Mugen Souls (NA & EU)

Mugen Souls (NA & EU) Trophy Guide
Guide By: greenzsaber & Dark_Raven666
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated Difficulty: 8/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Approximate time: 300-600+ hours (Heavily depends on luck and whether you have access to the free DLC)
  • Trophy Breakdown: 51 (42, 5, 3, 1)
    • Offline: 51 (42, 5, 3, 1)
    • Online: 0
  • Minimum number of playthroughs required: 1 (10+ recommended)
  • Difficulty Trophies Stack: No difficulties
  • Missable Trophies: The Real End!, Doppleganger Case: Closed! and Sun Goddess Supernova! are missable if you didn't get the true ending.
  • Glitched Trophies: None
  • Cheats: No cheats

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Mugen Souls is basically 2012's Disgaea game. Created by the makers of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series, it also features artwork and music scores from the Disgaea team. The gameplay is basically Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2's combat system combined with Disgaea's absurd levels, damage, and stats, so players of both series will feel right at home.

In Mugen Souls, you take control of the self-proclaimed undisputed god(dess), Chou-Chou, and guide her as she sets off on her quest to take over the 7 worlds. She can change into 7 different alter egos, each representing a different personality. The game revolves around Chou-Chou's unique ability, Moe Kill, which used in tandem with her multiple personas, allows her to subdue anybody who dares oppose her in her quest to rule the galaxy.

While the platinum for this game may appear straightforward, it requires a very heavy time investment. In particular, two trophies, The Goddess Has Descended? and Overwhelming Peon Ball, GO! require you to gather around 1,002,000 shampurus. Keep in mind there are only 101 different types of shampuru and all of them have a cap of 9,999, not to mention certain shampuru are difficult to farm and you could be getting as low as 3-15 shampurus per battle for these. These two trophies alone will probably take over 200 hours to get after getting all other trophies. In your quest to obtain the platinum for this game, you will come to understand the real meaning of grinding.

NOTE: The game suffers from long loading times and may freeze occasionally. Changing your video output to 720p may reduce these effects.

Step 0: Download all the free DLC, especially the DLC battles!
It's best to get this step out of the way first. Without the DLC battles, you can add another 100-150 hours to your grinding time. There are many free DLC available both via the EU and NA stores, but the ones that are most beneficial to you are:

  • 7 World Redux Additional Battle 1
  • 7 World Redux Additional Battle 2
  • G Up Pack 1
  • G Up Pack 2
  • Jiggly Transmission and Equipment Pack 10
  • Jiggly Transmission and Equipment Pack 11
  • Jiggly Transmission and Equipment Pack 12
  • Overwhelming Recipe Set
  • Point Pack 1
  • Point Pack 2

The first two will provide end-game battles that'll allow you to get high-tier shampuru a lot faster than normal means, thus saving yourself 100-150 hours of grinding as previously mentioned, whereas the G Up and Point Packs will provide you a healthy sum of G Up, Money and Mugen Points to get you started. The Jiggly Transmission Equipments Packs will provide the strongest free weapons, which will provide everything you need for the first playthrough. Finally, the Overwhelming Recipe Set unlocks the recipes for the most powerful weapons, some of which are not normally accessible in-game.

NOTE: Avoid downloading 7 World Redux Additional Battle 3 if you can. It adds 3 unnecessary and difficult battles to the bottom of the 7 World Redux battle menu, meaning you could accidentally pick one of them when you were going for a different battle. Entering one of these battles more than likely will get you killed, resulting in a game over and wiping your previous progress. If you really want to try it out, download it after you've finished your farming in the 7 World Redux or after you get your .

Step 1: Beat the game, conquer all the worlds, and earn the Normal Ending
Simply play through the game and don't worry about trophies. Make sure not to skip encounters, because you'll need 1,040 kills to progress during Chapter 6. At the beginning of Chapter 10, instead of advancing the story, work towards subduing all the worlds and earning Seven World Conquerer. Once that's done, make a separate save at your ship and clear the story to get the Normal Ending.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:

World Domination, Go!
Sun World Conquered!
Moon World Conquered!
Fire World Conquered!
Water World Conquered!
Tree World Conquered!
Metal World Conquered!
Seven World Conquerer
The End?
Continental Peon
G-Castle Battler
Moe Kill First-Timer
It Flew?!

Step 2: Earn the True Ending
At this point, you can either:

  • Reload your save from the beginning of chapter 10 if you want all endings in one playthrough
  • Proceed to a New Game+ by talking to the shampuru at the bottom right (recommended)

Whichever path you choose, you'll be working towards the True Ending requirements and unlocking the real postgame.

The requirements are:

  • Average charm level of 20%, and at least 19% charm on all other personalities. Check your Peon Ball for the average, or when in battle, check how many times you can use Form Change with Chou-Chou, assuming you haven't Form Changed since leaving G-Castle. Both these values are your charm average.
  • After defeating Belleria in Chapter 10, head to Floor 60 of the Mugen Field. During your trip you should see multiple events featuring each of Chou-Chou's personalities. Whether or not you see an event depends on the charm level of the personality featured in the scene. You'll need to see them all. If you fulfilled the requirements when you reach floor 60, you will see an event that features all of Chou-Chou's personalities in the same scene. This will automatically lock you into the true ending.

Now simply advance the story, defeat the final bosses, and you will get the True Ending and unlock the real post-game.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:

Mugen Field: Access
Mugen Field: 50th Floor
Hard Worker
The Real End!

Step 3: Defeat the post-game bosses
Once in the post-game, you will need to do a few Mugen Field runs to prepare for the post-game bosses. You'll also want to obtain skills that can steal for all your party members. Reflection Ball (fuse with Phantom King) is the best stealing skill as it's multi-target. Your approach for this step should be a defensive one, so focus on boosting your HP, DEF, and MND. 1.5 million for each stat is a good benchmark to shoot for. Once you have that, you can safely take on the bosses. You'll want to steal from every boss you encounter as their drops are very good, and will last you the whole game.

Upon completing Step 3, you will earn:

G-Castle Master
Level 999
Doppleganger Case: Closed!
Sun Goddess Supernova!

Step 4: Equipment farming and minor trophy cleanup
In this step, you will power up your main party and ship to get them prepared for what lies ahead. This will require doing multiple NG+s. For each NG+, you'll want to work your way from the beginning up to the last doppelganger battle, making sure you do all of the following before doing another NG+.

  • Get, at the minimum, each of the doppelganger's rare drop.
  • During all doppelganger battles, peon all minions.
  • Moe Kill all Master Points to get 300% on all continents.
  • Peon each and every forced encounter in the story.

Doing all these will lessen the time you will take for the final step.

You should also stock up on the necessary matter, G, G-Up, Mugen Points, and start fusing any necessary abilities and skills onto your party. Also take this time to get all the other minor trophies out of the way. You will not be seeing another trophy for a long time after this.

Upon completing Step 4, you will earn:

Mugen Field: 100th Floor
Take a Dip!
Fusion Complete?
Signed, Sealed, Delivered!
Assault Those Baddies!
Nice Combo!
Fantastic Combo!
Nice TCS!
Deep Space Flight!
Air Superiority!
Fever Time! Go, Go, Go!
Job Master
Overwhelming Millionaire!
Shampuru Fan
Shampuru Collector
Shampuru Revolution
10,000 Damage!
100,000 Damage!
1,000,000 Damage!
10,000,000 Damage!
100,000,000 Damage!
Level 9999
Overwhelming Grind!
Master Chou-Chou
The God of Moe

Step 5: Grind for 1,002,000 shampurus and 100% charm
This is what it's come down to. From the moment you started the game, you've been working towards these last few trophies. Now you must see its completion through. For this step, you must collect around 1,002,000 shampurus and in the process reach 100% charm average. This will require a lot of tedious farming. Expect to take 150-200 hours on this alone.

Upon completing Step 5, you will earn:

Fantastic TCS!
The Goddess Has Descended?
10,000,000,000 Damage!
Overwhelming Peon Ball, GO!

Which will ultimately unlock:

The Undisputed God

[PST Would Like to Thank greenzsaber & Dark_Raven666 for this Roadmap]

World Domination, Go!
You started the game. Great work! (1) 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. Start the game, and after the first few cutscenes, this will unlock.

Mugen Field: Access
Entered the Mugen Field for the first time. 

Just enter the Mugen Field when the NPC becomes available at the end of chapter 2 and the trophy will unlock.

Mugen Field: 50th Floor
Reached the 50th floor of the Mugen Field. 

You should unlock this as you go for the True Ending.

See Mugen Field: 100th Floor

Mugen Field: 100th Floor
Reached the 100th floor of the Mugen Field. 

As the trophy description states, clear the last floor of the Mugen Field to earn this. You'll need at least 20% average charm to access floors 61-100. If you want to clear the 100 floors quickly, use Dive Bells for every normal battle. Dive Bells can be bought for 10000 G apiece from item shops in the Mugen Field. The only floors that don't allow you to use the Dive Bell are floors 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 (mandatory boss battle) and floors 40 and 99 (mandatory G-Castle Battle). A good time to go for this trophy is when going for the true ending. You should be strong enough to take on the minimum bet (100) on all floors.

Shampuru Revolution!
Be a victim of your own Peon Ball. 

You can get this once you unlock the Peon Ball. When in battle, hit when it's Chou-Chou's turn to activate Peon Command, and have everyone disobey the commands given on the lower left. Eventually, the explosion rate at the upper left corner will get high enough and trigger a warning. On Chou-Chou's next turn, the Peon Ball will drop on your party, and the trophy will pop after. Do note that a large sized Peon Ball has a very good chance of killing the entire party and getting you a game over, so you may want to save beforehand or try it in the Mugen Field.

G-Castle Battler
Won a G-Castle battle. 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. Your first G-Castle battle will begin immediately after your tutorial battle. G-Castle battles are essentially like a deeper version of "Paper, Scissors, Rock". The in-game tutorial will provide all the necessary information for completing this battle.

10,000 Damage!
Dealt 10,000 points of damage. 

Deal over 10,000 damage in a single attack.

See Fantastic TCS! for more details.

100,000 Damage!
Dealt 100,000 points of damage. 

Deal over 100,000 damage in a single attack.

See Fantastic TCS! for more details.

1,000,000 Damage!
Dealt 1,000,000 points of damage. 

Deal over 1,000,000 damage in a single attack.

See Fantastic TCS! for more details.

10,000,000 Damage!
Dealt 10,000,000 points of damage. 

Deal over 10,000,000 damage in a single attack.

See Fantastic TCS! for more details.

100,000,000 Damage!
Dealt 100,000,000 points of damage. 

Deal over 100,000,000 damage in a single attack.

See Fantastic TCS! for more details.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!
Won a battle in the Mugen Field with all commands sealed. 

This trophy can be unlocked the moment you gain access to the Mugen Field. First, make sure your offensive stats are high enough to deal with the enemies in the Mugen Field. Bet any amount of Mugen Points and head to either floor 10, 30, or 60, then choose to Bow Out. Save your game then return to the Mugen Field. At the Mugen Control Center, seal every option then choose to Press On. Win the next battle and the trophy is yours. You may want to restart afterwards unless you feel like going through over 20 floors using only Attack.

Assault Those Baddies!
Successfully get a preemptive attack. 

Whenever you're on the field, you'll see enemies running around. Walk up close to them and press to swing your weapon at them. If your weapon hits them before they hit you, the battle will start and the message "Encounter Attack!!" will appear on screen. Doing so will net you the trophy.

Continental Peon
Turn a continent into your peon. 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. Shortly after seeing the last event on Sun World's first continent, you will be asked to peon the continent. Simply search the field for Master points and fulfill the tasks to make it your peon. Once the peon rate hits 100% or higher, you will have succeeded and the trophy will pop shortly. For a diagram of the continents and all Master points, as well as what you need to do, see Seven World Conqueror.

Moe Kill First-Timer
Successfully make an enemy your peon. 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. Soon after receiving World Domination, Go!, you'll engage in your first battle where the basics are taught to you. During this, you will be tasked with using the skill 'Moe Kill'. Follow the tutorial in order to receive this.

Nice Combo!
Performed a combo with at least 100 hits. 

See Fantastic Combo! for more details.

Fantastic Combo!
Performed a combo with at least 999 hits. (4) 

A combo refers to how many hits you can deliver without any enemy moving in between turns. You will need to upgrade to the max TCS limit and have skills that have 'Can Float' and a low Action Level (around 85-125 is good) such as Fighting Spirit, Two-Part Cut, or Charge Shot, on all four of your characters. They must also do below 20 million damage.

The best place to perform this is in the 7 World Redux area "Mega-Strong Arena". The second fight has a single Hero enemy with around 170 million HP. Simply have everyone defend while Chou-Chou works towards peoning a small crystal. Once the crystal is almost peoned, wait until the enemy uses God Burn Smash or Justice Braver. You should now see your characters get 3 turns in a row each. Have Chou-Chou peon the small crystal to activate Fever Mode, and use Fighting Spirit or a similar skill to catapult him towards the blue balls. Keep doing this for every one of your characters' turns and you should be able to get 999 hits easily. Sometimes the enemy may land on one of the remaining crystals. If this happens, his turn will be further pushed back and you can get more hits in.

Additionally, there is a glitch that may sometimes occur in battle and give you enough hits to get the trophy. It usually happens during fever mode, when an enemy falls on top of another enemy. This may result in them hitting each other for about 30 seconds which more often than not, will give over 1000 hits and the trophy.

Nice TCS!
Activated a Triple Counter Stop. (1) 

In order to activate a Triple Counter Stop, you must deal at least three times the current damage limit. By default, the limit is 999 damage, therefore without upgrading your Triple Counter Stop at all in the Mugen Field, you will only need to deal 2,997 damage in order to earn this.

See Fantastic TCS! for more details.

Fantastic TCS!
Activated a Triple Counter Stop at full power. (2) 

Despite being a bronze, this is even harder to get than the 10 billion damage trophy, and will most likely be the 3rd to last trophy you'll unlock.

A Triple Counter Stop (TCS) is activated when you do damage that is at least three times the current damage limit. This limit starts at 999 and can be upgraded all the way to 9,999,999,999 in the Mugen Field - the highest level of 9,999,999,999 is required to reach full power. This means you'll need to do at least 30 billion damage to unlock this.

You should be able to get this once you have around 450,000 shampuru. Equip Chou-Chou with the ability 'Undisputed God Charge', and equip the ability 'Preparation' to any party members that know it.

Now head to the 7 World Redux area "Arena of Strength". You'll want to have 9-12 enemies present. If you get less then that, clear the battle and try again until you get 9-12 enemies. Now simply move all your characters in the middle of the enemies and have them defend every turn, until the PP counter in the upper left hits 999. Once Chou-Chou's turn comes, unleash Peon Ball to utterly overkill the field and do well over 30 billion damage.

To save time, you can wait until you're done farming the required shampuru needed for Overwhelming Peon Ball, GO! to attempt this.

It may be possible to get this with a TCS limit of 999,999,999, which means you'd only need to do 3 billion damage to unlock this, but this needs to be tested, as once you've upgraded your TCS limit there's no going back. If anyone can prove or disprove this, it would be much appreciated.

Take a Dip!
Checked out the stat-boosting hot spring for the first time. 

After conquering Sun World, the hot spring will be repaired so you'll finally have access to it. Go to it, then use any combination of soap and shampoo in order to get a temporary stat boost along with the trophy.

Level 999
Reached Level 999. (2) 

In order to reach Level 999, you will have to increase the maximum level for your character in the Mugen Field. This can be done at Floors 10, 30, 60 and 100. Doing so will cost Mugen Points, with the 1000 level cap costing 50,000.

See Level 9999 for more details.

Fusion Complete?
Used Peon Fusion over 10 times. 

Peon Fusion is an ability unlocked after clearing the 2nd chapter that allows you to reset two characters to Level 1, giving one character the skills and innate abilities of the second character.

The description for this trophy is a little misleading, as it requires you to Peon Fusion with the same base character 10 times. To perform a fusion, you need two characters, a base (first character) and a subordinate (2nd character). Simply perform 10 fusions using the same base character and the trophy will pop.

Keep in mind that as you perform more fusions with the same base character, the amount of Mugen points required for subsequent fusions increase. If you want the trophy now but don't want to deal with the increased costs just yet, you can perform all 10 fusions and then reload your save when the trophy pops. The free DLC should give more than enough Mugen points for the 10 fusions.

Peon Fusion is mostly unnecessary in the early stages of the game, as your Peons (assuming you've hired some) won't receive their worthwhile skills and innate abilities until their higher level. If you wait until you have Peons that are of a high level, you will be able to gain many powerful skills and innate abilities for your party, making them truly unstoppable with the right equipment.

It Flew?!
Performed a Blast Off attack. 

Early in the game, you'll be shown a tutorial on how to perform Blast Off attacks. From the battle menu, select Skills, then choose a skill with the ability 'Can Blast Off'. Activate Blast Off with , then when you attack the enemy, they will launch in whichever direction you chose, unlocking the trophy in the process.

Deep Space Flight! Go!
Performed a Blast Off attack at maximum power. 

This can be done shortly after unlocking Blast Off. Select skills that have a high Blast Off power and keep using them on enemies, but don't actually send them flying yet. Eventually, the Blast Off meter will reach a maximum of 999. When that happens, simply use any skill that can Blast Off, max the bar, and unleash it. Do note that the Blast Off has to be done on the ground for the trophy to pop, so if you're using a skill with 'Can Float', don't aim into the air.

Air Superiority!
Destroyed an object in the air. 

In order to do this, you will need to execute a Blast Off attack using a skill with the ability 'Can Float', which is visible directly above the Affinity display. With a skill selected that has both 'Can Blast Off' and 'Can Float', select an enemy to attack, then when given the option to determine the power of the Blast Off attack, set it to the maximum value. You'll need 400-600 Power in order to hit something. With that done, aim the attack up in the air, making sure to line it up with one of the boxes in the sky. If you have enough power and 'Can Float', the enemy will fly up and hit the box, giving you the trophy.

Job Master
Unlocked all Jobs. 

You’ll need at least 25% average charm and have at least gotten the true ending for this. At Floors 10, 30, 60 and 100 in the Mugen Field, you should be able to see and buy all the jobs. Simply buy them all and the trophy will unlock. There are 112 jobs and purchasing them all with cost you 1,814,000 Mugen Points.

All the jobs, their respective floors and Mugen Point costs are listed below:

Floor 10

500 Mugen Points

1. Famous Gunslinger
2. Mercenary
3. Magic Fencer
4. Mage
5. Seasoned Witch
6. Gale Fighter
7. Bombardier
8. Fisticuff Fighter

2,500 Mugen Points

9. Lowly Butler
10. Lowly Maid
11. Pure Youth
12. Story-loving Girl

Total Mugen Points: 14,000 Mugen Points

Floor 30


2,500 Mugen Points

13. Templar
14. Lady Templar
15. Mystic Warrior
16. Magic Swordswoman
17. Sorceror
18. Veteran Witch
19. Dark Mage
20. Great Dark Mage
21. White Horse Gunner
22. Blue Bolt Gunner
23. Underground Gunner
24. Pirate Bombardier
25. Fight Master
26. Tournament Disturber
27. Unmatched Brawler
28. Assassin Fist

5,000 Mugen Points

29. Trained Butler
30. Lady Maid
31. Artistic Youth
32. Imaginative Girl
33. Brand New Robot
34. Hobby Robot
35. Apprentice
36. New Medium
37. Novice Knight
38. Lady Knight
39. Swindler
40. Gamblin' Lady

10,000 Mugen Points

41. Humanoid
42. Gynoid
43. Decent Summoner
44. Spiritualist
45. Reinforced Knight
46. Blessed Knight
47. Clown
48. Conversationalist

Total Mugen Points: 180,000 Mugen Points


Floor 60


5,000 Mugen Points - Hidden Jobs, required 20% Overall Charm

49. Sword Master
50. Noble Sword Master
51. Dark Sword Master
52. Queen Sword Master

10,000 Mugen Points

53. Attentive Butler
54. Strict Head Maid
55. Blazing Head Chef
56. Alluring Head Maid
57. Riod Squad Member
58. Dream Disciple
59. Evil Eye User
60. Barrier Pro

10,000 Mugen Points - Hidden Jobs, required 20% Overall Charm

61. Elemental Master
62. Nightingale
63. Blood Mage
64. Dark Queen
65. Shooting Star
66. Railgun Meister
67. Godfather
68. Cannon Queen
69. Kung Fu Master
70. World Champ
71. Battle Master
72. Assassin Queen

Total Mugen Points: 220,000 Mugen Points


Floor 100


25,000 Mugen Points

73. Factory Robot
74. Pretty Fembot
75. Up-to-date Cyborg
76. Mechanical Cyborg
77. Lion Tamer
78. Miko Princess
79. Dark Puppeteer
80. Maiden of Time
81. Head Templar
82. While Lily Knight
83. Red Lotus Knight
84. Dragon Knight
85. Air Pirate
86. Lady Air Pirate
87. Mysterious Thief
88. Charming Thief
89. Esteemed Butler
90. Saintly Maid
91. Master Gourmand
92. Mistress
93. Noggin Master
94. Mixture Master
95. Mad Scientist
96. Lost Child

50,000 Mugen Points - Hidden Jobs, required 25% Overall Charm

97. Galactic Robo
98. Metallic Lady
99. Bioroid King
100. Cyborg Queen
101. Summon Master
102. Pearly Gate Master
103. Dark Shaman
104. Clockmaster
105. Master Paladin
106. Valkyrie
107. Black Paladin
108. Master Dragoon
109. Sky Master
110. Golden Hand
111. Phantom King
112. Wicked Queen

Total Mugen Points: 1,400,000 Mugen Points


Overwhelming Millionare!
Held more than 100,000,000 G. 

You need to have more than 100,000,000 G on you at once. The best method of farming G is to progress through the Mugen Field without exiting until you reach floor 90. From here onwards, you can activate Fever Mode by frenzying the large crystal, then use skills that have Blast Off and Float enabled to send any remaining enemies into the blue orbs in the sky. Keep doing this until Fever Mode runs out and you should get a lot of G at the end of the battle. Repeat this for all the remaining floors and you should have enough G to unlock the trophy by then.

Alternatively, you can buy the G Fever Pack 1 which holds 100,000,000 G and will automatically unlock this trophy. If you wish to get Overwhelming Grind early as well, then buy Point Fever Pack 3 instead.

Overwhelming Grind!
Obtained more than 999,999,999 Mugen Points. (1) 

As the trophy description states, you don't have to have 1,000,000,000 Mugen points on you at once, but simply have obtained that much. You can check your progress with the bulletin board shampuru. Once 'Total Mugen Points' hits, 1,000,000,000 or more, the trophy will pop.

G-Castle battles on floor 90+ of the Mugen Field are the best source of Mugen Points. The higher bets can give over 100,000,000 P, so you'll want to do the entire Mugen Field without exiting and have a high multiplier by the time you reach the 90th floor. Floor 99 is a guaranteed G-Castle battle and you may run into more from floor 91-97.

Alternatively, you can buy Mugen Point Pack 3 for 750,000,000 points ($2.99/€2.99) and Point Fever Pack 3 for 250,000,000 ($2.99/€2.99), which together will give you enough points to unlock the trophy.

The God of Moe
Increased Chou-Chou's Charm Level beyond the 50 percent mark. 

See The Goddess Has Descended? for more details.

10,000,000,000 Damage!
Dealt 10,000,000,000 points of damage. 

Deal over 10,000,000,000 damage in a single attack.

See Fantastic TCS! for more details.

The Goddess Has Descended?
Increased Chou-Chou's Charm Level to 100 percent. 

The first of the two most time-consuming trophies.

Charm levels increase as you collect shampuru. There are 15 tiers of shampuru, and each have an increasing level of power. The more powerful shampuru you collect, the faster your charm levels will rise. Each set of personalities levels up their charm depending on the collective power of each shampuru category.

To raise charm levels faster, focus on collecting the highest tier shampuru first then work on collecting the next highest tier. Even then, this will be one of the last two trophies you'll unlock and it will take a very long time to get there.

See our Shampuru Farming Guide for more information.

Overwhelming Peon Ball, GO!
Made a Peon Ball over 10,000,000,000 Km in size. 

The other really time consuming trophy.

The size of your peon ball depends on how many shampuru you collect. The size also has a category, which upgrades automatically as you collect more shampuru, and starts from Island, and eventually upgrades to Continent, Planet, Sun, and Galaxy. As you work towards this trophy, the Galaxy size will come naturally.

It will take about 1,002,000 shampuru to get the correct maximum size (I got it when my shampuru count went from 1,001,997 to 1,002,006, so the actual number is between 1,002,000-1,002,006). Once you have that much, check the Peon Ball summary. The maximum size should be over 10 billion. If it is, the next step is to get 999 PP in a regular battle without the battle ending and let the Peon Ball size display over 10 billion km, which will unlock the trophy shortly. You don't even have to use it. Take note that entering the tutorial battle where you instantly get 999 PP will not unlock the trophy.

The quickest way to get 999 PP is to equip your characters with the matter Peon Points Up, maxed out at 150, and the conditional skill Preparation (fuse with Mad Scientist), then enter a battle in Water World: Savage Lands. If the battle has 7+ enemies, kill off all but one and if your PP isn't 999 yet, have everyone defend until 999 PP is reached. If the battle has less than 7 enemies, kill off all enemies then keep entering battles until you get 7+ enemies.

Secret Trophies
The Undisputed God
Unlocked all trophies. Are you an undisputed god now, too!? (4) 
Sun World Conquered!
Made the hero and demon lord of Sun World into your peons! (2) 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will get this after defeating the demon lord on the second continent of Sun World, Raisant.

Moon World Conquered!
Made the hero and demon lord of Moon World into your peons! 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will get this after defeating the demon lord on the second continent of Moon World, Dusk.

Fire World Conquered!
Made the hero and demon lord of Fire World into your peons! 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will get this after defeating the demon lord twice on the second continent of Fire World, Daulgal.

Water World Conquered!
Made the hero and demon lord of Water World into your peons! 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will get this after defeating the demon lord on the third continent of Water World, Savage Lands.

Tree World Conquered!
Made the hero and demon lord of Tree World into your peons! 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will get this after defeating the demon lord on the third continent of Tree World, Land of Legend. In order to advance the story, four of the Master Points in the second continent have to be peoned. In order to peon them, you will need 15,530 G and 1,040 kills, so don't ignore fights, otherwise you'll have to grind to 1,040 kills.

Metal World Conquered!
Made the hero and demon lord of Metal World into your peons! 

Story-related. Cannot be missed. You will get this after defeating the demon lord on the second continent of Metal World, Diit.

Seven World Conqueror
The seven worlds are all yours now! 

For story-related reasons, there are actually 6 worlds you must conquer. As you are conquering the worlds, you will have to peon Master Points on each continent in order to advance. In order to acquire this trophy, you must peon all 10 Master Points on all of the continents for the the 6 planets. When peoning these Master Points, you will have three different types of Moe Kills:

Moe: Your standard moe kill. Simply use the respective moe type (as indicated by the Affinity Hint) to peon the Master Point.
Money: For these types, you have to give money equivalent to or greater than the price of the item (as indicated by the Affinity Hint) to peon the Master Point.
Murder: Lastly, for these you have to kill a certain number of enemies overall (as indicated by the Affinity Hint) to peon the Master Point.

Below will be the required Affinity, Price and Kill Count for every Master Point of every continent and world, along with maps showing their locations:

Sun World

Sun World: Sorantia

  1. Ego
  2. Sadist
  3. 500 G
  4. Masochist
  5. Bipolar
  6. Graceful
  7. Ditz
  8. 30 Kills
  9. Hyper
  10. Terse

Sun World: Raisant

  1. 2,650 G
  2. Ego
  3. Bipolar
  4. 64 G
  5. Graceful
  6. 20,000 G
  7. 1,150 Kills
  8. Ditz
  9. Hyper
  10. Terse

Sun World: Sealed Lands

  1. Ego
  2. 4,464 G
  3. 1,256 Kills
  4. Masochist
  5. 1,240 Kills
  6. 13,392 G
  7. 1,480 Kills
  8. Graceful
  9. Ditz
  10. 45,333 G

Moon World

Moon World: Moonlight

  1. Ego
  2. 120 Kills
  3. 100 G
  4. 200 Kills
  5. 130 Kills
  6. Masochist
  7. 950 G
  8. Sadist
  9. 145 G
  10. Hyper

Moon World: Dusk

  1. 20,000 G
  2. Sadist
  3. 210 Kills
  4. Graceful
  5. 1,500 Kills
  6. 180 G
  7. Masochist
  8. 480 Kills
  9. 5,300 G
  10. Bipolar

Moon World: Land of Seven Lights

  1. Bipolar
  2. Ditz
  3. 1,400 Kills
  4. Masochist
  5. 2,900 G
  6. Graceful
  7. 1,300 Kills
  8. Ego
  9. 58,933 G
  10. 1,500 Kills

Fire World

Fire World: Margis

  1. 300 Kills
  2. 210 G
  3. Terse
  4. 400 Kills
  5. 440 Kills
  6. 2,000 G
  7. 460 G
  8. Ego
  9. Ditz
  10. 320 Kills

Fire World: Daulgal

  1. 360 Kills
  2. Graceful
  3. 360 G
  4. 1,000 Kills
  5. 3,520 G
  6. Bipolar
  7. Ditz
  8. 1,000 Kills
  9. 960 G
  10. 400 Kills

Fire World: Desolate Lands

  1. 1,500 Kills
  2. Sadist
  3. 1,500 Kills
  4. 10,275 G
  5. Hyper
  6. 7,536 G
  7. Terse
  8. Ego
  9. 1,720 Kills
  10. 76,615 G

Water World

Water World: Melkua

  1. Sadist
  2. Hyper
  3. 450 Kills
  4. 650 Kills
  5. 86,300 G
  6. Masochist
  7. 1,760 G
  8. 440 Kills
  9. 3,600 G
  10. 1,056 G

Water World: Daikaus

  1. 540 Kills
  2. Ditz
  3. 464 G
  4. Terse
  5. 1,300 G
  6. Bipolar
  7. 740 Kills
  8. 575 Kills
  9. 3,630 G
  10. 1,856 G

Water World: Savage Lands

  1. Sadist
  2. 600 G
  3. Ego
  4. 650 Kills
  5. Masochist
  6. 2,100 G
  7. Graceful
  8. 7,000 G
  9. Hyper
  10. 850 Kills

Tree World

Tree World: Garodine

  1. 700 Kills
  2. Hyper
  3. 1,356 G
  4. 9,100 G
  5. Terse
  6. 950 Kills
  7. 2,260 G
  8. Graceful
  9. Ditz
  10. 800 Kills

Tree World: Amarnia

  1. 12,000 G
  2. Sadist
  3. 1,040 Kills
  4. Ego
  5. 3,530 G
  6. 1,300 Kills
  7. 34,890 G
  8. Bipolar
  9. Hyper
  10. 1,300 Kills

Tree World: Land of Legend

  1. Masochist
  2. Ditz
  3. 950 Kills
  4. Terse
  5. Bipolar
  6. Hyper
  7. 17,883 G
  8. 2,292 G
  9. 1,000 Kills
  10. 1,100 Kills

Metal World

Metal World: Uenus

  1. 2,288 G
  2. Ego
  3. 1,040 Kills
  4. 1,240 Kills
  5. 1,056 Kills
  6. Terse
  7. 9,152 G
  8. Graceful
  9. 23,248 G
  10. 1,080 Kills

Metal World: Diit

  1. Sadist
  2. Graceful
  3. 34,890 G
  4. 1,300 Kills
  5. Masochist
  6. Ditz
  7. Ego
  8. Hyper
  9. Bipolar
  10. Terse

Metal World: The Final Frontier

  1. 1,601 Kills
  2. Sadist
  3. 4,900 G
  4. Ditz
  5. Hyper
  6. Bipolar
  7. Terse
  8. Sadist
  9. Graceful
  10. Ego
The End?
Saw the normal ending. 

In order to get the Normal Ending, you simply have to complete the game without meeting the requirements for the true ending. This trophy will also unlock shortly after you get the true ending trophy. Despite this, it is still recommended you do a second playthrough to get the true ending, as it's much faster to raise charm levels that way.

The Real End!
Saw the true ending. 


In order to get the True Ending, you must defeat Belleria in Chapter 10 with an average charm level of 20%. Check your Peon Ball for the average, or when in battle, check how many times you can use Form Change with Chou-Chou, assuming you haven't Form Changed since leaving G-Castle. If upon reaching Chapter 10, you're still short of 20% Overall Charm, then Moe Kill the enemies all the enemies on Tree World and Metal World to quickly raise it.

After reaching 20% Overall Charm and defeating Belleria, head to Floor 60 of the Mugen Field. If you fulfilled the requirements, you will see an event that features all of Chou-Chou's personalities in the same scene. This will automatically lock you into the true ending. Simply finish the game for the true ending.

Shampuru Fan
Obtained more than 20 types of shampurus. 

See Master Chou-Chou for more details

Shampuru Collector
Obtained more than 50 types of shampurus. 

See Master Chou-Chou for more details.

G-Castle Master
Learned all G-Castle skills. 

Your ship, G-Castle, has 7 different parameters, all of which can be raised by simply collecting shampuru. Collect higher tier shampuru, and this will rise faster. This should unlock naturally as you're on your quest for Doppelganger Case: Closed!, provided you peon the doppelgangers. If not, it will definitely come whilst working towards The Goddess Has Descended?

Fever Time! Go, Go, Go!
Activated Fever Mode. (1) 

The description for the trophy is a little misleading, as you must activate Fever Time, not Fever Mode, which requires you to first activate Fever Mode. In order to activate Fever Mode, you can do either of the following:

  • Get an enemy frenzied, then peon the large crystal
  • Frenzy the large crystal
  • Peon any small crystal

Once Fever Mode has been activated, you need to Blast Off an enemy to hit one of the four Blue Orbs floating in the sky that spawn once Fever Mode activates. If done correctly, the enemy will bounce between the four blue orbs, thus activating Fever Time and getting you the trophy.

Level 9999
Reached Level 9999. 

You'll first need to increase the level cap to 9999. There are 12 level cap upgrades for each character with the last one costing 10,000,000 Mugen points. Once the 9999 level cap is unlocked, just go about your business in the Mugen Field or 7 World Redux without fusing any of your party members and this will unlock normally. You can also equip an Exp Up matter (caps at 150) to increase the experience gained from battle.

Hard Worker
Unlocked a hidden Job. 

You’ll need at least 20% average charm for this. You should see the first hidden jobs appear once you reach Floor 60 after seeing the last event for the true ending. Buy at least one of them and the trophy will unlock. See Job Master for a list of the hidden jobs.

Doppelganger Case: Closed!
Defeated all the doppelgangers. 


You’ll need to be on the True Ending path to access this battle. After watching the True Ending, there will be a few events on the ship. One of them will square you off against Altis’ doppelganger. After winning, there will be other doppelgangers of the other female characters on one continent on each of the worlds, except Tree World, which has 2. After winning those, you will fight Belleria’s doppelganger on the ship. Once that’s done, you will fight Chou-Chou’s personalities on each of the worlds (Metal World has 2 battles, all others have 1), then finally Chou-Chou’s regular form on the ship. Winning this last battle will unlock the trophy.

For all battles, it is recommended you Moe Kill the large crystal by filling the red bar up. Not only do you not have to deplete their tens of millions of HP, but you also get a large amount of the highest ranked shampuru, which should boost your charm levels by a good amount.

Each boss also has an Item Kill drop and a rare item drop. You can get the rare item to drop by successfully stealing from the boss, but for Item Kill drops, you must Moe Kill them by filling the yellow bar. Note that Item Killing a boss will cause all 3 items to drop.

Your first time through, I suggest stealing from the doppelganger boss then peoning the large crystal to get the rare drops and save yourself the trouble of fighting them. Don't try to Item Kill as you'll need the charm boosts.

Sun Goddess Supernova!
Defeated the Sun Goddess. 


You’ll need to be on the True Ending path to access this battle. This battle is accessible after defeating the last of the doppelgangers. There will be a few events on the ship in the aftermath of the doppelganger battles. Once there are no more events, head to the Mugen Field NPC. Under 7 World Redux, there will be a new battle called Clash, Sun Goddess?! Win and the trophy unlocks.

The Sun Goddess has 49 million HP, recovers 10% of it every turn, and is also accompanied by two 41 million HP minions. You can win this battle easily by Moe Killing the large crystal. If you got the Overwhelming Briefs or Nudie Apron from the doppelgangers, max them out and equip one on Chou-Chou and the other on a character of your choice. This will allow them to survive their attacks and Moe Kill the crystal easily.

Master Chou-Chou
Obtained all types of shampurus. 

There are a total of 101 different shampurus in the game, and you have to collect at least one of each to unlock this trophy. You will easily earn this whilst working towards The Goddess Has Descended?

Game Info
Compile Heart
NIS America


US October 16, 2012
Europe September 28, 2012
Japan March 22, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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