God of War II (PS3)

God of War II (PS3) Trophy Guide
Guide By: KingBroly
There are 35 Trophies that can be earned in this title.

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- Estimated Difficulty: 4/10
- Offline Trophies: 35
- Online Trophies: 0
- Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 10-12 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable Trophies: 7
- Number of glitched Trophies: 1 (Boss Batch 3)
- Do cheat codes disable trophies: No

God of War II is part of the God of War Collection so it’s in HD. As part of the package, the game has its’ own Platinum Trophy separate from the original God of War. This one isn’t very difficult at all, and will basically come down to whether or not you can get Boss Batch 3 the first time through and completing Challenge of the Titans. Overall, this game is much easier to Platinum than God of War, and if you get save Feel the Urn for last, you will get the Platinum at the start of the second playthrough by just starting the run, and going to your menu to turn 2 Urns of Power on. That’s why I categorize it as 1+ since you aren’t playing through the game more than once.

Step 1: Playthrough 1
This playthrough should take you 8 to 10 hours total, maybe an hour more if you reload some checkpoints for trophies like 15 Min Fight Scene and Boss Batch 3, the later of which is a Glitched. Keep in mind that finding all Gorgon's Eyes and Phoenix Feathers on this playthrough is important because you cannot get their respective Trophies in Bonus Play. If you miss all 18 of either one, you must start another non-Bonus Play game. I recommend using a Chest Guide as that will lead you to 4 Urns of Power as well as all the Eyes, Feathers and Red Orbs you will ever need, as well as the 3 Uber Chests. After that, there's not much you can miss easily. Super-Sized can be gotten in the first room of the game, and other Trophies can be gotten in Challenge of the Titans.

Step 2: Bonus Play
If you have at least 2 Urns of Power, go to your Menu and immediately activate them to receive the Feel the Urn Trophy. Also take this time to power up your Blade of Olympus because you will need it at Level 3 for Challenge of the Titans. If that's all you need, then move onto Challenge of the Titans. If you still need Boss Batch 3, or any Trophies you missed not relating to Gorgon's Eyes or Phoenix Feathers you can go ahead and play through the game again until you get those as well.

Step 3: Challenge of the Titans
Challenge of the Titans is an arena-based combat mode like in the original God of War. Unlike God of War however, you do not have to go through all 7 of these Challenges in a single sitting, but instead on your time since your progress for each one is saved. There are only a couple of tricky ones, but remember that your goal is to not get a rank of Titan on each, completing each one will be enough to get you the Bleeding Thumbs Trophy and a Platinum if that's your last one. Challenge 1 is also a good spot to get Eye Sore, but remember to save an exit after each attempt, otherwise your Cyclops Eye progress will be reset. Challenge 3 can also net you Stone Shatter very easily.
[PS3T Would Like to Thank KingBroly for this Road Map]

Trophy of Gaia
Unlock all God of War II Trophies (27) 

Collect all the other available trophies to earn this one.

Breaking Wind
Acquire Typhon's Bane 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You get this item by ripping out Typhon's Eye in the cave after the first Pegasus flight.

Big, Tuff, Buff and Rough
Acquire Rage of the Titans 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You get this before you leave the first Mountain area of the game.

Blue Balls
Acquire Chronos' Rage 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. This trophy is earned around the the area involving the Steeds of Time.

Acquire the Golden Fleece 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You get this trophy before entering the Temple of Euryale.

Rock their World
Acquire the Head of Euryale 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You get this trophy by defeating Euryale in a boss fight, which ends with a quick time event.

Learning to Fly
Acquire the Icarus Wings 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. This trophy is earned by defeating Icarus before you fight the Rock Minotaur.

Shaky Ground
Acquire the Atlas Quake 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You earn this trophy by getting Atlas' Power, which is gotten before you enter the Temple of Fates.

Death from Above 2009
Defeat the Dark Rider for the first time (2) 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You defeat the Dark Rider on the second Pegasus sequence.

Climb from the pit of Hades 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. After a CG cutscene very early in the game, you have to climb out of Hades. When the hole closes you should get this trophy.

Rock Hard
Defeat the Titan Minotaur inside Atlas 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. During this fight, you will sometimes have to use the wall to prevent your death. After a few times, a quick time event will come up to defeat him. The trophy should come up afterwards.

Pick'n on the Little Guy
Win the battle outside of the Palace of the Fates (1) 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. This battle involves a few Cyclopses, so it might be a good idea to farm Cyclops Eyes here as long as you aren't in danger of dying (since it resets your progress). After you finish the last enemy, the trophy should come up.

Watcha Got on the Hot Plate?
Solve the riddle of the Fire Phoenix Statue 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. This one involves a room covered in ice. Make sure you take down all of the ice spikes on the roof to start your way to solving this puzzle.

Whip it Good
Whip the Steeds of Time 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. You get this trophy once you finish the quick time event for whipping the steeds.

Lift with Your Knees
Topple the Temple in the Bog of the Forgotten 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. This one is needed to progress. You need to put two weights on the far side of the temple and complete the quick time event for it to fall into the bog. Once you do that, the trophy should appear.

Cross the collapsing Grapple Bridge 

This is a story related trophy and cannot be missed. This is the section immediately after acquiring the Spear of Destiny. It's basically you just completing a quick time event. When you reach the other side, the trophy should appear.

Stone and Shatter 30 Enemies (3) 

Just use Euryale's Head 30 times to shatter enemies then have them die. Friendly fire does count towards the total as well for both stoning and shattering. And so do enemies on Challenge of the Titans. I suggest using Challenge 3 here because you need to stone shatter 25 enemies in order to win the Challenge, and you'll probably end up getting over 30 most of the time. But most players should get it in Single Player.

Super Sized
Get a 500 Hits Combo (8) 

Here’s how I did this Trophy: Start a game on Hard or Titan mode. This way, enemies take a few more hits to kill, thus making it easier to get this Trophy. In the first room, hit a couple of enemies with your Athena Blades then Spam Poseidon’s Rage ( + ) over and over again. You should do this 3 or 4 times overall and you’ll have your 500 hits Trophy. It’s that simple.

Other people have also suggested spamming Cronos' Rage in the room where you get it.

Hitting Your Stride
Power up any item 

You get this trophy by powering up any item. The game will let you know when you can power an item up as well.

Eye Can't Believe it
Collect all the Gorgon Eyes (1) 

You need to collect a total of 18 Gorgon's Eyes throughout the game. There are roughly 24 chests you can get Eyes from in the game so there is some room for error. If you get them all, Red Orbs will be in their place. If you need a guide, go to the link below. You cannot get Gorgon Eyes in Bonus Play.

Go Make a Pillow!
Collect all Phoenix Feathers (2) 

You need to collect 18 Phoenix Feathers throughout the game to get this Trophy. There are roughly 24 chests in the game that have feathers so you can miss a couple of chests here and there. If you get them all, the later ones will have Red Orbs in them instead. If you need help, go to the link below as a guide for Chests. You cannot get Phoenix Feathers in Bonus Play.

Eye Sore
Collect 20 Cyclops Eyes (6) 

There are only 2 places in the main game where you can rip out the eyes of Cyclops. One is where you topple over the Temple in the Bog of the Forgotten and the other is outside the Temple of Fates. You can either farm Cylcops Eyes there OR use the easier method by doing Challenge of the Titans 1 over and over until you have 20 eyes. Just remember to save and go back to the Challenge menu after every time you beat the Challenge or else your progress won't be saved.

Sutasu's tip
First you finish Challenge of the Titans, it will unlock Arena of Fates. There just pick infinite health and 1 Cyclops Berserker and turn respawn on. I found it a lot easier than fighting cyclops and the riders, who are usually trying to hit me or ride the dude. You also don't need to restart the challenge.

Boss Batch 1
Kill the Colossus of Rhodes, the Dark Rider, and Theseus (1) 

This Trophy is story related and cannot be missed. The Colossus of Rhodes is what you face in the opening part of the game while you defeat the Dark Rider on your second Pegasus flight. Theseus is the boss you face on the Steeds of Time. Defeat him and this Trophy should appear.

Boss Batch 2
Kill the Barbarian King, Euryale, and Perseus (1) 

This Trophy is story related and cannot be missed. For the first 2 bosses you get items when you defeat them. Not so much for Perseus. He is the boss you face in a room full of water. Defeat him and this Trophy should appear.

Boss Batch 3
Kill the Kraken and all three Sisters of Fate (18) 

This will come after defeating the third Sister of Fate in the Loom Chamber. This trophy is glitched however. It may only appear on a player’s second playthrough OR it will appear if you defeat all the bosses required to get this Trophy in a single sitting (i.e. without turning the game off).

There is now an official, but involved workaround to get this Trophy:

Daddy Issues
Defeat Zeus (2) 

This is Story related and cannot be missed. Zeus is the final boss of the game. Defeat him and the Trophy should appear.

Rise and SHINE
Awaken the Phoenix 

This Trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You get this Trophy by releasing the Phoenix from lava that is preventing from flying. This happens before you face the Kraken boss (the first fight in Boss Batch 3)

Spread 'Em
Open the wings of the Temple of the Fates 

This Trophy is story related and cannot be missed. This involves killing 2 translators at different points throughout the game, so once you have killed the second one the Trophy should appear.

Shine King
Open the floor to the Temple of Euryale (3) 

This Trophy is story related and cannot be missed. You get this Trophy immediately after you get the Golden Fleece, which will allow you to open the door.

Blowin' Your Wad
Max out all Weapons and Magic (6) 

There are 170+ chests in the game, most of which contain Red Orbs. There are 18 Gorgons Eyes, 18 Phoenix Feathers and 3 Uber Chests (2 of which are your final upgrades) that you can get. Use the link below as a guide to finding all the Chests. If you collect every chest in the game, you should get this specific Trophy about the time you face the Kraken. The game does provide more than 18 Eyes and Feathers, so don't worry if you miss one early in the game because it will eventually show up later in the game. You do NOT have to upgrade the Blade of Olympus to get this Trophy and it can be gotten in Bonus Play.

Note: This guide specifically points out when your health/magic increase, where all 3 Uber Chests are, and where all 4 Single Player Urns of Power are.

The End Begins
Beat the Game on any Difficulty (1) 

You simply get this Trophy for beating the game.

Feel the Urn
Collect and use at least 2 Urns of Power (5) 

You can get 4 Urns of Power in any of your playthroughs, as well as an additional 2 by completing Challenge of the Titans. In order to get this Trophy, you need to start a second playthrough (aka Bonus Play). You can skip cutscenes to when you gain control of Kratos. Then go to the menu and press or until you see where your Urns of Power are. Simply enable 2 of them and the Trophy is yours.

The Urns can be quite tricky to find without prior knowledge, so here is a video guide from soynegroyque13 which details their locations:

Furthermore, thanks to the work of ICPosse8, who has provided written locations of all 6 Urns:

Secret Urn Location Guide

[Urn #1] Urn of Gaia (Red orbs give 10x normal amount) - The first urn is located shortly after beginning the game in the Rhodes Palace. When you get to the section where you have to move the concrete block, with a breakable golden eagle on top, kick the block through the door and then continue to drag it to your right and then forward. The camera will pan back and you will be able to see 3 chests on top of a ledge. Break the golden eagle, allowing you to jump on top of the block, and grab the urn.

[Urn #2] Urn of the Gorgons (Weapons turn enemies to stone on contact) – After you have retrieved the Golden Fleece back track to the door with the Gorgon head. The one that shoots the gorgon gaze at you. Ignore this door for now and go to the left; where you went originally. Once you get to the Ruins of the Forgotten go to where you tipped over that stone gazebo type building. Go through the door again and begin to backtrack through this section once more. When you get past the huge gears in the bloody river continue along the path and use the time stop ability to cross the spinning gear one more time. Once you get to the conveyor belt with the gorgon heads flashing go to the 2nd set and use the Fleece to repel the flash. This breaks a hole in the wall revealing the urn.

[Urn #3] Urn of Olympus (Grants Infinite Magic) – In the area where you earn the Spear of Destiny there will be a Fates statue that you are able to drag around. Grab it and push it down the ramp of the hallway you just came from and then to the pool of water you crossed earlier. Go across the pool and activate the amulet, then run around to where the floor switch was guarding the chests beyond. Step on the switch and run through the door and the urn is yours.

[Urn #4] Urn of Prometheus (Infinite Rage of the Titans) – When you are climbing Atlas there will be a point where you have to climb across the ceiling. Look for a large stalactite hanging from the ceiling. Break it and it will reveal a hole you can climb up. Urn is in here.

[Urn #5] Urn of the Fates (Extends Combo Meter time) – Achieve an overall ranking of Mortal or above on the Challenge of the Titans.

[Urn #6] Urn of Poseidon (Replaces Chronos Rage with Poseidon’s Rage) – Achieve an overall ranking of Spartan or above on the Challenge of the Titans.

Bleeding Thumbs
Beat the Challenge of the Titans (54) 

Here is the hardest Trophy in the game to get. Unlike God of War, you don’t have to do all 7 Challenges in a single sitting. It is advised that you power up and use the Blade of Olympus for these Challenges, as well as all weapons. The best way to illustrate how to do these Challenges is through youtube videos of random strangers destroying them.

Challenge #1
Rip out the eye of the Cyclops before time runs out
I did this by using Chronos’ Rage 3-4 times then using the Blade of Olympus once or twice for the mini-game to pop up. I personally did it in 17 seconds.

Challenge #2
Kill at least 10 enemies in the air before time runs out
I recommend using the Athena Blades here so you can hold to vault them into the air, then use that time to kill them before they hit the ground.

Challenge #3
Stone Shatter at least 25 enemies before time runs out
I recommend trying to grab a Medusa because it will immediately attack you. Then you just have to press and whatever button pops up on screen quickly. That way all or most enemies on screen will be in stone, ready for an easy kill which counts towards your total here. Make sure that when you get to 25, you survive until the end of the round. Otherwise you'll have to start over.

Challenge #4
Defend the Translator from being killed. The translator’s health with drain outside of the ring.
This one will cause the most trouble for most people. Save your Rage of the Titans for the end to protect from the onslaught of Satyr’s and Cyclops. You also have to drag the Translator around to prevent him from dying. Make sure you slow down time then carry him to the next circle.

Challenge #5
Collect 500 Red Orbs.
This is really simple. Stone Shatter the harpies and just take down the other enemies. You should have this in no time.

Challenge #6
Kill all the enemies before your Health runs out
This one is a little difficult, but nothing too daunting. Remember that on the Minotaurs by initiating the mini-game you will gain health back by doing each one successfully and using Rage of the Titans stops your health from draining.

15 Min Fight Scene
Battle your way to the Loom Chamber in under 10 minutes (12) 

This fight is actually fun to do and it’s not very hard. Just make sure you have your Athena Blades, Barbarian Hammer, Medusa’s Gaze and Chronos’ Rage all maxed out for this fight. You just have to defeat all the enemies in under 10 minutes. You can quickly roll by holding the  and before the animation ends hit  to roll again without losing a couple of seconds. The Barbarian Hammer should used against larger enemies and by lightly using Chronos’ Rage you’ll stun enemies, mainly Gorgons to make them easier to take down. It can also be used through the barriers, which can same some time defeating enemies you can't reach. At the end you’ll face 2 Cyclops so use your Rage of the Titans if you can and spam Chronos’ Rage using . You should make it through the fight with plenty of time to spare if you’re playing it on Easy.

You Know the Germans Make Good Stuff...
Collect all Uber Chests (13) 

See “Blowin’ Your Wad” for a Chest Guide link

There are 3 Uber Chests in the game. You may have to get all 3 chests in a single playthrough. You can get Uber Chests in Bonus Play. The Gift of Experience is where you first chase after the Barbarian King (you easily backtrack there later).

The Gift of Health is where a Translator jumps off the side of the building.

The Gift of Magic is behind a wall and Jet Stream you can break with Typon's Bane in the Entrance to the Underground.

Game Info


US November 17, 2009
Europe April 30, 2010
Japan March 18, 2010

Resolution: 480p, 720p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Players: 1
ESRB: Mature
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