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Path of the Zealot
Obtain Traveler armor set

Throughout your journey, you will run into Travelers, which are oversized knight-looking enemies with a two handed sword and a big shield. Once you defeat it and pick up the loot from it, a side quest called "The Road Less Traveled" will activate, where you have to bring an item you picked up off the Traveler to one of the Dwarven brothers. This will unlock the armor set for you. While exploring, doing side quests, and the collectables, you'll run into more than enough needed to craft this set.

Here is what you will need for each piece:

  • Breastplate of the Traveler – 16,400 Hacksilver and 5 Traveler's Armor Shards
  • Gauntlets of the Traveler – 12,800 Hacksilver, 18 Traveler's Grisly Trophies, and 3 Traveler's Armor Shards
  • War Belt of the Traveler – 12,800 Hacksilver and 12 Traveler's Grisly Trophies
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 Comment #1 by Thomas Trophy Tutorials
Tuesday, May 08, 2018 @ 10:24:46 PM

To the point and easy to follow Path of the Zealot Trophy Tutorial:

Craft all three Traveler Armor pieces:
Breastplate of the Traveller
Gauntlets of the Traveller
War Belt of the Traveller

In total you will need the following resources:
30x Traveller's Grisly Trophy
8x Traveller's Armour Shard

Resources can be obtained from Travellers or Traveller Champions
Which you will encounter at Thamur's Corpse (during the story).
During Brok and Sindri Favours or when you are freeing Dragons.
There is also one located at the Muspelheim Realm Tower.

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