Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet Trophies
Old Game Master
Assert your independence and beat Old Game Minus entirely in singleplayer. 



  • This trophy will only pop if your save is created whilst in Single Player.
  • This is missable because if you lose all your lives, the game will delete your save as a punishment for being stupid thus forcing you to start from scratch.

Old School Minus mode is virtually identical to Normal Mode, except for the following changes:

- You only have 3 lives, though more can be obtained by finding the Martin Tweed bobblehead that's in each Biome and entering the cheat I've included in the tips below.
- There is a timer on-screen at all times, though it's mainly there just to annoy you.
- If you lose all your lives, it's game over and the game will delete your save, so you will have to start over from scratch.
- The bad ending has been removed, thus you can't cheat either of these new trophies by finding only 5 Fuel Cells then leaving the planet early without killing Teratomo. You still get away with recovering only 5 Fuel Pods but the story has to be completed to 100%, before you can leave the planet.
- There's an added narration by an unnamed narrator, who announces milestones and generally insults you so is no different to E.K.O in that respect.


  • Stay Calm and Focused: The fastest way to lose all your lives and your save, is to panic and do something stupid e.g. annoying the local wildlife then end up falling off a cliff and fumbling a grapple whilst trying to outrun whatever is chasing you. Also, enabling both of the Aim Assist options ( => Options => Controls) will make life much easier for you.
  • Only Upgrade the Essentials: Since you're not getting any of the main game trophies during your Old School Minus runs, you can skip most of the upgrades and just focus on the essentials so see No Refunds for details of how to speed run the game:
  • Find the Martin Tweed Bobbleheads and use the extra lives cheat: There are 3 Extra Life Bobbleheads available so see this video by PlayStation Gameplay to learn their locations: LINK. Extra lives cheat: Enter the following code whilst playing (no pausing needed):- . This cheat will give you 1 additional life but it can only be used once per-playthrough and you can't use it whilst inside the Javelin, because you have to be outside for it to work. Credit to PlayStation Gameplay for discovering this code.
  • Backup your saves: Whilst the game is still fairly easy in Old School Minus mode, there are some sections where it's possible to die and lose a life so backup your saves before doing the following:- The Floopsnoot Queen battle, Entering the Moist Vestibule and working your way down to the Teratomo battle in Vault Floor 4, recovering the item required for the Stomp Boosters upgrade, Activating the Tower's Power Supply, Repairing the 2 broken teleporters, Recovering any Fuel Pods, Alien Alloys or Orange Goos that are in dangerous to access areas.

The trophy will pop the moment you sit in the Captain's Chair but after the final stats screen appears, the game will end and your save will be deleted.

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Game Info
Typhoon Studios
505 Games


US January 28, 2020
Europe January 28, 2020
Japan June 11, 2020

Players: 1
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Teen
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