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Guide By: TigerLust
There are 13 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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+ Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10
+ Offline: 13 (1 + 3 + 9)
+ Online: 0
+ Approximate time: 5-10 hours (depends on how many runs you need for No Point in Dying)
+ Minimum number of play-through's needed: 1 (I suggest 2+)
+ Missable trophies: None (you can use chapter select for the collectible eggs)
+ Does difficulty effect trophies: No difficulty settings.
+ Glitched: None
+ Cheats: None

- Movement
- Jump
- Action (used to grab an item and hold to push/pull, also trigger environment objects)
+ - Bigger jump to the right. If you are standing on something that is in motion, that will factor in as well.

Step 1: Complete the game
Play thru the game and enjoy! Keep in mind that later on you will be aiming for a relatively clean run (five or less deaths), so try to remember in the back of your head how to get past things. After a hundred deaths or so, you will scrape by, earning you Where Credit Is Due.

Step 2: Egg Hunt!
Now that you completed the game, specific chapters can be loaded thru the menu. At this point, collect each of the eggs, earning you those specific trophies. See the trophy guide for details on these: Wrong Way, Altitude is Attitude, It's Stuck, Urban Exploration, Alone in the Dark, Climbing the Cog, Backtracking, Guided by Sparks, Under Ground, and Going Up.

Once you have all the those eggs, you can attempt to remain calm while going for DING!

Step 3: Clean Run
Now that you are familiar with the game, you can go for the run with five or less deaths. This is a real pain in the butt. Please refer to No Point in Dying in the trophy guide.

Thanks Bailli3Boyyy for the walk though videos, BrainLazy for the dozen egg videos, MrKarllx for the video of DING, and zer0_sp for the DING! written guide.

[PS3T Would Like to Thank TigerLust for this Roadmap]

Wrong Way
That's not right (2) 

Chapter 1 - As soon as you start the game, just walk directly to the left.

Altitude is Attitude
Exploration off the ground (1) 

Chapter 4 (the picture shows a rock rolling down a tree/hill) - After you climb the tree and knock off the log, continue to scale up the tree, using the rope to the left of where you bumped the log.

It's Stuck
Prepare a dry landing 

Chapter 19 (the picture shows the brain eating worm and two ladders) - After you are done scaling up the ladders, get rid of the worm that sucks on your brain, stop for a moment while the pipe floats up to you. Now drag the pipe over to the right, so that around 3/4 of it is in the water. Use the left side of the pipe to grab the rope and hang on for a moment beating your chest. If you dragged the pipe to the right spot, the egg will land on it!

Urban Exploration
Involves heavy lifting 

Chapter 24 (the picture shows the elevator and two controls with up arrows lit) - At the freight elevators, maneuver the box to the upper level just beside the elevator. Hit the switch so it goes up, and use the box to jump on the very top of the elevator. Jump to the left when the elevator is close to the top (just before it crushes you), and grab the rope to the left. Hang on for a moment till the egg drops. Now jump back onto the elevator and make your way down safely to collect!

Alone in the Dark
Beneath the arthropod 

NOTE: In order to unlock DING!, you will need to visit this location after collecting the other eggs. I suggest getting the other eggs first, then getting both of these in one shot.

Chapter 26 (the picture shows a giant mosquito and a busted ladder) - Go to the left and down the ladder. To the right is a secret cave you will go in. Just keep moving to the right and jump when you hear the water. Keep jumping and moving to the right till this trophy pops. If you have all the other eggs collected, continue to the right and see DING!.

Climbing the Cog
Don't pull the lever just because you can 

Chapter 27 (the picture shows a giant cog and the lever) - You will see a cog and a lever. Instead of pulling the lever, jump from the lever platform onto the cog and continue to the other side to collect this egg.

Ride the crates 

Chapter 30 (the picture shows a conveyer belt and a crusher) - At the point where you see this egg, hit the switch so that the cog just above the egg is going counter-clockwise. Backtrack to the crusher, and hang onto the left side to jump to a ladder (you passed this ladder right after loading chapter 30), which will lead you to the egg.

- OR -

Chapter 31 (the picture shows a mining cart and a saw) - Simply Backtrack to the left and down the cogs till you get to the crusher. Follow the final instructions above.

Guided by Sparks
The crate is key 

Chapter 32 (the picture shows a lamp, ladder and rolling ball) - At the end of this chapter, you will come across a wall to the right with sparks, and a box will fall very close to it. Use the box to scale up where it fell, first moving to the left, then to the right, then do the hokey pokey and collect the egg.

Under Ground
Vertical passageway 

Chapter 34 (the picture shows a firing turret, elevator and control with down lit) - As soon as you load this chapter, you want to go slightly to the right and get underneath this elevator. Press down to get underneath the elevator car, and scale down the chain to claim this egg.

Going Up
Don't let gravity keep you down (1) 

Chapter 38 (the picture shows a gravity switch with up lit; it is the chapter before the last) - As soon as you load this chapter, you are standing directly underneath the goal. Go to the right to trigger the switch and move the box to the right and move back over the switch. Hit the switch again, then go back to the left fast. With proper timing, you'll float up into the hole in the ceiling. Quickly pull the handle before gravity returns to normal in order to get the egg.

Where Credit is Due
Perseverance has its own reward 

After completing the game, you will unlock this trophy. There are a lot of platforming puzzles to solve, and a fair amount of "haha, bet you didn't expect that, did you?" moments developers throw in to make it feel like the game has added value. Whenever you die, you will restart very close by, so just keep at it till you make it to the end.

While playing, try to get familiar with exactly how each obstacle works and try to remember it for when you do No Point in Dying. I strongly suggest you play the first time without watching the videos, but if you are absolutely stumped, see No Point in Dying.

No Point in Dying
Complete the game in one sitting with five or less deaths (46) 

Chapter select will NOT work. This is not going to be that easy. Essentially, you are going to play the game a few times, and constantly repeat the areas you die on till you smooth that section out. This will prepare you for the complete run in one sitting with five or less deaths.

I suggest you start with a few runs from the first hotel sign till the end and smooth that portion out first. I did the last chapter a few extra times just to get the timing down. That last chapter is under ten seconds if done right, yet so very dangerous. Now you are prepared for the complete run.

An optional step is to watch the videos on a separate screen, and every little bit, pause the video and play that section. You need to go back and forth, but it might help with some of those stupid deaths. This would be way too boring, tedious, and might actually make you lose focus on a real run for this trophy. Do it once, if at all.

You need to hit and pick "Start New Game". Relax and play through the entire game again, writing down where/how you died each time. After you are done with the entire play through, go to those sections via chapter select and get that section done with no deaths. Do yet another ten second practice run of the final chapter, as it is so dangerous. Now you are ready to start the entire game again. Again, chapter select will NOT work for this trophy; You need to hit and pick "Start New Game". Repeat the process in this paragraph till you manage a single play through with only 5 or less deaths.

Thanks to Bailli3Boyyy for the walk though videos:






Secret Trophies
Running off will get you nowhere (21) 

Once you have all the other egg trophies, you can now return to the spot where you collected the egg for Alone in the Dark and continue to the right.

Let's take it from the top:

Chapter 26 (the picture shows a giant mosquito and a busted ladder) - Go to the left and down the ladder. To the right is a secret cave you will go in. Just keep moving to the right and jump when you hear the water. Keep jumping and moving to the right till you see a bunch of lights that look like birthday cake candles. Since you have all the eggs, an area will be open to the right for your trials. Now you will be tested, and you at points can only rely on sound...

This section of the game is mad genius! Unless your sane of course, then it is merely a frustrating moment you should forget about when you're done with the trophy.

Here is a video with written instructions in each section, from MrKarllx.

If you prefer a written guide, click here for a guide by zer0 sp.

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US July 19, 2011
Europe July 20, 2011
Japan August 04, 2011

Players: 1
ESRB: Teen
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