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Machinarium (PS3) Trophy Guide
Guide By: mesosteros
There are 12 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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- Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Trophy Difficulty Thread) (Because of the random puzzles and the tic-tac-toe game)
- Offline: 12 (7 , 4 , 1 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate time: 2-3 Hours (much longer without this guide)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable trophies: None, all trophies are story-related
- Does difficulty affect Trophies?: No
- Unobtainable/glitched Trophies: No. Some players reported having difficulty making the clock tower sound the bell however this has been proven to be due to players either not waiting for the clock to ring the bell or pushing circle and leaving the puzzle too early (Thanks to Lightsp33d1987 and voleman79 for this, I tested it as well and confirmed it).

In Machinarium you play as a little robot thrown in a scrapyard by a gang of evil robots, who at the same time kidnapped you girlfriend. Your goal is to get back to the city of Machinarium and save her and the city from the gang's master plan.

Basically there are only 12 trophies, and they are all unmissable. They are listed in the guide in the order they are obtained. If you are having any difficulty you can make use of an in-game strategy guide present at the top right of the screen (when you move the cursor over the top of the screen your inventory and both the mentioned strategy guide and objective menu appear). In order to access said guide you need to play a side-scrolling shooter mini-game every time you try to access it. Therefore it may be easier to check this guide.

The guide itself is a complete walkthrough of the game as every trophy is story progression related and this is a point-and-click adventure.

Trophy acquiring order: Survivor, Back in town, Jail breaker, Pet Catcher, Board game master, Music lover, Plumber, Video gamer, Deactivator, Debugger, Rescuer, Escaper

This game is a fantastic piece of visuals, with a very unique and original art-style and a simple yet enveloping story. Its puzzles make you think and the point-and-click gameplay is a throw back to old-school games. I had enjoyed this game previously on Steam and since they offered it at launch to PSN Plus subscribers for free I also played it on the PS3.

 [PST Would Like to Thank mesosteros for this Road Map]

Escape the scrapyard (1) 

1 - Click the robot body;

2 - Extend your body upwards (right analogue stick or select your character and press X when the cursor is an upwards arrow);

3 - Get the elephant toy;

4 - Give the elephant toy to the rat robot moving around;

5 - Get the magnet stuck in the fan;

6 - Get the line/wire in the vertically standing roller-type thingy;

7 - Click at the base of the pole next to the pond to bend it;

8 - Combine the line/wire with the magnet in your inventory;

9 - Take the line/wired magnet and use it on the pole;

10 - As soon as you reach the other side of the pond move to the next screen;

Back in town
Enter Machinarium  

1 - As soon as the cutscene is over, climb the lamp post as high as you can. You are going to have to take the bottom pipe in the post and put it at the top twice in order to get the needed altitude. When you get to the last climb, extended and take the lamp;

2 - Take one of the road cones. Click on the rest until you find the blue paint can underneath them all and take it;

3 - Drop the blue can of paint in the bucket with white paint, then use the cone in the bucket;

4 - Put the lamp on your head and then the now painted blue cone;

5 - Pull the cord to call the guard;

6 - Compress your robot downwards and use the panel underneath the big container right next to a closed door (right side of the screen).

7 - Put the left switch in position 2 and the right switch in position A. Press the red button at the bottom of the panel.

8 - Climb the stairs to the top, get the curved metal pipe leaning against the wall and use it on the top of the stair railing.

9 - Stretch upwards and use the pipe. Move forwards and get the wedge thingy hanging at the end.

10 - Use the wedge on the rail tracks and then use the stairs railing to press the switch from the bottom of the stairs. Use it until a cart derails.

11 - Get the derailed cart's wheels and use them on the tracks. Get on top of them and use the stair's railing to press the switch again.

Jail breaker
Free self and jail mates  

1 - You are now in the Furnace room. As soon as the cutscene is over press the small red switch right beside your starting point. This opens a box on the right side of the furnace.

2 - Get the key by the door on the right.

3 - Go to the box you open, use it and put the first switch down, second one up and the third down. Press the switch on the right of the panel.

CAUTION: Read the next two steps before proceeding:

4 - Immediately return to normal size and go as fast as you can to the cart and get in.

5 - Immediately click left on the platform to the left when the claw picks you up.

6 - Use the key on the panel to the left and unscramble ONLY THE TOP LEFT of the blue side fuse.

7 - Drop down and repeat steps 4 and 5 but this time be ready to click on the top right pipe when the claw picks you up.

8 - You are now in a prison with a cellmate. Talk to him.

9 - Get the green moss on the right of the screen and click twice on the top of the pipe it was to get an iron valve.

10 - Use the green moss on the lamp at the top left of the cell.

11 - Get a sheet of toilet paper and combine it with the now dried moss.

12 - Give the resulting cigarette to your cellmate.

13 - Use his arm on the small hole on the left of your cell and then on the right hole in the left side of the next.

14 - Poke the cabinet until you get the broom.

15 - Combine the broom and iron valve and use it on the sewer entrance.

16 - Progress to the right of the screen and use the broom+valve on another sewer entrance.

17 - When the guy tilts the chair back click it's legs to drop him. Immediately get the bullets from the table and throw them left. Get the guy's key when he is gathering bullets from the target.

18 - Drop the guy again when he gets to the chair, get out of the sewer and use his key on both key holes of the panel next to the stairs.

Pet catcher
Bring the dog to the lady  

1 - Go to the prison cells again and go to the middle one. Look for a plunger stuck to the ceiling and get it by extending up.

2 - Go back and go to the leftmost cell and use the panel next to it. Put 4:45 in, push the button and enter the now opened door.

3 - You have to solve the puzzle on the cabinet. This is a randomly assigned puzzle so you'll have to figure it out yourself but basically you have to put all the green dots inside the green area by rotating three circles.

4 - Combine the gun you get with the plunger and leave the prison, climb the stairs and get to the next room.

5 - Use the telescope and then leave.

6 - Push the red boxes from the right side of them into the left screen and underneath a magnet.

7 - Talk to the lady and then use the box next to her. The solution to this puzzle is the follwing:

8 - Go to the red box and push it to the right screen until you can no longer push it. Climb the iron piece next to it and then the red box. Extend and get up the ladder to the control room.

9 - Push the right button on this panel 4 times, then press the up button to get some oil next to the robot dog.

10 - Immediately get down and use the Plunger Gun on the dog to get him. Return him to the lady and use the umbrella you receive on the water.

Board game master
Win the Tic-tac-toe game (10) 

1 - Go to the pub on the right of the screen.

2 - Get the fly catching tape on the right side shelve and peak into the door next to it.

3 - Sit in front of the guy at the table and play a game of tic-tac-toe with him. This can be hard as it is random. Eventually you'll get him. Just remember to block his pieces when they get to three as him having four pieces in a row can really screw you as he might place the last piece on either remaining end. On the other hand you should try to do the same in open areas so you can screw him the same way (Thanks to g-unither for this advice). Another strategy is to mirror the computer's moves (Thanks to fpsd0minat0r for this). Get the 5 pieces he throws all over the bar.

Music lover
Help the musicians (7) 

1 - Try to get the drum can. Leave the pub. Use the fly tape on the cesspool in the lower right. Go back inside the pub. Use the flies on the bartender and get the drum.

2 - Give the Saxophone player the 5 pieces you got from the tic-tac-toe game and get the plant the lady throws afterwards.

3 - Go up the bottom stairs and in the next screen continue to go up the stairs to a plaza.

4 - Get the lever stuck at the bottom of the screen and use it on the hole next to the entrance to the clock tower.

The next two steps have the following image guide:

5 - Run the dials until both the ~ symbol and the number VII are selected. The lady will leave. Read the paper that was behind her.

6 - Use the lever again and this time rotate the dials until it's both the symbol that wasn't crossed out in the paper and the number VI. This time the guard at the top right leaves his post.

7 - Go to where the guard was and get the megaphone.

8 - Talk to the man in the wheelchair to get an oil can.

9 - Go to the stairs leading up next to the clock tower.

10 - Go to the lamp post and use its fuse box. Move the pieces until you can move the top right piece. It falls of and the bird takes it. Go stand underneath the cord where the bird moves and stretch repeatedly and quickly in a up-down movement continuously until the bird falls and gives you the piece. Tie the hanging thread to the rail. Go back to the box and use the piece in the panel.

11 - Put the pieces like so:

12 - Climb the technician's ladder and pull the cord out of the plug. Quickly pull the red wiring to jumble it up on the right side. The technician moves right.

13 - Climb the ladder again and this time click on the cat. Go to the lamp post move one piece out of place to cut the power and fetch the cat after his "accident".

14 - Go back to the musicians. Use the cat on the didgeridoo. Get the radio that is thrown down.

Video gamer
Win all console games (8) 

Accessing the arcade:

1 - Go up the ladder and jump in the now drained fountain. Use the pipe on the right. Push the red button on the wall.

2 - Look through the grated window. You now take control of the robot's girlfriend.

3 - Take the pot off the stove, and climb on top of it. Open the cupboard and get the corn. Use the corn on the empty stove. Back to your bot.

4 - Get the pointy pipe. Use it on the grated window. Back to the female bot.

5 - Use the pipe on the Air Conditioner unit on top of the screen and then again to get the frozen tube.

6 - Put the pot back in the stove and put the tube inside it. You defrost the tube. Use it on the left side on an oil dispenser. Back to your bot.

7 - Pull the ripcord (red thing on the elevator floor) and use the panel.

8 - Use this solution for the puzzle and then pull the lever:

9 - Talk to the Giant fan and answer it's questions wrongfully. Get inside when it "leaves".

10 - Get the stick on the plant to the right and move the giant laser to that position.

11 - Go to the panel right next to the board and use it. This is the solution:
When all 3 lower left buttons are green, press the big green beneath them.

12 - Go to the plant on top and put the stick on the Fly Trap that opened. Get the magnifying glass from it and use it on the projector front.

13 - Get the two slide drawers from the table beneath the board. Use number I on the projector.

14 - Go to the panel next to the board again and solve the right side puzzles with this:
Don't forget to press the big button beneath them.

15 - Use the projector control and find the butterfly slide.

16 - Go to the door on the left, use it's panel and match the butterfly slides' dots. Pull the lever at the bottom. Don't go out yet.

17 - Use the plant you have on the empty pot. Move the laser towards it and activate it in the panel. Shake the resulting sunflower to get some seeds. Now go outside.

18 - Use the seeds on the machine next to you. Go down and put the oil can beneath it. Go back to the upper part and pump the machine repeatedly until you get sunflower oil on the can. Grab it.

19 - Talk to the guard and then use the pipe beside him. Take note of this shortcut.

20 - Go up to the plaza from where you are and give the sunflower oil to the wheelchair man. He gives you a ticket and drops a bandage which you need to pick up.

21 - Go up the stairs next to the clock tower and use the ticket on the left door's panel. Welcome to the arcade.

22 - Go to the leftmost machine (the one with the bike pedal) and pedal it until its dial gets to the red zone and powers machine number 1. Go to it and use it.

23 - You need to play a game of space invaders. Simple use X to shoot and either dodge or shoot incoming shots. You need to score 1000 points or over it. You'll get some coins (pick them up on the left part of the machine).

24 - Go back to the pedal machine and pull the lever on its left side to number 2. Again, pedal until the dial hits the red zone.

25 - Go to machine number two. Here are the puzzle solutions:

Again you'll get some coins you need to pick up. Leave the arcade and go back to the plaza.

Flood the Blackhats  

1 - Go back through the door left of the musicians. Use the oil can on the dripping oil.

2 - Go back to the wheelchair man and give him the oil can. He gives you the can back when he's finished.

3 - Go down the manhole. Use the pipes on the left of the ladder and get the red screw and a pin in the middle of them.

4 - Go to the drawer on the right and open it. Flip the books pages until you get another red screw.

5 - Go to the pipe down the small stairs and look into it. Then go left and use the pin on the drain to get another red screw. Go back to the pipe set.

6 - Use red screws on both top left spots (the ones with the cross) and one in the second one from the left at the bottom.

7 - Combine the radio with the megaphone. Talk to the Wrench Bot sitting on the pipe and then put the fixed radio on top of the drawer. Watch the cutscene.

Disable the bomb  

Getting to the bomb:
1 - Use the coins to get batteries from the machine on the top right. Use the bandage on them to make a single battery.

2 - Go back to the shortcut to the guard with the toy and give him the battery. Press the button he uncovers and enter the door to an elevator.

3 - Go to the plant and click its dirt and immediately catch the robot that comes to clean the dirt. You get a plug.

4 - Use it on the left panel and put it in position 3 taking the following into account:

1 - top plug
2 - top left plug
3 - top right plug
4 - left plug
5 - right plug
6 - bottom left plug
7 - bottom right plug
8 - bottom plug

5 - Do the following order: 1, 6, 3, 2, 7, 1

6 - Exit the elevator. Turn the power on in the small box next to the right entrance.

7 - Go to the left and pull the lever down until the vacuum hits the room on the right (the bathroom). Go there.

8 - Climb the vacuum and get the scissors.

9 - Go back to the lever and place the vacuum underneath the chandelier. Cut the power.

10 - Climb the vacuum and use the scissors on the chandelier by stretching upwards.

11 - Turn the power back on and take the vacuum back to the bathroom. Go there and use the chandelier on the vacuum and the toilet. Go back to the lever and bring the vacuum back. You'll rip the toilet off.

12 - Go to the bathroom and use the toilet paper to go down the hole. You found the bomb and now there's a time limit.

13 - Get to the bomb and take off the fuses and place them back in the following order: D, B, E, A, C

Repair the brain  

1 - Go back to the main hall and go up the stairs. Talk to the brain bot.

2 - Go to the left cabinet and use it. Press the button to open it.

3 - Use the following solution for both puzzle sets and to get the cord:

4 - Plug the cord to the brain. You'll have to play a dungeon mini-game. First off you need to find the key. Then you'll have to go get the gun and kill EVERY SINGLE ENEMY IN THE MAZE. There are some visual cues as to where enemies are (notice the red dots at the edge of the mini-game screen). To help you here's a picture of the maze with the key and gun locations. The route you take is up to you.

Rescue the girl  

1 - The Brain gives you another plug. Go back to the elevator and use it on the remaining spot of the panel.

2 - Solve it like this:

3 - Exit the elevator and go to the sledgehammer. Use it to break the glass and get the key. Go back to the elevator.

4 - Use the key on the panel on the right. Get the cooling spray. Go back to the Sledgehammer.

5 - Freeze the lock underneath the flooded room and use the sledgehammer on it. You'll get rid of the bad guys and can go get your girl.

Escape Machinarium (1) 

1 - You are back at the Brain Bot's room. Use the yellow radio like device and input the following coordinates using the buttons. 108, 7.

2 - Go outside. Notice your girlfriend sticks by the closed valve. Go to the left side of the screen to a device next to the dome.

3 - From left to right consider the bottom keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Press the following order 1, 4, 2, 3, 5, 2, 3. Immediately click on the bot's girlfriend so she can get the valve stuck in place.

4 - Climb the ladder. THE END.

Game Info
Amanita Design
Amanita Design


US October 09, 2012
Europe September 06, 2012

Resolution: 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Players: 1
ESRB: Everyone 10+
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