is luck based and may prove difficult to unlock.

At random times during the game, members of your party will contract numerous illnesses, such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery. In order to unlock this trophy you will need a party member to contract dysentery and die. Unfortunately there is no way to make your party members contract an illness, but there are ways which can increase your chances. These include:

  • Play the game on Difficult or Suicide difficulty level as this drastically increases the chance of party members contracting illnesses.
  • Change the food rations in the supply menu to low.
  • Keep the health of party members low by not resting too much as there is a chance that the party member who contracts dysentery will recover from the illness before they become incapacitated.

Once one of you party members contracts dysentery you will need to lower their health so they become incapacitated. This is easiest done by travelling between cities/landmarks and limiting their food supply. Once they become incapacitated, just keep travelling a short distance and they will die and the trophy will unlock. It's worth noting that if the party member who gets dysentery then also gets bitten by a zombie, you will not unlock the trophy when they die.

If by the end of your five playthroughs you are yet to obtain this trophy, then follow the settings below to start a new game primarily focusing on travelling and not scavenging.

  • Start a new game on Difficult difficulty setting.
  • Allocate your attribute points as follows- 2 Fuel, 3 Food, 1 Tire, 1 Muffler and 1 Battery.
  • Keep travelling and don't bother scavenging or stopping for any reason other then keeping your party members health at about 1/3 to 1/2.

By following the above setup you should be able to travel over 1,000 miles without having to worry about any type of supply and with luck, one of your party members will get dysentery and die. This is the quickest method to progress far in the game without wasting time on obtaining resources. You'll want to spend as much time traveling in the car as this is when someone will contract the illness. If you run out of supplies or party members die then just start again.

Fording Master
Successfully forde a horde of zombies 3 times.  

You will randomly encounter hordes of zombies whilst travelling between cities/camps. Hordes are categorized by their size (small, medium, large and massive) as well as their disposition (docile, alert, agitated and ravenous). When you encounter a horde you have a few options in which you can use to pass it, these include:

  • Wait to see if the horde disperses
  • Break out guns and clear a path
  • Attempt to sneak through
  • Hire mercenaries to escort you
  • Get information about your choices

What you will want to do is select the first option until the horde becomes either small or medium in size and has a disposition of docile or alert. Once the horde has this status, select the second or third option to get passed them. A short cutscene will then play out and if you make it through unscathed a message will display informing that you have successfully forded the horde. If you are unsuccessful then you will lose a few of your resources.

Encountering hordes of zombies is completely random in the game. However, you will likely encounter many hordes of zombies within a single playthrough. Once you successfully forde three hordes in one playthrough, the trophy will unlock.

Fat Cat
Have $1000 on you.  

For this trophy you must have $1000 on you at one time as it isn't cumulative. This is easiest to obtain on Easy as resources are plentiful so you won't need to spend a lot of money buying them. In addition to this you can start the game with $500 by allocating 10 stat points to the Money attribute.

The easiest way to earn money is by scavenging at cities/camps or by stopping on the side of the road whilst driving. Scavenging when the zombie threat is Low (between 10am and 3pm) is ideal as there are less zombies so your risk of dying is reduced. Keep scavenging and selling all your items at the first location in the game, Pittsburgh and you will have $1000 in a short period of time.

Deja Vu
Find your own grave.  

This trophy is luck based and may prove difficult to unlock.

In order to find your own grave you must first die in a previous playthrough. You will die once your health bar has been depleted which happens when you are hit by zombies whilst scavenging or performing jobs at towns. When you die you have the option of writing a message on your tombstone. Do this before starting your next playthrough.

Upon started a new playthrough after dying, you will come across random encounters whilst driving between areas. Some of these encounters will be a notification of a grave on the side of the road and you will have the option of checking it out, always say yes on this occasion. These encounters are completely random, you may come across lots of graves during a playthrough or very few. When you do encounter a grave, there is a random chance that the grave you encounter is that of your player from your previous playthrough. These encounters are fairly common so you shouldn't have too much trouble. Once you find your grave, the trophy will unlock.

Life On The Other Side
Become a zombie.  

This trophy is luck based and may prove difficult to unlock.

In order to become a zombie, someone in your party must first be bitten by obe. This will randomly happen as you are driving between areas of the game. A notification will appear on the screen that someone in your party has been bit and a green symbol will appear next to their name.

Once someone in your party has been bitten by zombie, you need to wait for the health to drain completely and they become incapacitated. At this point there is a chance that they may bite a fellow party member before they actually die. If you are lucky the infected party member will bite you upon their death. If this happens simply deplete your health by getting hit by zombies whilst scavenging. Once you die the trophy will unlock.

Kill 500 zombies. 

This trophy is cumulative across all your playthroughs. It may seem like a large number but you will likely unlock it during your second or third playthrough. As you need to complete five playthroughs anyway, you will most certainly unlock this trophy before your fifth playthrough. There is no way in which you can track how many zombies you have killed.

Make The Call
Put down an infected party member who has passed out. 

When party members get sick with an illness (e.g. typhoid and cholera), get bitten by a zombie, or by not resting frequently they will lose health. Once their health bar has been depleted with will become incapacitated. At this point you need to put them down by killing them.

In order to kill an incapacitated party member, navigate to the party menu and then select kill. Now simply aim your gun with the and shoot with . You only have a short period of time from when a party member becomes incapacitated, to when they actually die for good so be sure to put them down as soon as they do become incapacitated. Once you kill them, the trophy will unlock.

Beat the game five times.  

Simply beat the game a total of five times in order to unlock this trophy. It doesn’t matter what difficulty you choose, so feel free to play on easy. Just be sure not to rush and always make sure you have plenty of supplies. For more information on on gameplay refer to the General Information section HERE. Additional tips on completing the game can be found in the True Survivor trophy.

True Survivor
Beat the game on hard.   

Hard difficulty is referred to as 'difficult' or 'suicide' when you select the difficulty level at the beginning of the game. Difficult is easier than suicide so it is advised that you choose that difficulty level to make the playthrough easier. The most challenging part of this playthrough are the random encounters whilst travelling between cities/ landmarks (see Gameplay Information section for more information). Important things to note about playing on Difficult include:

  • You are only allowed 8 attribute points at the start of the playthrough, as opposed to 16 on easy. It is best to distribute these accordingly - 4 Fuel, 2 Medikit, 1 Food and 1 Ammo.
  • Random encounters in the game are more often negative than positive. For example, you will often lose medikits, burst tires etc. This makes stockpiling supplies essential.
  • Your party members will lose health at a faster rate, including that of you station wagon, compared to easy difficulty.
  • The number of supplies you find whilst scavenging is also reduced compared to that of easy.
  • There is an optional boss fight at the end of the game (see spoiler at end of trophy description).

Although the above differences between Easy and Difficult difficulty levels seem significant, the way in which you play the game will not differ that much. Below is a list of useful tips in which I used to help make this playthrough far less painful.

  • Scavenge, scavenge, scavenge. If you have read the General Information section below, you will know that scavenging is the most efficient way to obtain supplies. I suggest scavenging as many times as you can at the very first location in the game, Pittsburgh. Having a large amount of food and scrap will give you a buffer if things start to go wrong later in the game. Just remember to only scavenge hen zombie activity is low (between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
  • Always keep your health above half as there are numerous random encounters in the game which result in you losing a significant portion of your health straight away. In saying this, always have a few spare medikits.
  • Don't bother with completing jobs as the risk is often far greater than the reward. It is best to earn money by selling off excess food and scrap which you should stockpile when zombie activity is low.
  • Don’t waste your medikits on your party members. If they become incapacitated, just let them die as their use in the game is somewhat redundant.
  • Don’t buy unnecessary upgrades for your car.
  • Try and always trade food and/ or scrap for fuel, tires, mufflers and batteries as these items are expensive and can’t be scavenged.
  • The game virtually saves non stop, you can quit at any point and backup your save to the cloud if you have PS+. That way if you screw something up, die or get some bad luck you can download you save and continue without having to start a new playthrough

End game boss fight information:

Once you have activated the generator at the Safe Haven area at the end of the game, you will then need to fight a large sea monster/octopus. There are two parts to this fight. First you will need to dodge its tentacles whilst driving your car, similar to the other mini games that require you to dodge enemies. Once you have successfully dodged the tentacles a few times the second phase of the fight will begin. For this part of the fight you will need to shoot the boss with your gun. Just keep shooting it and after three or so cycles it will die and the trophy will unlock.

When I first fought the boss I got hit by the very first tentacle during the first stage of the fight. At this point a cutscene begun and I had to rapidly tap to crawl away from a zombie. Once in the clear the trophy unlock. I am not sure if this was a glitch or if it just an alternate means of killing the boss.

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