Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.

Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. Trophy Guide
Guide By: Dagger & FARAZ_1994
There are 51 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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This Roadmap has been made by and belongs to Dagger completely. It should help you out on getting some of the trophies.

-Estimated Trophy Difficulty 5.7/10
-Total Trophies 51 (40, 8 , 2 , 1 )
-Offline Trophies 22
-Online Trophies 28
-Approx Time to Platinum 30-45 Hours
-Number of playthroughs needed - 1
-Number of missable trophies - None
-Glitched Trophies - None
-Cheats disable trophies - No Cheats Available

This game can be very difficult to begin with, so it is better if you start playing the campaign first as you'd probably get mauled online. Once you pick up a few skills you can try and play online. HAWX can be completed in one playthrough as Elite difficulty is unlocked from the start. It is better if you play in co-op but you can only get the trophies for missions if you have unlocked it. Online is the tricky part and will take up to 30 hours with boosting. If you are no good at this game then good luck, as you'll need a lot of it.

For the boosting thread click here.

There are a couple of ways that you could go about playing this game: the co-op way or playing solo. I played co-op. It was very useful as you don't have to start from the last checkpoint after you die as long as another person on the team is still in the air.

Play Through Solo:
Well if you want to get a hang of the mechanics of this game, play the first mission which is a simple tutorial style mission designed to help you get to grips with the game. Play this on Elite difficulty. Elite difficulty really isn't that much more difficult and can be done alone. The only change is that you will start with less ammo and can get shot down easier. So just preserve ammo for when it's really needed. Only resort to JS Missiles when you have to, as they are completely useless and you have to get into close range of the enemy who are usually in groups. The missions vary, with some being very difficult testing your patience, while others you can just breeze through.

To get the the Afterburner trophy just pick one of the faster planes, (4-5 Speed rating) and fly around on missions or free play. If you really don't want to work on this then do it the lazy man's way. Tape R2 and R1 down and do something else. This could also be gotten through general play.

To get the Practice makes perfect trophy, just go onto the mission called OFF Certification. This mission lasts around 10 minutes so do this 6 times or just don't kill any of the enemies as their drones and will not shoot back.

If you are really struggling with the game don't worry as you can go on co-op and finish the missions that way. IMPORTANT: People should note that if you haven't completed let's say 'Mission 10' and complete 'Mission 12' on co-op you will not receive the trophy, as you have to have the map previously unlocked.

The worst part of trying to get the platinum is the amount of time you need to put into then multiplayer section. Trophies like 'General of the Airforce' and 'Counter support ace' will require a lot of skill and luck. The General of the Airforce trophy can be quickly gotten by boosting and is helpful and easier to get platinum by doing so.

For the method of easily getting General of the Airforce click here.

The trophies I would say that are better off boosted are Sitting Ducks, Evasion Ace, Counter support ace and General of the Airforce. All the others can be done without but may just take time.

- Sitting Duck's is probably the most challenging trophy of this game as it takes an awful amount of luck. When boosting this, make sure to have at least 3 players including yourself and the person getting the trophy is on the team by his/her self. Make sure that the team with one person is loosing but don't worry about how much. I found it easier to get the EMP strike available when I had 10 kills against me then killed the team ace, but it comes randomly. The other way is to wait for a good moment in a match when you have EMP strike ready.

- Counter Support ace is fairly easy and just requires the use of a perk whilst the enemy has their perk on. There is also the challenge where you have to kill 3 enemy repair drones in a row. You are able to die so just wait until the enemy sends out repair drones and get at least one. You should be able to take down 3 in one match. Make sure you kill no other enemies whilst killing the drones though.

Tips for playing MP without boosting:
For easy XP I would use a heavily armoured plane and try to get kill streaks, as that will boost your XP more each time. You can also get streaks for using the T.O.P (Target Override Pod) and Deflect streaks which is much easier to do. If you only have a few more levels to go to get to level 40, then just finish some campaign or co-op challenges. These can give up to 5000xp each. REMEMBER - Practice makes perfect and don't give up on trying to get them all.

Okay so here is a run-down of what I would do:

1 - Play co-op elite campaign and finish that.
2 - Get the Afterburner and Practice Makes Perfect trophies.
3 - Get the online ones, certain amount of kills with each weapon, one at a time.
4 - Play online trying to pick up as many trophies as possible.
5 - Boost with a partner or keep going and try your luck with the harder online trophies.
6 - Finish off campaign challenges to get to level 40.
7 - Lick the TV whilst looking at the platinum.

[PST Would Like To Thank Dagger For This Roadmap]

Validated aspirations
Acquire all the Bronze, Silver and Gold trophies. (2) 

This trophy is as simple as every other platinum trophy. Only requirement needed is to obtain every other trophy within this game. Good luck!

Operation Ghost Rider
Finish the 1st mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite difficulty setting. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Team player
Complete a mission on coop mode. 

Basically, co-op mode is when you go through a level/mission with other players online. There can be a maximum of 4 people in one lobby. Choose any mission of your choice, complete it with a minimum of one other player and this trophy is yours.

Operation Adder
Unlock and finish the 2nd mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Cobalt
Unlock and finish the 3rd mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Blacklight
Unlock and finish the 4th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

OFF certification
Unlock and finish the 5th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 


See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Glass Hammer
Unlock and finish the 6th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Backfire
Unlock and finish the 7th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Ulysses
Unlock and finish the 8th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Stiletto
Unlock and finish the 9th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Red Eagle
Unlock and finish the 10th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 


See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Torchlight
Unlock and finish the 11th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Iron Arrow
Unlock and finish the 12th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Backhand
Unlock and finish the 14th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Thunderbolt
Unlock and finish the 15th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Wildhorse
Unlock and finish the 16th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Javelin
Unlock and finish the 17th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Operation Twilight
Unlock and finish the 18th mission of the Campaign on Normal, Hard, or Elite. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

Practice makes perfect
Spend 1 hour flying in Assistance OFF mode. (1) 

To fly in assistance off mode you will have to double tap the button. Now, you can get this if you regularly switch off assistance across all the levels. If Assistance OFF mode is not your thing however, you can simply choose the free roam mode, select any chapter of your liking, switch off assistance and set up the controller in such a way that the button is held down. Then, you can just sit back and relax.


Fly faster than Mach 2 for 1 hour in campaign. (1) 

The requirements say to Fly faster than a Mach 2 in the game for over an hour. This is approximately 2500km/h and the best planes to use for this are the Mig 25 and the YF12A. This cannot be done in multiplayer but a a good way to do this without being killed by AI in a mission is to play the mission 'Assistance Off' as no people will attack you. A good tip for this trophy is to use an elastic band and once you have made the speed go around in a loop with the plane and place the elastic band on the controller to hold the buttons in place.

Campaign Complete: Normal
Complete all the campaign missions on Normal difficulty. 

See "Extreme Challenge".

General of the Airforce
Become "General of the Airforce" (level 40). (1) 

To get to level 40 you need to earn 1,399,476 XP with the levels getting increasingly harder as you progress. To begin with, doing challenges is the best way to earn points but then it comes the time when you need to just boost constantly to earn the amount needed. Here is a good method for earning this trophy: LINK

The hard way
Complete all the campaign missions on Hard difficulty. 

See ''Extreme Challenge''.

Extreme challenge
Complete all the campaign missions on Elite difficulty. 

You must complete every single chapter in the campaign (18 chapters) on the hardest difficulty available, "Elite" in order to earn this trophy. There are in total 20 other trophies that are directly linked to this trophy. You will earn the 18 trophies for completing each of the 18 chapters. The other 2 trophies are obtained for completing the campaign on "Normal", and "Hard", both of which you will automatically earn once you complete the campaign on "Elite".


Now, you don't need to be alarmed as Elite is not as hard as it sounds. There are however a few differences between "Elite" and the lower difficulties. In this case, you will be given much less ammo than you normally would, lower health and the enemies will obviously be much more skilled. None of the chapters are too challenging except for one chapter which I found difficult, Chapter 14.


You should consider doing this in co-op mode so it's easier. Other then that one chapter nothing is too time-consuming or stressful. By doing so you will also earn the "Team Player" trophy. There are 2 ways you can go about completing the campaign, Solo or co-op.


Solo Play


If you want to go through the campaign solo as you're feeling the need to challenge yourself, then go right ahead, but be warned, it'll take a lot longer and will be more difficult then when you are player in co-op mode. A few things you should always remember.

- DO NOT use assistance off mode as you will get massacred if you do so. The reason being that it is much harder to aim and you basically have to fly on instinct. and trust me, that is not the way you would want to fly when playing on "Elite".

- Multi AA missiles are your friends, use them in every level that has a large number of enemies as you can kill up to 4 enemies at a time.

- Radar Guided Missiles should be used whenever you need to kill enemies/armed turrets on the ground, but only when they have a large reticle (large yellow ring) around them indicating the range at which the turret can spot you. This will reduce the risk of you being shot down.

- Joint Strike Missiles should always be large in number in which ever plane you decide to choose as these are very necessary when playing chapters with many enemies.

Co-op Mode

- Naturally, this will be much easier as you can have a maximum of 3 other people helping you. It will basically be a piece of cake unless you have very unskilled partners. Again, keep all the tips I mentioned in the "Solo Play" section of this trophy in mind.

Thanks to FARAZ_1994 for the description of this trophy.

TDM rookie
Win a Team Deathmatch game. 

Pretty straightforward. Enter the online mode, select "Team Deathmatch". Your TEAM has to win, not you so don't worry about that. You will have to remain in the Team Deathmatch from the beginning to the end in order to obtain this trophy. Joining in the middle of the match and winning will not net you this trophy.

Support ace
Call in every support element at least once. 

Support Elements are items which give you an advantage over your enemies. When you get a certain amount of points, the game randomly selects a support element to give to you. Every support element is relatively easy to obtain except for the EMP. It seems that some support elements have higher probabilities of being selected than others. This may explain why EMPs aren't very common. Keep at it and once you have used every support element once, this trophy is yours. Here are the support elements that you will need to call in:

Repair Drone (All Damage done to your plane is repaired and the plane has full health)

Altitude Limiter (Limits the altitude at which enemy planes can fly)

Radar (All enemies show up on your Map)

Radar Jamming (Disables enemy Radar)

Cannon Upgrade (Cannon damage increased + more ammo)

EMP Strike (An electro-magnetic pulse is sent out that temporarily disables all enemy planes)

Cannon ace
Destroy 50 enemies with the cannon in multiplayer matches. 

This must be done online. This weapon in particular is quite annoying to obtain kills with. Although the "Cannon" sounds lethal or missile-like, it isn't. The cannon is actually a turret/machine gun mounted on the wings of the plane. You can only get kills with this if your enemy is close by as it does not have a large range and it is quite inaccurate. If you are going for this trophy, I suggest you pick on one specific enemy, damage him first with a Joint Strike Missile, and then finish him off with the cannon when he is close enough. If you are having a hard time with this, you could find boosting partners through THIS thread.

Joint Strike missile ace
Score 135 kills with Joint Strike missiles in multiplayer matches. 

This is probably the first weapon related trophy you will obtain as you play online. The reason for this is that the Joint Strike Missile is the most commonly used weapon, and is available with most of the planes. You don't really need to try too hard for this as the missiles lock on to their enemies. Once you are locked on to your desired target, shoot, and hope that he does not dodge it. Unless you come across some really skilled pilots who dodge everything or you're not all that good at the game, this will be a piece of cake. Once you get the required amount of kills, this trophy will be yours.

Multi Target AA missile ace
Score 100 kills with Multi Target AA missiles in multiplayer matches. 

These are similar to Joint Strike Missiles except instead of shooting one missile at a time, 4 missiles will be shot at once at the locked on target, increasing the chance of the target being terminated and thus making this almost as easy as "Joint Strike Missile Ace". Now the reason I say "almost is because unlike the joint strike missiles where you are given plenty of ammo, here you are given a very limited supply of ammo. Therefore you should be wise when using the Multi Target AA missiles and only use them once you are sure that there is no way your target can escape. This will guarantee a kill and save ammo. Once you get the required amount of kills, this trophy will be yours.

Radar-Guided missile ace
Score 75 kills with Radar Guided missiles in multiplayer matches. 

Radar Guided missiles are very similar to Joint Strike Missiles, except in this case the radar guided missiles go straight to the locked-on target by itself once it is launched. This is because of how the radar guided missile works. These missiles are used for long range kills (15,000 metres and lower). They lock on like any other missiles except that the aiming system also includes a reticle, or in simpler words a big yellow circle. You have to lock on to your target, then shoot. Then, you must keep the enemy plane inside the reticle until the missile reaches the desired target. These missiles usually kill in one shot so you don't need to worry about shooting multiple missiles. I for one enjoy using these missiles and found this trophy rather easy. If you prefer using them, then you should get 75 kills in no time. Once you do so, this trophy is yours.

All Aspect missile ace
Score 75 kills with All Aspect missiles in multiplayer matches. 

Again, these missiles are also very similar to Joint Strike Missiles except for the fact that they do more damage and are less accurate. Just use them regularly and this should not be that hard. Once you reach the required amount of kills, this trophy is yours.

Deflector ace
Deflect 150 missiles from friendly planes. 

To deflect missiles, you must use an Electronic Warfare plane, and have the T.O.P (Target Overwrite Pod) as one of the weapons in the weapon set. Not many planes have this weapon but some include the F4G, EA6B or the SR71. Thanks to Big Brother for this info. You have to launch the T.O.P once you spot an enemy missile headed towards one of your team-mates. The pod will deflect the enemy missile away from your team-mates and this will count towards this trophy. This is not easy so I suggest finding reliable boosting buddies through THIS thread.

Wing ace pilot
Remain the Team Ace for a total time of 20 minutes. (1) 

You are the Team Ace when you are the person on your team with the highest amount of kills and this is cumulative across all games. This can be easily boosted but it is still easy without the need to boost. This trophy can be earned well within 100 Team Deathmatches for the 'Gladiator' trophy and will become easier when there are more planes that are unlocked.


Wing leader
Be the Match Leader for a total time of 20 minutes. (1) 

This requires you to be the person with the most points overall on both teams within a game. This is also boostable and cumulative and will be made easier once you have played the game a long time and have unlocked better weaponry and planes.


Versatile pilot
Obtain an end-match award 20 times. 

The end-match awards are the awards for performing the highest number of x and have completed specific tasks to earn the award. There are a certain amount available at the end of each TDM game and there are some negative ones so this won't take that long to earn 20 overall.

Kill 100 opponents using the same plane in multiplayer matches. 

Simple enough, just continue to play using the same plane until this trophy unlocks. The kills are cumulative and it can be boosted.

Participate in 100 Team Deathmatch games. 

This will be earned when trying to go for 'General of the Airforce'. Just play in 100 different TDM games and the trophy will unlock.

Not safe enough
Kill an enemy with a missile while being jammed in a multiplayer match. 

Aspect Missiles are the best to use when you are jammed. This will be easier said than done though and the chances of getting this without a boosting partner are pretty low.


Score a cannon kill while having Radar Suppression active in a multiplayer match. 

Again skill, luck or a boosting partner are required for this trophy. It takes a few seconds to kill someone with a cannon so don't activate Radar Suppression if you are not with a boosting partner and are trying to take down someone who has health at 100%.

Repair 90 hp by using a single Repair Drone support. 

Do this only when there are 4 people on your team (incl. yourself) make sure to activate repair drones when the whole team is alive and at low health or at risk of attack from the opposition. An alternative is to boost this which would make the trophy much easier to obtain. You have to do this in one shot, not in one game.


Score a kill with the Cannon while the enemy has Missile Suppression active. 

Luck, Skill or boosting partner again. Boosting partner would be easiest for this because killing someone with a cannon can be difficult, especially with the chance that the plane can change direction at any time.

Avoidance ace
Dodge a total of 100 missiles without using flares in multiplayer matches. 

This can be done whilst going for 'General of the Airforce' or you could boost this with Joint Strike Missiles which will make it quicker because numerous missiles can be ejected at once. This is a cumulative trophy.

Counter support ace
Complete all counter support challenges. (1) 

These are certain tasks that have to be performed within multiplayer games and to see if you have done them go into pilot records and it will say Counter Support, then the task. These are meant to be hard to do so it is better if this trophy was boosted. Here is the list of things to do.

- Activate Missile Suppression while the enemy has AWACS.

- Destroy 3 Repairs Drones in a row.

- Activate Cannon Upgrade while the enemy has Missile Suppression active.

- Call in AWACS support while the enemy team is jamming you.

- Use EMP strike when the enemy has altitude limiter on.

See here for some tips on how to get this trophy: LINK (credit to x9zachattack5x for this info).

Score 5 kills on an enemy Team Ace using Radar Guided missiles. (1) 

The enemy aces will have a star above their head in the game. Radar Guided missiles work best at the longest range away from the target possible. This trophy will take time because you rarely get the opportunity to pull this off and with boosting, it won't work with just you and someone else.

Win 25 Team Deathmatch games. 

This requires your team to win 25 TDM matches overall. This can be done in 1v1 boosting games as well.

Sitting ducks
Kill 2 enemies with Multi Target AA missiles while they are affected by your EMP strike. (2) 

This will require perfect timing, your opponents to be at a low altitude. This can be boosted too, but to make sure that boosting it will work, make sure to save your EMP every time it is earned. Then lower the opponents health and make them go to a fairly low altitude. Activate the AA missiles then the EMP, this is because the EMP is quicker than the AA missiles. The health needs to be below 30 and the altitude below 1000.

Point blank shot
Hit a target that's closer than 3000m with a Radar Guided missile in multiplayer. 

Easy if your target is going in a straight line but difficult otherwise. Just wait until you are in reach and have target and shoot.

Test pilot
Play Team Deathmatch games using 30 different planes. 

Planes will come with time so expect to earn this closer to level 40 than level 10. Just play 1 game with each plane.

Risky stuff
Recover from stall at an altitude of 30 meters or lower in Team Deathmatch. 

To earn a stall the plane has to be in assistance off mode. Make sure to stall fairly low and then pull instantly up so that the plane doesn't crash. Practice makes perfect here and the easier it becomes to stall, the easier the trophy will be.

Evasion ace
Dodge 10 Radar-Guided missiles without using flares in multiplayer matches. 

Very easy to achieve with a boosting partner. Just get them to target you and then shoot the missile then move out of the target area and away from you so the missile doesn't hit you. Do this 10 more times and the trophy is yours.

Game Info


US March 03, 2009
Europe March 06, 2009
Japan May 28, 2009

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
Online Players : 1-8
ESRB: Teen
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