Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Trophy Guide
Guide By: olsen77 & mendel_skimmel
There are 57 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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-Estimated Trophy Difficulty: N/A
-Offline: 57 (1, 2, 4, 50)
-Online: 0
-Missable trophies: None
-Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+
-Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 15-20 hours.

Introduction - Please Read this First

As I'm sure everyone is now aware, Heavy Rain is not your typical game. The story is driven and changed by the choices that you make, resulting in a myriad of different scenes and endings, which makes collecting trophies a complicated affair. Having said that, this is not a game that should be played solely for trophies. As a result, if you have not played the game through to the end yet, I'll ask that you only read Step 1 of this road map. Once you have played through the game and received whatever trophies and ending you have earned, come back here and continue through the road map and guide for the rest of the trophies. There are a couple things to keep in mind before reading either the road map or the guide:

1. There are no missable trophies. Every chapter can be replayed in order to unlock the different endings and individual trophies. That being said, don't worry about going back and replaying chapters until you have beaten the game once.

2. The trophies aren't glitched. Of course there are exceptions, but for nearly everyone who plays the game, the trophies work fine. Some of the requirements for the trophies are complicated, the controls can be finicky at times, and the trophies don't unlock until the end of the chapter. Before you come in here crying glitch, make absolutely sure you've tried everything, and you've checked to see if other people have had the same problem. The Kamikaze trophy is a perfect example of a trophy that, while tricky, is not glitched.

Step 1 - If you haven't played the game yet, only read this step

This step is simple; all you need to do is go play the game. Experience the story however it unfolds, and make whichever choices that seem right to you. If something goes wrong, keep playing, rather than replaying the chapter. No matter how the game ends, you will unlock certain trophies, so just enjoy the game. If you want to focus on something, you can try to keep all the main characters alive, but if you don't, it can easily be fixed after the fact. Once you've played through to the credits, you can come back here for Step 2.

Step 2 - Four Heroes/The Perfect Crime

The first thing to do is to get the Four Heroes trophy if you haven't already. Provided your first playthrough wasn't a complete catastrophe, this won't take long to get. By following the guide, you'll need to make sure everyone makes it to the final scene alive. Once that's done, you can focus on getting the Perfect Crime trophy, and along the way, the Nerd trophy and the Trial Master trophy, if you haven't already done it. To do this, you'll need to replay the Crime Scene chapter to find all the clues with ARI (make sure you have auto save on here), and then play through the game again, starting at the Hassan's Shop chapter. Follow all of the steps in the Perfect Crime walkthrough, and for each of the Trials, be sure to complete them, if you haven't already, for the Trial Master trophy. When you reach the Mad Jack and Fish Tank scenes, follow the guide to find all the evidence needed, and in Solving the Puzzle, solve the mystery with the evidence in ARI. Once you complete the game after following the steps for The Perfect Crime, those three trophies should unlock.

Step 3 - Missing Individual Trophies

The next thing to take care of are any of the individual scene trophies you may have missed. In a lot of cases, you'll need to just replay a scene and make the opposite choice you did the first time around, or finding something in the scene you missed. In other cases, you'll need to complete a sequence perfectly, like Kamikaze, Ludwig Von, and Invincible Scott. There are two trophies you might want to get out of the way first: Happy Birthday and Kamikaze. In both cases, the scenes are fairly long, and they've given people some trouble. Check the trophy guide for both, but please keep in mind that Happy Birthday will not unlock until the beginning of Scott's chapter.

Step 4 - The Rest of the Endings

At this point, all you should be missing is the All Endings trophy. With the exception of a couple endings, you will only have to replay the game from the Killer's Place chapter onwards to see the rest of the endings. Check the guide for the criteria for each ending.


[PST Would Like to Thank Mendel_Skimmel for this Road Map]


Unlock all trophies (79) 

Unlock all original trophies.

Note: All trophies unlock at the end of each chapter at the loading screen. No trophies are glitched. If you didn't unlock one, it just means you screwed up a QTE too much or didn't complete the requirements exactly. If you're not interested in having parts of the game spoiled for you, then come back after you complete your first playthrough. You shouldn't be gunning for trophies the first time out anyway.

Interactive Drama
Thank you for supporting Interactive Drama (15) 

This will unlock after completing the mall. You can’t miss this.

Finish HEAVY RAIN™ (13) 

Just complete the game. The endings don’t matter.

Four Heroes
Complete the story with four characters alive (14) 

All four characters have to reach the Old Warehouse. Ethan can’t be in jail. Madison has to be alive and know the password to the Origami Killer’s computer (“Max”…you get it from his mother…give her flowers). Norman, Ethan and Scott must all know the address. Norman can find out through ARI or by receiving a call from Madison. Ethan can either complete the trials, receive a call from Madison, or figure it out through the clues at the Rat trial. With Scott, it’s through good old fashioned detective work. Make sure Jayden saves the Origami Killer's life when given the opportunity.

All Endings
See all endings (90) 

If you've followed the road map, you should have the endings that go along with Four Heroes, Trial Master, Nerd, and The Perfect Crime, and you'll have most recently done The Perfect Crime. To get the rest of the endings, you won't need to go any further back than On the Loose. The criteria for the remaining endings is as follows:

After completing "Perfect Crime", you will already have: (New Start, Dead Heroine, Uploaded, Unpunished)

For the following endings, do them in the order below. Don't jump ahead and do #4 before #2. Do them in sequence. Also, make sure that autosave is ON and you don't just jump around from chapter to chapter. You HAVE to play from the specified chapter through the rest of the game. If certain decisions aren't listed here, then consider them optional.

Ending 1 (New Life, Origami Grave, Case Closed):

- Go back to Killer's Place. Madison finds the address on the killer's laptop (password: Max if you don't remember). She has to survive and escape. She has to call either Ethan or Jayden.

- During The Old Warehouse, Ethan saves Shaun. Madison warns Ethan. Jayden wins the fight on the conveyor belt and saves the OK when given the chance. The OK dies.

Ending 2 (Ethan's Grave, Heroine):

- Go back to The Old Warehouse. Madison gets arrested instead of warning Ethan. Jayden fails during the fight with the OK. Ethan gets killed by the police. This is the ending from "So Close...".

Ending 3 (Origami Blues, Smoking Mirror):

- Go back to The Rat. Ethan leaves instead of taking the poison. He also incorrectly guesses at the address of the warehouse where Shaun is.

- Solving the Puzzle - Jayden gives up.

- Killer's Place - Madison dies.

Ending 4 (Tears in Rain): 

- After doing Ending #3, go back to Killer's Place. Have Madison escape, but she doesn't look at the laptop to find the address.

Ending 5 (Helpless, Square One, A Mother's Revenge):

- Go back to On the Loose. Ethan kisses and then forgives Madison. Ethan gets arrested.

- Trapped - Shelby saves Lauren. See "Swimming Instructor".

- Solving the Puzzle - Jayden gives up.

- Killer's Place - Madison escapes, but doesn't find the address on the laptop.

Ending 6 (Innocent, Heroine, Resignation):

- Go back to Killer's Place. Madison gets the address from the laptop, escapes, but doesn't call either Ethan or Jayden. She has to go to the warehouse alone.

- The Old Warehouse - Madison rescues Shaun. When given the opportunity, Madison saves the OK. The OK dies in the end.

Note: For Heroine to unlock, you have to see both Heroine sequences (the interview and the signing).

Secret Trophies
Happy Birthday
Prologue - Complete the drawing + Set the table + Play with kids (25) 

After you wake up, take a shower and get dressed, head downstairs to go into Ethan’s office. At the bottom of the stairs, take a left (Ethan’s left) through the living room and go all the way to the windows. Now, take a left and keep going all the way back until you’re in Ethan’s office. Sit down at his table and start drawing. Every time he stops, keep doing so until he signs his name. Wander around until your wife and kids come home. After you help her with the groceries, she’ll ask you to set the table. The cabinet with the plates is next to the kitchen table. Open it and gently set the plates out. After the table is set, go outside and play with the kids. When it’s time to play with Shaun, run around the yard with him until you’re prompted to put him down. Don’t put him down right away. You HAVE to run around with him for a set amount of time for this trophy to unlock. During your swordfight, you have to win.

Note: This trophy unlocks after completing Father and Son.

Replay Chapter: Prologue

Good Father
Father and Son - Follow the schedule with Shaun and put him to bed in a good mood (9) 

When you bring him home from school, there will be a small blackboard in the kitchen with his schedule. There is a clock in the living room and one in the kitchen to check the time. At 4:30, he gets his snack. You’ll find chips or a granola bar in one of the cupboards. There's also an orange you can give him that's in the bowl of fruit on the counter. At 6:00, he does his homework. Tell him to do it now and sit with him while he does it. At 7:00, he eats dinner. That will be in the refrigerator. At 8:00, it’s his bedtime. Make sure to go upstairs with him. When he asks for his teddy bear, it’s downstairs on the washing machine. Tuck him in after you bring him the bear.

Replay Chapter: Father and Son

White Knight
Sleazy Place - Beat Troy  

After you leave Lauren’s room, a man will show up and force his way into her room. You can leave if you want to, but if you do, no trophy for you. Go back into the room and start a fight with him. Complete the quicktime events until Troy runs off.

Replay Chapter: Sleazy Place

Private Eye
Sleazy Place - Lead Lauren to talk about her son  

You’ll need to ask certain questions of Lauren to get her to talk. Select Compassionate and then Trick when they’re options. She’ll talk about her son who is one of the victims of the Origami Killer.

Note: This will actually take place before"White Knight" even though it appears after it on the trophy list.

Replay Chapter: Sleazy Place

FBI Investigator
Crime Scene - Find all clues related to the Origami Killer in the scene (3) 

After you finish talking to Detective Blake enter ARI mode and use to make clues show up. The list of what you'll need is below.


- Inside the white tent: The boy's face.

- Inside the white tent: The orchid on the boy's chest.

- Inside the white tent: The origami figure in the boy's hand.

- Inside the white tent: The boy's hand a second time.

- Inside the white tent: The cut on the boy's leg.


- Follow the orchid pollen trail.

- The blood stain on the train tracks.

- The foot prints next to the train tracks.

- The blood stain on the fence.


- Up the hill: The footprints.

- Up the hill: The tire tracks.

Replay Chapter: Crime Scene
Good Friends
The Park - Play two games with Shaun successfully and buy him candy  

You’ll have a few options of games to play. The see saw is right in front of you. Just past that, is the merry go round. As long as you complete the QTE’s, there’ll be no need for another. Just in case though, there is also the swing set. After completing two of them, buy Shaun some candy, give it to him, and then complete the scene.

Replay Chapter: The Park

Got To Remember!
Welcome, Norman! - Remember the time it was at the park and what Shaun was wearing (2) 

At the end of Jayden’s scene in the police station, Ethan will come in to be questioned by Blake. He’ll be asked questions about the park that you’ll have to answer correctly. The answers are listed below.

- Time: 4:15
- Jacket: Beige
- Pants: Green

Replay Chapter: Welcome, Norman!

Hassan's Shop - Persuade the Robber to leave (16) 

As Scott, you’ll be in a liquor store looking for asthma medicine. When you go to look for it, a robber will enter the store. Go up and try to attack him from behind. You can knock the robber out, but if that doesn’t work, you’ll have to negotiate with him. Nice, Help, Reason, Calm and Name. After Name, select Killer and then Drop His Weapon.

Replay Chapter: Hassan's Shop

Paparazzi - Leave home without being spotted by the journalists (6) 

Leave through the backdoor in the kitchen, then climb over the fence on the right side of the screen. Make your way through the alley to your car and get in.

Replay Chapter: Paparazzi

Lexington Station - Knock down at least 50 passers-by (17) 

When you see Jason, time will seem to freeze in your panic attack. Everyone in the station will be standing still. Quickly run around and into 50 people. There are plenty of people behind towards the statue. You have a limited amount of time to do this, so be quick about it.

Replay Chapter: Lexington Station

Lucky Locker
Lexington Station - Find the correct locker on first try (2) 

The number on the locker is 18-03. You’re looking for line 18 and locker number 3. Line 18 is in the back on the left. Go all the way down and take the last aisle on the left (sign will be 05). Go to the end and take another left (at 19). Locker 03 will be just around the corner where the arrows are. Push Up on when you see them.

Replay Chapter: Lexington Station

Nathaniel - Shoot Nathaniel (3) 

When Nathaniel pulls his gun on Blake, push .

Replay Chapter: Nathaniel

Self Control
Nathaniel - Do not shoot Nathaniel (2) 

You’ll be in his apartment when Nathaniel walks in. He’ll pull a gun on Blake. Convince him to put the gun down. Psychology (x2), Reassure followed by Calm Down, Back Away, Gun Down, and Turnaround. Whatever you do, DO NOT PUSH .

Replay Chapter: Nathaniel

Baby Master
Suicide Baby - Make no mistakes taking care of the baby (20) 

After taking care of Mrs. Bowles, she'll ask you to check on her baby, Emily. Head over to the crib in the living room. Change Emily's diapers, then get her bottle (found in the kitchen) and feed her, and then rock her to sleep. Don't make any mistakes during the QTE.

Replay Chapter: Suicide Baby

The Bear - Take the best route on the highway (90) 

This is a difficult trophy if you don't know the route and because little things can mess you up. Fortunately, FiftyQuid (all credit goes to him for putting this together) has compiled a list of EXACTLY what you need to do to. This has been tested by him and by me and is verified. As long as you follow this list, you'll be ok. You can pause the game after each selection to make sure you know what's coming next. Also, make sure that your controller is perfectly flat and not tilted at all. If it's tilted and not completely flat and facing your TV, then some of the tilt sections may not register (thanks to GorgeousDre for the tip).

Note: The list below is for this sequence on the hardest difficulty.

Replay Chapter: The Bear

- Left

- Tilt right

- Right

- Left (Your car will get hit here. Don't worry about it.)

- Tilt left

- Tilt right

- Tilt left/right repeatedly. (This is the part where your car is fishtailing and you need to get it in a straight line again)

- GPS will say "You still have 4 miles to go until you reach your destination.

- Tilt left

- Cut scene of some guy changing his tires

- Tilt right

- Left at the barrier

- R2

- Tilt right

- Tilt left

- Tilt right

- Tilt left

- GPS will say "You still have 3 miles until you reach your destination"

- Quick cut scene of hubcap flying off a car

- L2

- Right

- GPS will say "You still have 2 miles until you reach your destination"

- Right

- Tilt left

- Cut scene of toll booths

- Right

- Cut scene of cop cars making a u-turn to chase you

- Tilt left THEN Tilt right or Tilt right THEN Tilt left to avoid the police cars chasing you. (This one is causing a lot of people grief. It is tricky, but only because the QTE is being misunderstood. A lot of people say your controller must be absolutely flat. This is true. However, some people are saying they got it by going right, some swear they got it by going left. What these people don't realize is that they did both. The trick is to do BOTH. The QTEs displayed are not a choice. You don't choose one or the other, they are both there because you are supposed to choose BOTH. Basically you want to slowly 'wiggle' your car side to side. My recommendation? The camera will go to the in-car view, then the QTE events x2 will appear. SLOWLY tilt right, then left. The camera should cut to the outside and your car will swerve away from the police car without bumping fenders. If you get hit you need to start again. DO NOT get hit by the police car. If you do, the trophy will not pop).

- R2

- Tilt right

- Left or Right (Barricade of police cars. It doesn't matter which direction you choose).

- Quick cut scene of a cop shooting out your tire. Be ready! The next set of QTEs come very quickly. Everything past here is just a bonus. It is not necessary for the trophy.

- L2

- Tilt right

- Tilt left

- L2

- Tilt left

Good Driver
The Bear - Complete the Bear Trial successfully (2) 

During this trial, you’ll be driving into oncoming traffic. Hit all of the QTE without failing or else you’ll crash. The prompts are mostly pointing to the right or left with , but there are a few where you have to tilt the SIXAXIS in that direction like it’s a steering wheel.

Replay Chapter: The Bear

Cat & Mouse
Covered Market - Beat Korda in the cold storage (2) 

Just complete the QTE after chasing Korda down. It’s similar to the other fights you’ve been in.

Replay Chapter: Covered Market

Tough Guy
Kramer's Party - Defeat Gordi's bodyguards (1) 

After speaking with Gordi, his bodyguards come in to escort you out. Complete the QTE without failing to win the fight.

Replay Chapter: Kramer's Party

The Butterfly - Give up or fail the Butterfly Trial (5) 

First you’ll have to crawl through a tunnel filled with broken glass. Don’t move too quickly or else you’ll get hurt too much and you’ll die. When you reach intersections in the pipes, light a match and continue crawling in the direction the flame is pointing. When you reach the end, you’ll have to make it through a transformer maze.

When you jump down to the transformer maze, you can either go through the door that says "Coward" or fail enough of the QTE's while trying to get through the maze. If you choose to walk through the door, select the Leave prompt.

Replay Chapter: The Butterfly

The Butterfly - Complete the Butterfly Trial successfully (10) 

First you’ll have to crawl through a tunnel filled with broken glass. Don’t move too quickly or else you’ll get hurt too much and you’ll die. When you reach intersections in the pipes, light a match and continue crawling in the direction the flame is pointing. When you reach the end, you’ll have to make it through a transformer maze. Push to cycle around and see which direction is not electrified. The QTE’s for this one are hard and you’ll need some dexterity in your hands you probably didn’t know you have. If you're having trouble, use the map below to get through the maze (thanks to NEFFR for the quicker route).

Note: If you play on the lowest difficulty, then the QTE's will be much easier. You'll still be stretching your hands, but they'll be easier.

Replay Chapter: The Butterfly

Good Cop
Shrink and Punches - Stop Blake from hitting Dupre  

When Blake starts to hit Dupre, intervene and convince him to stop.

Replay Chapter: Shrink and Punches

Bad Cop
Shrink and Punches - Do not stop Blake from hitting Dupré (2) 

Just...well, do nothing. Seriously. Jump in the early part of the conversation, but as soon as Blake starts hitting Dupre, take a bathroom break. Don't push any buttons. Don't interfere at all. Just let him pummel Dupre.

Replay Chapter: Shrink and Punches

Gold Finger
The Lizard - Cut your finger using axe, knife or pliers + disinfect or cauterize the wound (4) 

Feeling brutal? Ok. This trial demands sacrifice. You'll have to cut off a finger in front of the camera to complete it. First, find the metal bar. It's to the left of the table on the ground. Pick it up and take it into the kitchen. Heat it on the stove until it's glowing red and then take it back to the table. There is also the disinfectant which is in the medicine cabinet in the bathroom or a flask of alcohol in the kitchen cabinets. After that, pick your instrument of choice. The knife is stuck in the kitchen wall right next to the stove. The axe is behind you when you're at the table. It's right next to the broken TV, but on the floor to the right of it. The pliers are on the TV stand to the left of it. Whichever instrument you choose, sit down at the table and lop one of your fingers off. If you haven't seen Ethan writhing in pain enough and screaming, just reach over and have him cauterize the wound on the heated bar.

Replay Chapter: The Lizard

The Lizard - Cut your finger using saw or scissors (4) 

Feeling even more brutal? Ok. This trial demands sacrifice. You'll have to cut off a finger in front of the camera to complete it. You have a choice of items here. You can either use the saw or the scissors. The saw is on the ground to the right of the table. The scissors are in the bathroom sink. Bring either or both back to the table and choose one to send that little piggy crying all the way home.

Replay Chapter: The Lizard

Manage to escape Blake in the subway station (2) 

As Madison, move the large pieces of wood away from the window. As soon as it's clear enough so that you can you try to jump up to it. It's still too high though. There's a red box near Ethan. Move it to the window and then you can climb out. Make your way down the street and go through the first gap in the cars that you come to. Then turn left, take the first gap, then turn right. Take the first gap, then turn left and head into the subway station. As you go in, head to the turnstiles on the left and go through. Once you're down on the platform, climb down onto the tracks and go across to the next platform. Once you're on another subway car, you'll be safe. Just keep moving.


Replay Chapter: Fugitive

Hands Up!
Fugitive or On the Loose - Get arrested by Blake (4) 

After the Lizard trial, you’ll take over Madison to help Ethan escape. After you move the red box to the window, you can stand there and wait for the police to come in. If you get out the window, you can also get caught. If you go too far along the bus, you'll get caught. If you're too slow getting across the tracks, you'll get caught. Or, you can just stand there and wait for the cops to catch you.

Replay Chapter: Fugitive on the Loose

Ludwig Von
Jayden Blues - Play the piano without a wrong note (9) 

While Jayden is playing the piano, correctly hit all of the button presses. All of them will be and if you play on the lowest difficulty, but they’ll come pretty quickly.

Replay Chapter: Jayden Blues

Jayden Blues - Resist Triptocaine (2) 

Note: If you were arrested in Fugitive, then this scene won't be available to you. You have to escape into the subway.

Jayden is analyzing the clues surrounding Shaun's disappearance. After he's done, his nose will begin to bleed and he'll have the urge to get high. Resist. Follow the QTE's. The easiest way to do this is get Jayden to the shower. Go into the bathroom and turn right. The shower is around the corner.

Replay Chapter: Jayden Blues

Wise Guy
Under Arrest - Switch the camera off in the surveillance room before saving Ethan (8) 

Note: If you unlocked the "Fugitive" trophy, this scene won't be available to you.

Exit the interrogation room and turn to Jayden’s left. When you reach the end of the green wall on Jayden’s left, turn the corner and enter the door that is there. Walk up behind the camera and switch it off.

Replay Chapter: Under Arrest

I'm a Killer...
The Shark - Kill the Drug Dealer (4) 

Complete the QTE’s during the gunfight and chase. When the Dealer runs out of ammo and you’re prompted to do so, push .

Replay Chapter: The Shark

I'm Not a Killer!
The Shark - Do not kill the Drug Dealer 

Complete the QTE's during the gunfight and chase. When the Dealer runs out of ammo, DO NOT push . Instead, move the in the indicated direction to knock him out and leave.

Replay Chapter: The Shark

Smart Girl
The Doc - Do not drink the Doc's beverage  

Accept the drink from the Doc but don’t drink it. When he asks if you’re not drinking, say No.

Replay Chapter: The Doc

Queen of Ropes
The Doc - Escape before the Doc returns (3) 

Madison is tied to a table. The Doc wants to perform surgery on her but he’s at the door with a visitor. Follow the QTE’s to escape. Start with her right leg. That’s where the ropes are loose. Continue through the QTE’s from there.

Replay Chapter: The Doc

Goodbye Mad Jack
Mad Jack - Survive the fights against Mad Jack (5) 

After talking to Mad Jack the first time, take out ARI and push . You'll see a blood trail that goes into the acid bath to Jayden's left. Take a look inside and Jack will hit you starting the first part of the fight. When you have the gun on him, select Impress as soon as you see it. When Jayden's nose starts to bleed, don't press . If you push the indicated button, you won't get this trophy. It says "fights", not "fight". This will trigger a new scene where Jayden is trapped. Go for the glove box to get the gun. Follow the QTE's to escape and in the second part of the fight.

Note: If you're going for "Nerd", make sure you find all of the clues before looking in the acid bath.

Replay Chapter: Mad Jack

The Chef
Eureka - Prepare a good omelet on time (10) 

When Lauren leaves to take a shower, go into the kitchen and make some eggs. Ignore everything else and just follow the QTE’s. Finish them up and put them on the table before she gets out of the shower.

Replay Chapter: Eureka

I'm not Scared!
Twins - Follow your brother without making any mistakes (27) 

This chapter is a flashback to John Sheppard. You're his twin brother and the two of you are running around a construction site playing. Follow the QTE's to get through it. The only thing you haven't done before is use the SIXAXIS to keep your balance. Just keep the controller level and you'll be fine.

Replay Chapter: Twins

Pride Saved
Sexy Girl - Take off no more than one item of clothing during the strip-tease (11) 

When Madison is forced to strip, start by unbuttoning her shirt. You’ll see an option for Lamp. Follow the QTE until she grabs the lamp. All done.

Replay Chapter: Sexy Girl

On the Loose - Do not forgive Madison (14) 

Note: You'll have to kiss Madison for this to become available.

After Ethan discovers why Madison is there, choose to not forgive her. Select Reject.

Replay Chapter: On the Loose

Lover Boy
On the Loose - Forgive Madison (3) 

Note: You'll have to kiss Madison for this to become available.

After you find out about Madison, you’ll have a choice to forgive her or reject her. Forgive her.

Replay Chapter: On the Loose

Escape Master
On the Loose - Escape the police at the motel (1) 

Go through the QTE’s until you’re cornered by Blake. Choose to Jump.

Replay Chapter: On the Loose

Swimming Instructor
Trapped - Save Lauren underwater (6) 

First, you have to get yourself untied. Break the speedometer and cut the ropes. You can get out if you want, but don't. Untie Lauren, then break the window.

Replay Chapter: Trapped

Invincible Scott
Face to Face - Do not get shot in Kramer's villa (4) 

Welcome to Metal Gear Shelby...or Die Hard With a Shelby. Press the buttons as they pop up screen to not get shot. Guards come from everywhere and as long as you push a button when it appears on the screen, you’ll make it through without getting shot.

Replay Chapter: Face to Face

Kind Hearted
Face to Face - Give Kramer his medicine (2) 

After confronting Kramer, he’ll have a heart attack. Go to the desk and get his medicine from the top drawer on the right, then bring it back to Kramer.

Replay Chapter: Face to Face

The Rat - Drink the poison (5) 

This is your final trial. Simply drink the poison that is on the table.

Note: This will unlock after "Killer's Place".

Replay Chapter: The Rat

Clever Dad
The Rat - Work out where Shaun is held (12) 

Leave the room instead of taking the vial of poison. Look at the clues that the Origami Killer has left you. Listen to the sounds on the phone. The fog horns should give a ginormous clue. Completing more trials narrows down the choices. The more trials you didn't finish, the more address you'll have to guess from. But if you can't figure out the correct address, then the address you're looking for is 852 Theodore Roosevelt Road.

Note: This will unlock after "Killer's Place".

Replay Chapter: The Rat

Cold as Ice
Killer's Place - Survive the explosion by hiding in the fridge (1) 

Madison is trapped in the Origami Killer’s apartment. He’s set it on fire, rigged a propane tank to explode and you have to escape. First, pick up the box next to the computer and walk to the wall behind you. Use the box to bang a hole in the wall. Open the door in the bathroom and make your way to the chair and push it over. You won’t be able to go out the window, so don’t bother. Go to the door to the living room and make your way behind the desk. Push over the file cabinets and use them to get across the room. Go into the kitchen and open the fridge. Get everything out and hide in there.

Replay Chapter: Killer's Place

Simple Mind
The Old Warehouse - Save the Origami Killer before he falls, with Jayden or Madison (3) 

When you’re fighting the Origami Killer on the machinery, he/she will fall and be hanging over a metal crusher. Pull the Killer up before they fall.

Replay Chapter: The Old Warehouse

So Close...
The Old Warehouse - Reach the end with all characters... and fail (7) 

This trophy has a few steps involved. You need all four characters to make it to The Old Warehouse. While Jayden is fighting the Origami Killer, don't push any buttons. Let him be killed. While Madison is trying to convince Blake that Ethan is innocent, let her get arrested. After rescuing Shaun, resuscitate him and carry him out. Have Ethan put him down before opening the door. Doing those three things will earn you this trophy (and a few new endings, so make sure you're saving if you're doing this on Chapter Select).

Replay Chapter: The Old Warehouse

Trial Master
Succeeded in all Ethan's trials (9) 

Complete all five of the trials. You can’t fail any of them. Make it through the Bear without crashing, through the transformer maze in the Butterfly, cut off a finger in the Lizard, kill the Dealer in the Shark and drink the poison in the Rat.

Replay Chapters: The Bear, The Butterfly, The Lizard, The Shark, and the Rat

Find all clues using ARI (Crime scene + Mad Jack + Fish tank) and find the Origami Killer (14) 

In the three scenes where you’re investigating as Norman, completely investigate the crime scene. Keeping ARI on and use to scan everything. Step one is getting the “FBI Investigator” trophy. Step two is in Mad Jack’s garage. Step three is in Paco’s office in "Fish Tank". After that, piece it all together in "Solving the Puzzle". The lists of clues are below. Be aware that if you miss any clues and have to go back to a chapter, then you have to continue playing from that chapter on. You can't jump from chapter to chapter as the changes you make won't save.

Crime Scene

- Inside the white tent: The boy's face.

- Inside the white tent: The orchid on the boy's chest.

- Inside the white tent: The origami figure in the boy's hand.

- Inside the white tent: The boy's hand a second time.

- Inside the white tent: The cut on the boy's leg.

- Follow the orchid pollen trail.

- The blood stain on the train tracks.

- The foot prints next to the train tracks.

- The blood stain on the fence.

- Up the hill: The footprints.

- Up the hill: The tire tracks.


Mad Jack

- The three parts of the blood trail leading to the acid bath (don't look in the acid bath just yet).

- The orchid pollen near the back of the garage.

- The paint near the back of the garage.

- The tire tracks near the paint.

- Mad Jack's fingerprints, footprints, the other tire tracks and the visitor's footprints are optional. They may not be required, but do them just in case.


Fish Tank

- You have to win the QTE fight and tear the Origami Killer's coat so the gas station receipts fall out.

- The gas station receipts.

- The orchid pollen near the desk.

- The scattered papers on the floor.

- The OK's gun near the door.

- The .45 caliber shell also near the door.


Solving the Puzzle

- Go to "Clues".

- Analyze and geoanalyze the gas station receipts.

- Analyze the OK's gun.

- Scroll over to "The Killer is or was a cop" option. Select "Investigate Further".

- Geoanalyze "The Killer is or was a cop" option.

Replay Chapters: Crime Scene, Mad Jack, and Fish Tank
Saved the Kid
Save Shaun (8) 

Find and rescue Shaun with one of the characters. There will be a metal bar off to the right side of the tank he’s in. Use that to break the lock. If you have to perform CPR on him, just follow the QTE’s.

Replay Chapter: The Old Warehouse

Perfect Crime
Clean Manfred's shop of evidence + Let Lauren, Hassan and Kramer die + Kill Madison and Jayden (80) 

For this trophy, the ultimate goal is to let the Origami Killer to walk free, with nothing tying him to the crimes. To do this, you'll need to play through the game again with autosave on, starting with the Hassan's Shop chapter. You will then need to ensure that the following events occur:

- Hassan's Shop: Don't intervene, and just let the scene play out while you stay at the back of the store.

- Fugitive: Don't get away. When you get to the street, just wait.

- Manfred: Clean up all the evidence that you were there. Remember there are two phones, the magnifying glass, the whiskey bottle and shot glasses, the ballerina, the bathroom door if you use it, the glass case Lauren is leaning against, the window in the office and the front door.

- On the Loose: Do some making out with your friend, forgive them afterwards, and then escape.

- Trapped: Get out of the car by yourself.

- Face to Face: Don't get the man his medicine.

- Killer's Place: You need to stay where you are and just wait until the scene ends.

- Old Warehouse: Fail Jayden's sequence on the conveyor belt. Ethan needs to rescue Shaun.

Note: You cannot chapter select to skip through the game. You HAVE to play from Hassan's Shop through to the end. Make sure Autosave is on.

Game Info
Quantic Dream


US February 23, 2010
Europe February 24, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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