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Floopsnoot Queen Defeated
Successfully ended the bloodline of an endangered alien species! Congratulations! 

Story related, can't be missed.

You will fight the Floopsnoot Queen during the mission "Fun With Corrosives" but providing you go in with at least 90 health, 12secs of Stamina and all the Lv1 upgrades for your Nomad Pistol (though having a couple of the Lv2 upgrades as well is advisable), the battle will be an easy one.

The Floopsnoot Queen only has 1 attack, which is to flick her Tongues at you but they are easily dodged. The real threat is from the baby Floopsnoots she summons, because they can teleport anywhere at will and can be hard to hit but you can even the odds by shooting at the spot where they're about appear and kill them as they spawn in. To kill the Queen herself, you first have to blind her by shooting her eye until she flinches and reveals the amber weakspots on her body. After she loses a third of her health, she will open her eye again so blind her for the second time and she will spawn a layer of armour to protect her weakspots. To remove the armour, you have to use your Proton Tether to reach the nearby Blight Bombs and use them melt it off each one so you can shoot the weakspot underneath. The third and final phase is just a repeat of the previous one so repeat what you did last time but to finish her off, you have to shoot her eye one last time.

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Typhoon Studios
505 Games


US January 28, 2020
Europe January 28, 2020
Japan June 11, 2020

Players: 1
Online Players : 2
ESRB: Teen
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