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Ittle Dew 2 (NA) Trophy Guide
Guide By: OnceFallen
There are 10 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (Estimated Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 10 (7, 1, 2)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 7-10 Hours (Estimated Time Poll)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: NA and EU have separate lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None


Ittle Dew is an action adventure title similar to Legend Of Zelda. The game takes place after you are stranded on an island when your raft breaks, but it just so happens there are pieces of a raft scattered all over the island. Too bad they are protected by bosses in their dungeons! You must go on an adventure across the island to retrieve them all in order to get off the island. Puzzles, hidden items and enemies galore await you in this fun little title.

Trophy wise, the title is split up into finishing the game normally, finding hidden items, finishing secret dungeons, and a few misc ones thrown in as well. Most are not that hard at all, but the secret dungeon ones will give you a little bit of a trial as the bosses are more difficult than the normal ones.


Step 1 - Complete the 8 normal dungeons

Just start the game and play through it normally by finishing off the normal dungeons and collecting the raft pieces. While doing this step, make sure you try to collect all the crayons that you can in those dungeons and on the world map as well as many of the secret shards as you can. You should also try to unlock the miscellaneous trophies during this step as well to save some time later, but if not, you can unlock them during Step 3.

At the end of this step, you will have unlocked:

I Feel a Raft .

Step 2 - Complete the 4 secret dungeons

Go through the world and collect any remaining secret shards you need to reach the 24 required to enter the first three dungeons. Once you do, play through the three secret dungeons (making sure to collect the crayons in each) to get the 3 remaining forbidden keys you need. After you get those, then head to the forbidden dungeon, collect the final crayon and then defeat the Simulacrum.

After finishing this step, you will receive:

Crayon Pumping
Her Dreaded Highness

Step 3 - Clean up

If you are missing any trophies at this point, go back now and clean them up. Once you have them all, enjoy your 100%!

At the end of this step, you will have unlocked:

Another Place
Bad Puzzle Day
Et Tu

[PST would like to thank OnceFallen for this Roadmap]

Another Place
Discover and complete a Portal world. 

There are lots of hidden caves/areas that have a portal (archway with a black star pattern inside it) that when entered take you to a secret area of sorts, each with its own treasure chest and puzzle/fight in order to get it. Just find one of these areas, complete the puzzle and get the treasure chest for the trophy.

Bad Puzzle Day
Get pushed into a spike pit. 

There is a good chance you will get this naturally while playing the game as there are some puzzle areas that if you mess up on, you will get pushed into the spikes. The easiest way (and one shown in the video) I found is once you get the ice ring, head to any area with a spike pit. Get right next to the pit and turn and drop an ice block, then hit it with your weapon causing you to get knocked back into the spike pit. You can also do this with the force wand and reflective blocks in different areas. Once you do it successfully, the trophy will pop.

Crayon Pumping
Find every Box of Crayons. 

Crayons give you additional health bar hearts, with each one giving you a quarter of a heart. There is a total of 20 crayons you need to find for this trophy. There are 12 hidden in dungeons and 8 in caves on the world map. You can get most of the crayons in any order you desire; I just have them listed in order I picked them up and how they are shown in the map below and video at the end (NOTE: Map only shows the locations of the ones not found in dungeons).

1) Pillow Fort Dungeon: After entering take the path to the left and then go up. Defeat the two enemies in here to break the crystal on the treasure chest and then open it to get the crayons.

2) Fluffy Fields Area: In the upper right corner is a hidden cave. To get the chest, go to diamond all the way to the right, hit it and then run over the bridge that pops up to the other side. Once there, stand on the gold spot to drop the columns, then hit the other diamond and run to open the chest which has the crayons inside.

3) Sweetwater Coast Area: Located in a cave south of the portal. Inside you must defeat the 4 peppermint snakes to break the crystal on the treasure chest which holds the crayons.

4) Sand Castle Dungeon: After getting the force rod, head back to where you entered and and head all the way to top of the screen to find a treasure chest across from some spikes. Shoot it with you force rod to open it and claim the crayons.

5) Art Exhibit Dungeon: In a room near the top left corner you will have to solve a puzzle with two diamonds to lower the cylinders in front of the treasure chest. Walk up to the top one and drop a stick of dynamite and then run to the bottom one and hit it and if done right they will both be hit about the same time giving you access to the chest and the crayons.

6) Trash Cave Dungeon: They are located in a room in the top right area of the map. You need to solve an ice block challenge to break the crystal over the treasure chest and the crayons are inside.

7) Flooded Basement Dungeon: You will come to a large area with two building like structures with cannons shooting out of them and a treasure chest in the middle of the area. Head up to the locked door in the upper left corner & open the door with a key (or lock pick). The chest inside that room has the crayons.

8) Fancy Ruins Area: There is a hidden cave/hole in the ground to an area right of the portal there. Inside you must defeat a large eye in an area with lots of spike spots on the ground. Once you defeat it, the crystal over the treasure chest will break and the crayons are inside of it.

9) Pepperpain Prairie Area: In the upper right part of it's map there is a spot where you cross a bridge over a salsa lava lake that has a hidden entrance on the other side. Go inside the cave and destroy all the boxes/tables to reveal number squares. Hit them in order to make the crystal break over the treasure chest and get the crayons.

10) Potassium Mine Dungeon: After going through the warp spot, you will come to a room with number pads on the ground. Instead of hitting them, break through the loose rock wall at the top of the screen and enter. Follow the moving conveyor belts until you reach the treasure chest with the crayons inside it.

11) Boiling Grave Dungeon: After defeating the large stone head and dropping the cylinders, make your way across the platform with the spike balls into the next room. There you will find a treasure chest at the bottom of the room. Just hit it with your with melee weapon or a force shot to get the crayons.

12) Slippery Slope Area: They are located in a cave near the center of the map. You have to solve a crystal/pressure plate puzzle to destroy the crystal around the treasure chest holding the crayons.

13) Sunken Labyrinth (Special Dungeon 8): Room with ice block/pressure plate puzzle (next to one with number blocks).

14) Machine Fortress (Special Dungeon 16): In the lower right room of that area you will find a metal Le Bialdo and a metal medusa statue. Defeat Le Bialdo to unlock the door and then go in it. Solve the puzzle door to your right first and go through it, then come back out and solve the one on your left. In the next room will be 6 treasure chest with one them containing the crayons.

15) Dark Hypostyle (Special Dungeon 24): Take the bottom locked door in the main hallway and follow it along it's path. Eventually you will come to a room with a metal Le Bialdo. Defeat it to lower the cylinders at the top of the screen and the crayons are in a chest past that

16) Grand Library Dungeon: Unlock the door labeled "To The Hall of Health...." and go into the portal there. Make your way across the platforms until you reach the treasure chest, shoot it with your force wand to open it and claim the crayons.

17) Lonely Path Area: In the center section where there is the pond with small land areas in, there are three bushes that you can destroy to uncover 3 faces. After uncovering them, rotate them each to right side up to unveil the cave/hole in the ground. Inside you must go around killing medusas and pushing blocks on to the pressure points to lower cylinders through out the maze like area. When you reach the chest, hit the crystal behind the right pillar to destroy crystal covering the chest to get the crayons.

18) Star Woods Area: In the upper right hand corner of area near entrance to Fluffy Fields area, go behind a tree and slash to find the secret cave. Inside solve the crystal puzzle to destroy the crystal on top of the chest and then claim the crayons.

19) Frozen Court: In the section where the warp portal is located, there are 3 bluish evergreen trees around the area. Each one has a number pressure block hidden under it (revealed by slashing at the tree). You must unveil each one and then press them in order to make the cave appear. Once inside the cave, just push the blocks of ice out of your way, light the logs in the corner and then destroy the grass to make your way to the treasure chest and the crayons.

20) Final Secret Boss Level - In order to get the final crayons, you must first obtain the Exploding Flaming Chainsaw Shotgun (EFCS). After that, make your way over to the room with the first of Passels notes where there is a chest with multiple pressure plates. Just fire the EFCS at the cylinders there and they will drop, allowing you to enter and get the crayons.

Once you have collected all 20 of the crayons, the trophy will pop.

Roll continuously for 5 seconds with a single roll. 

Rolling is your main defense in the game and is done by hitting the button, but you only roll for a quick spin. In order to do a longer roll, you must find a hill/stairs and roll down them and hold that direction to keep going. To get one for 5 seconds, you need to find an area with a hill and a long enough flat section with nothing blocking your path.

In the Fluffy Fields area near the top right to where you start there is a hill that will work for trophy. Just go to the top of the hill and roll down and keep going until you run into the wall further across the screen. You might have to try a few times to get it, but once you complete your 5 second roll, the trophy will pop.

Et Tu
Get smacked by a chest. 

Just find any treasure chest that you are able to get behind and open it from the back. When the lid opens, it will hit you and also give you the trophy.

I Feel a Raft
Complete the raft and leave the island. 

You will get this trophy just by playing and finishing the normal game. In order to get the raft pieces required to get you off the island, you will need to visit the 8 regular dungeons on the map, solve their puzzles and defeat their bosses. The dungeons are marked on your map by a marker which shows you where the next one in it's sequence is located (NOTE: You do not have to follow that sequence and can do the first 7 in almost any order your want, but the final one requires you to complete the others before being able to enter). Once you have obtained all 8 pieces of the raft, head back to where you started at to leave the island and get the trophy.

Here is a list of the bosses in each of the dungeons along with tips on how to beat them:

1) Pillow Fort Boss (Cyber Jenny) - She has 4 main attacks: A swipe attack with her cannon ball hand, a spin attack, a missile attack where she fires a bunch of rockets across the screen in a sweep pattern, and an energy ball that she fires right at you. After defeating her a chest will appear with the first Raft Piece.

2) Sand Castle Boss (Le Biadlo) - He is a giant cannon like thing with a diamond on his head. His 3 main attacks are rolling at your and then falling forward to hit in front of him, shooting cannon balls in circles around him and then firing 2 large cannon balls at you back to back. After defeating him, another chest will appear with the second raft piece inside.

3) Art Exhibit Boss (Lenny) - This boss is inside a box like tank. He has 3 different attacks: Firing green balls out of each of it's 4 sides at once, firing a red ball out of whichever side is closest to you (usually done twice) and then lifting up and revealing it's underside to do a shotgun like blast at you. Chest will appear, open it up, enjoy the third raft piece.

4) Trash Cave Boss (Cyber Jenny) - Jenny's back and this time with a few new attacks and a pattern she does them in: She will start out by doing to thrust attacks at you, followed by a semi-homing missile attacks that she does in a sweeping spread attack twice. She will then walk towards you until she is close and do a normal swing attack with her spiked ball and then jump back, followed by two multi energy ball attacks before ending with another missile sweep attack. Just attack her when you can safely and after she falls, the chest will appear and the fourth raft piece is yours.

5) Flooded Basement Boss (Le Biadlo) - Biadlo is back again with a few new tricks up his sleeves. He has new attacks, but repeats the same pattern for them so you know what you are looking for in fighting him. He starts off by spinning around and shooting out laser balls in a circular motion. Next he will do a thrust roll towards you twice, followed by shooting off more electric balls at you in spread pattern increasingly fast. He will then do his thrust forward roll again but will follow each one up by hitting the floor with it's beak and than after those he will do his spinning electric ball attack again. His final attack is he will fire a ball/laser at you three times that does serious damage if it hits you. Once he finishes the third laser he will get dizzy for a short period of time allowing you to attack him with your sword and do some decent damage. Just keep repeating the steps above to avoid his attacks and do damage when you can safely. Once he falls, the chest appears and gives you the fifth raft piece.

6) Potassium Mine Boss (Lenny) - Yup, another repeat boss with new attacks and a set pattern to them. Lenny starts out the battle by shooting out a ton of energy balls all around him, then follows it up by doing two thrust attacks. He then flips his vehicle up and fires off a shotgun like blast from the bottom of it. Next he starts spinning and creates a vortex that pulls you towards him, then follows it up by shooting energy balls out of two of his sides a few times before doing another vortex spin. Finally he shoots out a single set of energy balls in a circular patter twice and then another shotgun blast type attack. Just keep attacking him heavily through most of his attacks and hang back when he does the vortex and ton of energy ball attacks and he should fall pretty quickly. Get the chest and the sixth raft piece.

7) Boiling Grave Boss (Cyber Jenny) - This time around she will start out by spinning around and shooting a lot of semi-homing missiles out at you in a circular pattern before doing a thrust attack followed by a swing attack twice at you. She will then jump back and shoot out energy balls at you in a spread attack and then begin laughing which is a good time to attack quickly to get a few hits in. She will repeat this pattern until you get her down to about 50% health and then change things up a bit and speed her attacks up. She will begin the new pattern by doing two thrust attacks followed by a swing attack, then a sweeping energy ball attack and end with a spinning semi-homing missile attack. After the missiles she will pause for a few seconds and pound her fists together before repeating the attack, so get whatever hits you can in during then before going back on defense. Finish her off to get seventh raft piece.

8) Grand Library (Passel) - There are 3 parts to this boss battle.

The first part is a puzzle section where he will change the room and set up a puzzle you must solve in order to get close enough to hit him. Once you hit him, he will transform the room again and there will be another puzzle you must solve. The nice thing is that each time you hit him he will drop a blue heart so health isn't too much of an issue during this section. He will keep repeating this a bunch of times until he finally moves on to the next part of the battle.

The second part is similar to the first but instead of solving puzzles in order to get close to him, you have to defeat enemies. Just like before, after you hit him he will transform the room and the enemies will be more difficult each time. Unlike last time though, he will not drop health after each hit which means you need to start making sure you avoid taking damage.

The final part of the battle is when he transport you to a room for a one-on-one battle with him. This battle is very easy and you should just focus on attacking him as much as possible while avoiding his few attacks. In the first part of the battle he will throw books at you that will explode where they land and then shoot a bolt of lightning across the ground (he does a laser before hand to show where he's shooting it). When you get him down to about 50% health, he will then change things up slightly. He will start by shooting out three lightning blasts and then throwing out 5 books back to back. Once he finishes with the books, he will begin to stand there and laugh which is your cue to run in and unload until he gets ready to attack again. Just keep attacking and he will fall soon, giving you the final raft piece.

You got photographed. 

There are a bunch of those cardboard displays with the faces cut out that people take funny pictures with scattered all over the island. All you need to do is find one of them and stand behind it so your head shows through. There is one right at the beginning of the game which the video below shows. Once you find one and stand behind it, it will cause the trophy to pop.

Unlock every warp in the Warp Garden. 

There are a total of 10 warp portals scattered across the world map that you need to find. When you come across one, it will light up, indicating that you have found it and opened it up in the Warp Garden. Once you find all 10, the trophy will pop.

Put on an outfit. 

There are many different outfits in the game, each hidden in a secret cave. Just find one of the outfits and then head to the portal in the Sweetwater Coast area. Take the path to the right there, then take the path down. At the bottom of that area there is a tent you can enter and inside will have all the outfits you have found up to that point inside. Walk up to whatever outfit you have collected and hit it to change (you can change back to your original clothes by hitting the ones in the top right corner). Once you do, the trophy will pop.

Secret Trophies
Her Dreaded Highness
Become the queen of adventure. 

Outside of the main game there are 4 additional secret dungeons/bosses you need to go after. In order to enter the first three you need to collect 24 secret shards from hidden caves scattered all over the island (there are more than 24 to find, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time finding them all as long as you keep searching for the secret caves in all areas). The three starting dungeons are represented by black pillar like structures and each have a secret shard number represented with them indicating how many are required to enter that one (8, 16 & 24). The final dungeon requires you have 4 forbidden keys in order to unlock it. You get 3 of the forbidden keys from beating the first three secret dungeons and the final one from beating Passel in the final dungeon of the main game. Once you have all the keys, enter the forbidden dungeon and defeat the boss there. Once she is dead, the trophy will pop.

Here are the locations of the secret dungeons and the forbidden one (Also if you look at the dungeons with the check marks, they will give you an idea of locations for the secret shards):

Here is a list of the bosses in the secret areas and tips on how to defeat them:

1) Sunken Labyrinth (Ultra Mechabun): He will begin the battle by throwing out a dumbbell at you that will bounce around the room a little before exploding. He will then jump someplace in the room and then throw another one. After that he will jump again and pound the ground which will shoot out ground fire in a circular spread pattern before jumping again and throwing out another dumbbell. He will then jump somewhere again and when he lands he will cause an energy circle around him to appear before doing a domed energy attack within that circle, but will then do a posing type thing which is when he is most vulnerable so attack him then for a few hits. Just keep attacking him when you can as he repeats that pattern until he is defeated giving a chest with a forbidden key in it.

2) Machine Fortress (Ultra Mechabun): He begins the battle by throwing out 2 dumbbells back to back that bounce around the room followed by him jumping around two times and then repeat them both before pounding the ground that sends out ground fire in a circular spread attack. He will follow that up by throwing 2 more dumbbells and jumping two more times. When he lands he will do his circular energy dome attack and follow it by his flexing again which means it's time to attack him. Keep going until he falls again and gives you forbidden key number 2.

3) Dark Hypostyle (Ultra Mechabun): Third and final battle with Mechabun, so he's going to up the ante this time around. He starts out the fight by throwing out 3 dumbbells quickly that bounce off the walls before exploding, followed by jumping around and then pounding the ground causing 3 ground fire blasts to shoot out and home in on your for the most part. He will then repeat those moves two more times and after the third ground fire attack he will bring out his domed energy attack followed by a quick flexing, so land a few blows and then get away before he starts up again. Patience is key in this fight as well as doing damage only when it's safe (flexing times). When he falls, the final key is yours.

4) Tomb Of Simulacrum (Simulacrum): This is it, the final and hardest battle in the game. Patience, patience, patience is the absolute key to winning this battle. You need to take your time, pick your spots and land a hit or two before getting back into a defensive mindset. The Simulacrum has a few different modes she uses during the battle and will switch between them when she finishes each of their patterns, so make sure you adjust your strategy accordingly to which one she is currently using.

The first pattern is a fire one. She starts by swinging a fire sword with a long reach three times as she advances towards you. She will then do a flip in one direction and then do two more sword attacks before she begins walking around towards you. Once you are in a decent range from her she will do a flip attack towards you while slamming he sword into the ground in front of her when she lands causing a small fireball around her. She will then repeat those same moves again before switching to another mode.

The second pattern is a energy type one. She starts by firing out energy balls in a spread pattern, does a flip and then starts shooting out a lot of energy balls all around her. After that she will flip again and then fire a laser across the floor at your randomly four times (you can see a line on the ground of where the laser is going to shoot just prior to it). She will then repeat this pattern again before switching to another mode.

The third pattern is a blast one. She will begin by flipping towards you and hitting the ground causing a blast area around where she lands four times. She will then slide towards you until you are near and then will do an good sized energy dome attack. She will then repeat those moves again before switching to another mode.

The fourth pattern is an ice one. She will begin by firing ice chunks out in a circular pattern and then follow that up by flipping towards you and hitting the ground when she lands causing an ice blast area around her three times. She will then repeat those moves before switching again.

She will keep doing those four patterns until you get her down to about 30% health or so and then she will switch to her final pattern (she'll glow and her nails will grow long when this happens). During her this pattern, she will start by disappearing off the screen and then reappearing near you and then do a thrust scissor attack with her nails, flip and do another two thurst scissor attack.She will then slide back and fire a machine gun like amount of energy at/after you. She will then begin to charge up before firing an energy ball at you that when it hits a wall does a large energy dome attack around that area. Finally she will disappear and reappear somewhere on the screen and then fire two sets of 3 ground lasers in a spread type pattern. She will keep repeating this pattern until you finish her off.


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Europe November 15, 2016

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